PPC Prep for the Holidays - Brett Stevens at #SLCSEM


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PLAs, RLSA's and remarketing oh my! Slides from September 18, 2013 SLCSEM.org meetup featuring PPC tips for e-commerce sales and the holidays, presented by Brett Stevens of 180Fusion.

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  • PPC Prep for the Holidays - Brett Stevens at #SLCSEM

    1. 1. Brett Stevens SLCSEM PPC Prep for the Holidays
    2. 2.  Offer Extensions  Pla’s (Product Listing Ads)  Search Companion  Dynamic Remarketing  RLSA  Similar Audiences What’s The Plan?
    3. 3.  What is an Offer Extension?  Offer Extensions help you drive traffic to your local business by distributing promotions through your AdWords Campaigns.  Can be printed off or added to a “My Offers” account.  Why Should You Use It?  Drives Local Traffic  Can help you rise above your competition online and offline.  Track online traffic that converts in store. Offer Extensions
    4. 4.  Test Possibilities – Find out what your client is willing to offer and test it!  Options:  $ Amount Off –  $10 off purchase of $50 or more.  % Off  20% off Next Purchase  Combination –  10% or $20 which  Use Expiration dates to create urgency.  Create Special Offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Be aware of what your competitors are offering and adjust as needed. How Do I Optimize Offers for the Holidays?
    5. 5.  Why PLA’s?....Because they work!  PLA CTRs increased 19% year-over-year and have increased each month since February.  PLA’s Now on Mobile! PLA’s (Product Listing Ads)
    6. 6.  Granularity – Optimize campaign structure to drive more efficient bidding.  SQR’s – Run a search query report for at least the last 3 months.  Find negative keywords.  Align your titles with user intent. (Brand, Color, Size)  Create a promotional feed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Focus on the hot ticket items. Optimize PLA’s for the Holidays!
    7. 7.  Don’t use stock images, distinguish yourself.  Don’t forget about mobile Optimize PLA’s for the Holidays! (Cont.)
    8. 8.  The Remarketing offerings from Google have expanded beyond traditional remarketing.  RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)  Dynamic Remarketing  Similar Audiences  Search Companion If you Remarket, they will come!
    9. 9.  Focus on the customer  Increase bids on lower funnel keywords.  Remove higher funnel keywords from RLSA campaigns.  Optimize ad text for holiday offerings.  Exclude remarketing lists from primary campaigns. RLSA
    10. 10.  Reach visitors based on the products they viewed on your site.  How do we optimize for the holidays?  Test different layouts to see what resonates with your audience.  Button color and call to action text (Shop Now, Buy Today etc…)  Different value ad propositions (free shipping, 10% off etc…)  Logo position (Keeping it at the top tends to work best.) Dynamic Remarketing
    11. 11.  Similar Audiences Similar Audiences forms an "ideal user” model based on your best user lists and helps you reach potential new visitors who share these same attributes.  How do we optimize for the holidays?  Use high level ad copy that with a value ad proposition that will work on any item they purchase. (Free shipping on all orders, 10% off, free banana holder with every purchase!)  Add topics for control (something categorically related, maybe try “Gifts”)  Narrow by demographic (Age, Gender etc…) Similar Audiences
    12. 12.  Impression based remarketing that takes place within a session on the GDN.  How do we optimize for the holidays?  Use Text and Image ads.  Use different holiday ad copy from what you originally presented.(It didn’t work the first time, so you might as well try something else.)  Bid between Search and Display  Use lower funnel keywords Search Companion
    13. 13.  Offer Extensions will push your local traffic.  PLA’s are a must!  Don’t be afraid to try some new remarketing.  TEST EVERYTHING!!! Takeaways
    14. 14.  Twitter : @BrettStevens1  www.linkedin.com/in/brettstevens  bstevens@180fusion.com Shameless Plug
    15. 15. Thank You!