Keeping Pace with Recruitment Technology Trends - Fordyce Forum Presentation
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Keeping Pace with Recruitment Technology Trends - Fordyce Forum Presentation Keeping Pace with Recruitment Technology Trends - Fordyce Forum Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Keeping Pace with Recruiting Technology Trends
    Fordyce Forum 2010
    Las Vegas, NV
    Presented by: Shannon Myers
  • About Me
    Shannon Myers
    • Managing Partner, Walton Search
    • Recruiter since 2001
    • Specialize in Sourcing, Social Media and Technology
  • Why this Presentation?
    Interviewed staffing firms and individual
    recruiters, mostly high level billers, over the period of 6 months.
    Why do they use the technology they do
    and how can it be better?
  • Information Overload
  • World Revolves Around Technology
  • Technology will continue to move at a rapid pace regardless if you follow the trends or resist change. Embracing technology leveraging the right tools can save time, energy, costsand increase results.
  • Resisting too much can leave you further behind extending the learning curve but moving ahead without a plan doesn’t always equate to progress. By choosing the wrong tools it can be frustrating, time consuming and a drain on expenses.
  • Goal for Today’s Presentation
  • Help you define what the particular goals and needs are of your businessto implement a strategy that allows you to quickly recognize, find and utilize the best pieces of technology or tools for you.
  • If everyone used the same tools, the same way, you would have the same results.
    Get in the mindset to recognize what you needand avoid being distracted by shiny new tools.
  • Where to Start?
  • Goals
    Goals 1st, Tools 2nd
    Main Goal - Match Candidates with Employers
    Secondary Goals
    • Find candidates faster.
    • Track emails easier.
    • Faster way to track contacts.
    • Better smart phone for people to access me outside the office.
  • Needs Anaylsis
    What are the essential basics that you need……phone, computer, ATS?
    First determine what you already have, what’s working or not, then decide what else you need or where can you save time or automate.
  • Needs Analysis
    Who else do you need to consider?
    Do you need another piece of technology or a person?
  • Inventory
    What is working, why is it working and how did you choose that item?
    • Did someone choose for you?
    • Was it the ease of use or implementation?
    • Cost?
    • What made you choose that over something else?
    • Did you like the color or the buttons on a phone?
  • Inventory
    What’s not working or can be improved and again, how did you choose that item?
    • Before replacing, can it be fixed or is there a complimentary tool to make it work?
    • Ask when is the next upgrade?
    • Are you sure the technology hasn’t changed – when is the last time you did training?
  • Leverage what you already have and already know.
  • Email
    Templates – Type it once then customize
    Folders – Action items into folders
    Mass Mailings – Email everyone
    Filters – Filter directly to a folder or delete
  • Website
    Tweet, Post Links, Facebook
  • Leverage
    Completed Placement
  • Twitter Contact
  • Devote just a few minutes to see if the application is useful for your needs.
  • Budget
    Everyone’s budget is different. Know what you are willing to pay for quality.
    Free no longer equates to inferior product however do not be surprised when they begin to charge.
    29.95 vs. 2995.00
  • Budget
    Evaluate paid tools with demos or free trials if possible. Ask for proof, references, show me.
    Free tools/beta versions still ask for a demo if you see value in the tool.
    Negotiate if possible on price and content.
  • Budget
    For paid technology – what is the cost in time and money down the road switching to a different vendor?
    Break up costs - what is the price for installation, upgrades, ongoing training or tech support?
    What is the cost of implementing versus notimplementing?
  • Time
    For purchased software or tools there is usually a return policy or cancellation period. Be prepared to have time to implement and “stress” the system.
    Social Media is social and takes time for updates, policing comments, etc. Before using what is the time commitment to remain active?
  • Time
    RSS/Feed Reader
    Use for websites and searches
  • If you find one blog you consistently like follow their Blog Roll. You can always delete later.
  • Keep Notes
    Tool : Gist
    Priority: 10
    References: @shally @animal show
    Tags: email, social media tracking, lead research, rank contacts
    Notes: Bullhorn ATS open API possible 6/10. Gmail & Outlook integration. **In Beta 2 week idea to implementation.** Greg – Lafayette Hill, PA & Photographer. Slowing the system 3/10 better 5/10 – more?
  • Keep Notes Accessible
  • Time
    Easily distracted?
    Set up a second user for projects, testing, email, 2 RSS Readers, etc. and devote specific time to accessing each user.
  • Skill & Comfort Level
    Think about whether you are going to be comfortablewith your skill level and knowledge to utilize each new tool.
    Who is going to be using the tool, what is their skill level?
  • Decision Maker
    Get others involved on your team.
    • Delegate
    • Form a Committee
    Again, rely on your trusted network for support and information.
  • Social Media
  • Why Social Media?
    Again, what are your goals?
    Social Media has many uses.
    • Find candidates, clients or leads
    • Networking
    • Ads
    • Information Source
    • Place to test out marketing or get feedback
  • Getting Your Feet Wet
    Again, reduce the learning curve.
    Don’t dive in, wade, use caution, get to know the community and rules first. Do not outsource
    Be sure you are going to use the tool before inviting your whole network.
  • “Parking” Usernames
    Keep your
    Identity consistent.
    Is this a username
    I will use in 2 years?
    Is the
  • Questions ?
  • Contact or Connect with Me
    Shannon Myers
    Social Media: @waltonsearch or @slcmyers