Supply and demand lessons 1 and 2
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Supply and demand lessons 1 and 2



Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand



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Supply and demand lessons 1 and 2 Supply and demand lessons 1 and 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Supply and Demand• To develop a thoughtful and perceptive awareness of the fact that the film industry attempts to put the public under considerable pressure to buy their products• To realise that as fans and consumers the public may be able in turn to exert considerable influence over the film industry
  • Key information I must know about to answer thisquestion. Industry Audience The relationship between the two and who is more powerful in driving the industry. The impact of new technologies in the industry The effect of other industries and the availability of Bollywood, Independent and Low Budget films
  • The creation of demandEarly 1900s going to the cinema as a form of entertainment came to be acceptedsocially, normal everyday experience. Film is today only successful in those countries thatembraced film technology and film as a commercial enterprise. Attract people to makemoney!what they might have seen!
  • Picture Palaces by 1910
  • The popularity of cinema• Cheap entertainment• Large non english speaking communities- silent films perfect.• By 1930 65% once a week; 80 million visits a week• Even in economic depression 60%
  • The nature of the cinema experience
  • Why listen to stories
  • Your cinema going experience
  • Changing patterns of consumption
  • survey
  • Supply and DemandStarterDiscuss for 3 minutes with the people around howyou know if a film is good or not …….before you goto see it ! Write down as many reasons as you can.
  • Who controls what you decide to see?YOU or the MEDIA ?
  • Critical factor for any films success• good word of mouth• singing it’s praises• Bad word of mouth• It was rubbish!• Indifferent word of mouth• No reaction….dead in the water
  • Increasing speed and intensity with which word of mouth can be spread by fans ……why?????????
  • • These technologies help fans interact with one another • Maintain interest for the genre, director or star • Fan clubs and fan conventions traditionally maintained via newsletters and paper based fanzines--- --but now email newsletters and website fanzines• Fans have always been able to create a slow burn cult classic from a film that flopped but now there is a much greater possibility of this.
  • Alfred Hitchcock • Language usedEwan McGregor • The attitude of the contributors • Nature of the sites themselvesDonnie Darko • Any recognisable common features in the examples
  • The same technologies coupled withglobalisation has increased the power of the filmindustry over the public.
  • Work under the same umbrella; support each otherSYMBIOTIC EXCHANGE/RELATIONSHIPA single multi national could havemarketing ,financing and distributing filmreviewing films in newspaperspublishing film scriptsdistributing soundtracksscreening films via cinema chains/ satellite TV
  • Media ownership is becoming increasingly concentrated in a handful of Laterally intergrated & Vertically intergrated CONGLOMERATES
  • of the biggest
  • Research how they are connected hmk
  • GlobalisationA perceived economic trend towards the wholeworld becoming a single market so that majormulti – national corporations are increasinglyable to control trade on a global scale
  • Today two key terms for the examination are WINDOWS AND SYNERGY
  • • Publicise and advertise their own films via their own print, sound and visual media arms• Put out associated books and music, again from within their own organisation• Show their films via their own various TV and cinema outlets• Spin-offsLESS THAN 20% OF TOTAL FILM REVENUE COMESFROM THE DOMESTIC BOX OFFICE….FIRST WEEKENDIN CINEMA IS CRUCIAL IN CREATING IMPETUS. Financecan be recouped in a whole range of ways
  • Box Office Takings & Breaking Even Trailer for waterworld•• $175 million to make• Made $88 million at the box office• Further $166 million abroad
  • uk film council
  • Catfish trailer