Sleep matters
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Sleep matters

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Are you REALLY tired? Have you tried EVERYTHING? ...

Are you REALLY tired? Have you tried EVERYTHING?
Is your baby/child waking multiple times throughout the night?
Does it take you ages to get them to go asleep?
Driving or rolling baby to sleep during the day and at night?
Rocking or walking baby to sleep?
Lying down with your child, holding hands, rubbing them to make them go to sleep?
Are they nursing or bottle feeding excessively at night?
Are you replugging the dummy multiple times during the night?
Do they have trouble STAYING asleep?
Suffering from Nightmares or Night Terrors?
Are you struggling with daytime naps?
Need to end co sleeping but don’t know how?
Want co sleeping to work but don’t know how?


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  • 1. The Benefits of Sleep• Vital for health and well being of people of all ages•Basic human need like breathing, eating a healthy diet & getting enoughexercise•Human privilege often compromised by modern life•Sleep problems affect nearly half the world’s population•Conditions like insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome & sleepdeprivation have significant impact on our physical, mental and emotionalhealth•Poor sleep has a negative impact on work performance & personalrelationships•Researchers believe that ¼ of the world’s children are affected
  • 2. • Lack of sleep in Children can lead to• ObesityLack of Sleep In Children can lead to:• Irritability• Frustration• Moodiness• Emotional Problems• Aggressive behaviour• Decreased capacity for 1. Memory 2. Attention 3. Learning 4. Reasoning A full night’s sleep is essential for a child’s growth and happiness
  • 3. Sleep Basics:•A Learned Behaviour•Partial Arousals/Sleep Cycles•Sleep Windows•Quality and Quantity•Underlying Medical Conditions
  • 4. Five Things That Kept Your Child Awake Last Night1. Bedtime too late2. Nap deprived3. Put down already asleep4. Inconsistency by you5. Underlying medical conditions
  • 5. Common Sleep Myths•Keep up late; sleep later•Wakes-must be hungry•Doesn’t take naps, doesn’t need naps•Limit naps and they’ll sleep better at night•Babies need quiet to sleep•Problems will eventually go away
  • 6. Top 10 Sleep Tips1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep2. Set consistent bedtime & wake up times3. Create a calm bedtime routine4. Encourage your child to sleep independently5. Avoid bright lights during the night6. Keep electronic distractions out of the bedroom7. Maintain a consistent daily schedule8. Establish a nap schedule if age appropriate9. Plenty of out-door exercise10. Healthy diet