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Developing Social Media Strategies to Promote Public Health Campaigns and Public Health Institutes
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Developing Social Media Strategies to Promote Public Health Campaigns and Public Health Institutes



Published in Health & Medicine , Business
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  • Note about goals/objectives: Increase awareness is not a measurable goal, rather aim to increase interaction and improve brand perception. Note about Evaluation measures: While there are quantitative measures you can track for Evaluation purposes, it’s not necessarily about the # of followers, posts, likes, comments or retweets. It’s about providing relevant, quality content to key people willing to share your message with others. However, goals will dictate which measures are more important. For a health policy quantity could matter more because you may need to mobilize your followers to action.
  • Layout a plan for individuals and organizations that would be good to like or follow on Twitter. They may be other health bloggers, political officials, faith based leaders or other influencers, members of the media or news channels. While you can’t guarantee that someone will follow you on either platform, the hope is that they will follow you in return on Twitter or follow your posts on Facebook.
  • SHLA Background: Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita LPHI partnered with the LA Dept of Health and Hospitals and the CDC to provide residents with important public health info while returning to affected areas. The campaign ran for 2 years then lay dormant for most of 2008. Since SHLA had some brand recognition associated with health information, we decided to relaunch it as a stand alone public health blog.
  • Turn over to Jason for Facebook ad campaigns
  • Slide place holder. Refer to NNPHI Facebook ad ppt.


  • 1. Presenters:
    Sherry LeCocq, Communications Coordinator
    Jason Melancon, Director of Media & Communications
    Developing Social Media Strategies to Promote Public Health Campaigns and Public Health Institutes
  • 2. This presentation will teach you:
    • How to create a social media/content strategy for public health campaigns
    • 3. How to create a social media/content strategy to promote the work of institutes
    • 4. How to develop and launch a paid advertising campaign within facebook
  • What is Social Media?
    • Online platform for communicating with your key publics
    • 5. Turns traditionally one-way communication into interactive dialogue
    • 6. Offers reach, accessibility, usability and immediacy
    • 7. Low cost solutions
    • 8. Ex:Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Mobile Texting
  • Facebookvs Twitter
    Social portal for interacting with friends and family in relatively closed environment
    More allowable characters than Twitter
    Offers ads
    Open portal: anyone can follow anyone else
    140 character limit
    Very interactive
    Instantaneous responses
    Topical discussions are pooled in one stream with hashtags
  • 9. Building a Social Media Strategy
    • Define your goals: What do you hope to achieve with social media?
    • 10. Define your audience(s): Who do you want to reach/engage?
    • 11. Identify your resources: staff time and funding if applicable
    • 12. Identify which technologies are appropriate
    • 13. Identify what success looks like
  • Messaging/Brand/Reputation Strategy
    • Choose appropriate topics and content
    • 14. Do you want to promote your organization and its work or do you have a health policy related cause?
    • 15. Manage expectations related to public and key influencer interests
    • 16. Tailor messages for Facebook and Twitter
    • 17. How will you deal with negative comments?
  • Get Started on Facebook or Twitter
    Sign up
    Establish a Page
    Post relevant content
    Include engaging action words (like, comment, submit, watch, post, visit, share, tell us, click, etc)
    Sign up
    Find and “follow” key people and organizations
    Post relevant content (140 characters)
    Take tweeting to the next level by retweeting and commenting
  • 18. Promotion Strategy
    Like other organizations on FB
    Share your new professional page on your personal page
    Directly suggest your page to personal networks
    Run Facebook ads
    Find and “follow” key individuals
    Pay it forward by retweeting
    Include Twitter handles in retweets to give due credit
    Use hashtags for specific topics (ex: #publichealth)
  • 19. LPHI’s Social Media Mix: Translating personal health to public health
    • www.StayHealthyLa.org Health Blog: an already existing health information brand established after Katrina
    • 20. Bi monthly e-letter
    • 21. Facebook (SHLA and LPHI)
    • 22. Twitter
    • 23. Mobile Texting via Twitter
    • 24. Let’s Be Totally Clear (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Stay Healthy La’s Messaging Strategy
    • Provide current and relevant information that will help individuals improve their own personal health or prompt advocacy.
    • 25. Provide current and relevant information that will help key leaders improve community health through healthy policies.
    • 26. Occasionally mix in items that are more for intrinsic news/entertainment value.
    • 27. Occasionally mix in items that showcase the work of LPHI.
  • Who do we follow on Twitter?
    • Media (@NOLAnews, @PRNewswire, @2theadvocate, @USATodayhealth, @WSJhealth)
    • 28. Government (@CedricRichmond, @BruceonHealth, @HHSGov)
    • 29. Funders (@RWJF_PubHealth, @WK_Kellogg_Fdn)
    • 30. Partners (@ACSNews, @QuitWithUsLa)
    • 31. Public Health Orgs and Assocs. (@SOPHEtweets, @PublicHealth)
  • Handouts
    • Successfully Using FB to Promote Your Org. and Message
    • 32. Stay Healthy La’s Social Media Plan
    • 33. Social Media Planning Tool
    • 34. Tips for using social media
    • 35. PowerpointPresentation
  • We invite you to follow LPHI and Stay Healthy La
    • Get the eletter at www.LPHI.org
    • 36. Follow www.StayHealthyLa.org Blog
    • 37. Like Stay Healthy La on Facebook
    • 38. Follow @StayHealthyLa on Twitter
    • 39. Get mobile text messages from @StayHealthyLa via Twitter
  • Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns
    Presented by:
    Jason Melancon
  • 40. Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns
    Payment options
    • Credit card or PayPal
    • 41. Set a daily or lifetime budget
    • 42. Adjust your budget at any time
    • 43. Choose to pay only when people click on your ad (CPC, cost per click or CPM cost per thousand)
    Reach Your Audience
    • Choose your audience by location, age, interest and other identifiers.
    • 44. FYI – you can change out ad creative and body copy to try an alternative ad if your ad is not performing well.
  • Key Recommendations
    • Budget <>$1 per click x 4 = total budget
    • 45. If you want on ongoing communication with people, opt for a Page versus an Event
    • 46. Utilize all real estate that allows descriptions of your organization
    • 47. Be properly descriptive of your organization, but use terse, simple language.
    • 48. Link your FB page to your website and vice versa
    • 49. Designate admins to run the campaign/page
    • 50. Build relationships and maintain semi-daily contact with your fans
  • LPHI’s Successes with Facebook Ads
    • HIV Vaccine Awareness Campaign with “Event” Page (11 day run)
    • 51. Ad impressions = >5,000,000
    • 52. Prior to the ad launch 337 attended
    • 53. 172 attendees resulted from the ad alone
    • 54. 1070 people clicked on the ad, <1/5 converted to attending
    • 55. HIV411’s page jumped from 433 “likes” to 546 = (+113)
    • 56. Campaign ended with 730 attendees, 25 wall posts, 18 likes & 13 comments
    • 57. Let’s Be Totally Clear Ad Campaign (within 1 week)
    • 58. Fans jumped from 2775 to 4856
    • 59. Active monthly users went from 3609 to 5457
    • 60. Prior to the ads active monthly users were trending around 2000
  • Questions?
    Jason Melancon
    Director of Media and Communications
    Sherry LeCocq
    Communications Coordinator