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The Mystery of the Fifth Window Part One attachment

  1. 1. Name _____________________________ Period ___________________Lesson Plans: Language Arts Grade 8:Directions: Please read & complete the following packet.The Mystery of the Fifth Window, Part One Professor Bean was an odd fellow. His hairstyle 1mimicked the great Albert Einsteins. The difference wasthat his hair was luxurious and black instead of shades of gray. However, even though he had a rumpled appearance, his mind worked like a meticulous Swiss clock. His day-to-day life outside of his research was chaotic, but Professor Bean was a genius in his field. 2 When Professor Bean talked about quantum physics,people in the field took note. Professor Beans goal was to win the universitys Golden Medal of Science. This award had two parts. First, it came with a prestigious opportunity for publication of the research. There was also an additional $10,000 prize. This cash prize would ensure that the professor could carry on his wormhole research by purchasing additional equipment for experiments. Professor Bean worked on his theory in between teaching classes. His 3 office was on the second floor of an old house on campus. The universityhad purchased some old Victorian houses close to the campus and used them as office buildings. Professor Bean and some of the other older professorsenjoyed the homey atmosphere of these houses. He often shared a cup of tea with his best students in the large kitchen at the back of the house.4 The professors small office suited him perfectly. Two large windows let golden light stream in and bathed the room in a warm glow for much of theday. Piles of papers littered the professors desk, but he knew exactly where to find everything. Thick leather volumes about physics made thebookshelves practically groan in protest. The cluttered office was the perfectenvironment for the birth of theories that seemed like sci-fi movie material. When Professor Bean wasnt working on his theories, he was often 5helping his students. Students who needed extra help from the professor for his courses could come into the old house at any time. They climbed the central staircase to the second floor and had to knock loudly to get the professors attention. Only then would he come out of his mathematical reverie and answer the door.
  2. 2. 6 Tap, tap, BOOM. The last determined knock made the door shake. 7 "Professor, are you there?" asked a timid voice.8 "Yes, come on in," said Professor Bean in a slightly annoyed tone. It was 3:30 P.M. on a Monday, and he didnt usually have many students come in until later in the week. A slim waif of a girl tiptoed into the office, followed by her shaggy 9 boyfriend. She carried a thick physics book. A curtain of hair fell across her back like a sheet of red silk. She looked intently with gold-flecked lighthazel eyes at the professor. Her expression was like a shy owl about to hoot. Professor Bean recognized Anna from his Introduction to Quantum Physicscourse. He gave her a smile of encouragement because she had demonstrated some abilities that had surprised him. 10 "I was wondering if you could explain wormholes to my friend," said Anna. "I would love to," said the professor. "The existence of wormholes has 11not been proven...yet. I am working on my theory to prove that they are real. Wormholes are a theoretical phenomenon in quantum physics in the time- space continuum. They supposedly have at least two mouths that are connected by a tube. They could be a shortcut through space and time.Imagine that! It might be possible to do time travel in a wormhole. It wouldbe just like those wild scenes in science fiction films. Wouldnt that be fun?" The professor asked the question with a gleam in his eyes. What Professor didnt share with the students was that he had 12mathematically proven that certain spots on Earth could contain wormholes, despite the normally held belief that this phenomenon, if it existed at all,could only occur in outer space. He also had developed some equations thatshowed that once these wormholes had opened, the tunnel could be directed by the power of the mind to whatever point in time and space the person wanted to travel to. If his theories were correct, their application could change the course of human history! "Do you need help with your research work?" asked the shaggy boy, 13 whose name was Ben. "I am a grad student in physics, and I could help you with your calculations. I am also good at computer stuff."14 Professor Bean considered this bold idea. He had never thought of hiring help, but he thought about the Golden Medal of Science and its looming
  3. 3. deadline. He only had one week to prepare his paper for presentation to the committee. He had handwritten notebooks full of ideas, but his work was still rough. Perhaps this young man with the soft, intelligent brown eyes would be useful to put his work into the computer. 15 "Bring me your resume tomorrow morning. Then I will consider your offer. If I do accept you, I will need your help to prepare my paper for the committee next week. Would you be able to do that?" said the professor.16 "Yes, thank you, sir!" said Ben. He was thrilled. He had always wantedto work with a mad scientist. Professor Bean, with his wild hair and flushed face, looked perfect. Professor Bean had a secret place where he hid his notebooks. He 17always joked that he hid his work in a "black hole," but no one knew where that was. On Tuesday, Ben and Anna tapped on the door again. Bens stomach 18was in knots as he anticipated the professors decision. When Professor Bean did not answer, Anna gently pushed the heavy mahogany door open and called the professors name. 19 The professor was there, but his head was on the desk. His hair fanned out in all directions like a black halo. Anna called his name again, and the professor opened his eyes for a moment. 20 "The fifth window...find my work. Ben has...the job," he gasped. 21 Anna turned to Ben, her sheath of red hair twisting over her face. 22 "Quick," she said in an urgent voice. "Call 911!" Complete1. Which subject did the professor 2. What award was the professor teach at the university? hoping to win? Economics The Golden Medal of Chemistry Science Quantum physics The Quantum Physics of the Biology Year Medallion The Nobel Peace Prize None of the above3. Professor Beans hairstyle was 4. How much cash would the similar to whose?
  4. 4. Albert Einstein professor receive if he won the The professor was bald. George Washington Golden Medal of Science? Donald Trump5. According to Professor Bean, 6. Based on information in the story, what would wormholes what would be one logical theoretically enable people to do? conclusion if Professor Bean won Time travel the Golden Medal of Science? Teleport to other planets He would buy equipment that Materialize food would aid him in his research. Fly by themselves He would retire. He would go out to eat and celebrate. None of the above
  5. 5. 7. Which of the following is an 8. What did Anna tell Ben to do opinion in the story about when they found the professor? wormholes? Prop up his head with a The study of wormholes is a pillow part of quantum physics. Give him a drink of water Their existence had not been Give him CPR proven yet. Call 911 Professor Bean was doing research on wormholes. They would allow people to do time travel.
  6. 6. If wormholes existed and would enable people to do time travel, where would youlike to go and why?