Danny Sullivan Speaks @SLCSEM February 20, 2013
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Danny Sullivan Speaks @SLCSEM February 20, 2013

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Danny Sullivan Speaks @SLCSEM February 20, 2013 - trends in search, seo, sem, paid search, mobile search, local search,

Danny Sullivan Speaks @SLCSEM February 20, 2013 - trends in search, seo, sem, paid search, mobile search, local search,

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  • 1. @SLCSEM #SLCSEM facebook.com/slcsemwww.slcsem.org
  • 2. ANNOUNCEMENTS:• Job Board now live: www.slcsem.org/jobs/• Tonight’s slides available:http://www.slideshare.net/slcsemNEXT EVENT: March 20, 2013
  • 3. @dannysullivanTrends In Search:The 2013 Edition Danny Sullivan Chief Content Officer
  • 4. @dannysullivanTHERE IS NO SEARCH REVOLUTION … debunking myths & theories …  Google Instant would kill SEO  Siri would change everything  Google+ would change everything  Search Plus Your World would change everything  Facebook Graph Search will change everything…
  • 5. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH EVOLUTION? we still… ENTER KEYWORDS we still get a list of results….
  • 6. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH EVOLUTION…
  • 7. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH EVOLUTION? mostly from… Evolution not revolution (sigh)  Evolution means opportunities, but first, survival…
  • 8. @dannysullivanSURVIVING THE SEARCH EVOLUTION feel lost? …remember audience …
  • 9. @dannysullivanSURVIVING THE SEARCH EVOLUTION Search Engines  go where your audience is (Google, THEN others) Keywords  speak (back) in the language of your audience Visibility  tried-and-true SEO, paid search
  • 10. @dannysullivanTHE OBVIOUS REALITY… search marketing hasn’t changed!!!
  • 11. @dannysullivanTHE HOT MESS OF LINKS get links!... …. but not those links!
  • 12. @dannysullivanTHE HOT MESS OF LINKS  link “warnings” that can be ignored
  • 13. @dannysullivanTHE HOT MESS OF LINKS those links don’t count…  press releases  what’s next?
  • 14. @dannysullivanTHE HOT MESS OF LINKS  Disavow your links!
  • 15. @dannysullivanSURVIVING LINK “DEMOCRACY”  seek “hard” links not “easy” links
  • 16. @dannysullivanSURVIVING LINK “DEMOCRACY”  seek content driven links  Infographics, sure  Outstanding blog posts & content  Viral video campaigns  seek social links, easy but with value
  • 17. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH & SOCIAL EVOLUTION … social media turning pages into people, places & things with reputations Google+ Authorship seeks to give pages real reputation beyond links
  • 18. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH & SOCIAL EVOLUTION  social signals are more democratic than links as votes  Likes ARE votes within Facebook’s Graph Search
  • 19. @dannysullivanTHE SEARCH & SOCIAL EVOLUTION  Facebook Graph Search seeks to mirror us, to index us, make our minds searchable
  • 20. @dannysullivanHOW TO SURVIVE THE SOCIAL EVOLUTION  Be social – it’s no longer an option Google+ is necessary, do something with it  Be authoritative; do authorship
  • 21. @dannysullivanHOW TO SURVIVE THE SOCIAL EVOLUTION  Focus on the general, not the details  Don’t worry if Google does or doesn’t count Facebook now; things change  Don’t fixate on counts as much as (good) engagement  not # of retweets but who retweets
  • 22. @dannysullivanDANCE, DANCE, BABY  The Google Dance Is Back 2011: Panda 2012: Top Heavy, Penguin, EMD & Pirate
  • 23. @dannysullivanCHANGE OF DANCE PARTNERS…kind of like changing an engine vs swapping a part… Main engine keepsrunning, but oil filters,air filters & other partschanged Dance victims have to wait until next (maybe scheduled) maintenance  Some “repair work” never announced
  • 24. @dannysullivanHOW TO SURVIVE THE GOOGLE DANCE  Don’t gum-up the works  Don’t be on the extreme, be risky  Become essential to the good running of the engine Be the fuel, the gas, the energy can Google live without you? …
  • 25. @dannysullivanGOOGLE’S KNOWLEDGE “GRABph” … maybe Google can live without you…  Google’s Knowledge Graph seeks to provide direct answers…  but Google doesn’t “know” anything it doesn’t learn from the Web  Eventually, Google will have it all?
  • 26. @dannysullivanSURVIVING THE GRAB  Google can live without you - if this is all you are:  be more than a fact
  • 27. @dannysullivanSURVIVING THE GRAB Grab back, be visible where you can Complain when you deserve morecredit
  • 28. @dannysullivanTHE UNSTOPPABLE GOOGLE…faster than a speeding Bing… Got Gmail? Get Google Now answers beforeyou ask! More powerful than an Apple Mapslocomotive…  Apple ain’t gonna never dump Google now Able to leap FTC anti-trust investigations in asingle bound -- It’s SuperGoogle!
  • 29. @dannysullivanSURVIVING SUPERGOOGLE  Even shifting Google Shopping to paid inclusion & Scroogled attack didn’t slow  So it’s Google’s world; we just live in it?  Not about you; about Google’s users Is Google relevant? That’s the kryptonite! Is Google being fair, giving back more than it takes? Is Google being open & giving choice, as it aspires to  Now, go blog :)
  • 30. @dannysullivanTHE CHANGING PRIVACY LANDSCAPE  “Dark Google” boosts “not provided”  Retargeting polls badly, getting creepy?  even Facebook knows what’s in my shopping cart  Microsoft’s Gmail “Scroogled” campaign may add to this  Personalized search polls badly  Do Not Track efforts  Google’s privacy policy faces EU review  Pushback coming?
  • 31. @dannysullivanTHE MORE PRIVATE WEB …why it matters for digital marketers…  Might not know how you found me  Might not know if you’re new  Might not know where you’ve been  Might have less ability to target  though inherent targeting through keywords remains  Might have less ability to track conversion
  • 32. @dannysullivanSURVIVING PRIVACY  Embrace it  but explain why if customers want to share, what they’ll get in return  Savvier assumptions based on landing pages & sample data  Ironically, maybe online gets more TV-like if there’s a shift away from conversion Earn more for leads Paid for views, regardless of conversion Paid for estimated brand lift
  • 33. @dannysullivanTHE MOBILE REVOLUTION  Searching everywhere, 24/7  Showrooming  Best Buy’s permanent price matching  Do Tablets = Desktop? Google thinks so, might be right  Mobile still is unique Abandonment an issue Apps, voice searching a factor
  • 34. @dannysullivanSURVIVING MOBILE  Be ready for the mobile visitors, anticipate ways to help Bricks-and-mortar, assume you’ll be compared, strategize It’s a phone, too – give a phone number, and maybe reinvest in phone support  Look for the Google’s of the app world  Good news – mobile might approach tablets, in turn approaching desktop
  • 35. @dannysullivanQUESTIONS? …resources… • http://searchengineland.com • http://marketingland.com • http://searchmarketingexpo.com • http://digitalmarketingdepot.com …Thank You!