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Friendly letter
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Friendly letter

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  • Instruct students what to write down and what to make a mental note of. First slide, copy heading only.
  • Pre-writing, have students copy bullets.
  • Remind students to put a comma between the city and state and the date of the month and the year. Have students copy this slide and use this heading on their letter.
  • If students ask how many lines a short distance is, remind them that most letters are written on stationary that does not contain lines. Salutation usually begins with Dear…, point out letter in text. Jimmy writes “Dear Old Pal:”. Tell students that they can use a name, nickname, or a pet-name, ie: Old Pal. If students question colon used in text, tell them that a comma is more appropriate for a friendly letter.
  • Remind students that even though it is a friendly letter, proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar are expected!
  • Point out to students that only the first word of the closing begins with a capital letter. If students question the position of the closing in the text, explain that this is just a result of the layout of the book. Show students other text and how it is done correctly in that one.
  • Answer questions and then have students begin brainstorming and writing their rough drafts. Final draft due tomorrow. Give students plain white paper for their final draft, which may be either typed or hand written. Tomorrow we will go over addressing the envelope.


  • 1. WRITING A FRIE NDLY LE TTE RIn a friendly letter, write about the things that interes t you and thepers on to whom you are writing.
  • 2. B E FORE WRITINGJot down your ideas.Are you replying to a letter?What questions or comments do you need to reply to?What new information about yourself or others do you want to include?
  • 3. 1645 Mayberry Lane Plymouth, E ngland J uly 3, 1621 The HeadingIn the upper right corner of thepage, the address of the writer(you), is placed on the first twolines, and the date on which theletter was written is placed on thethird.
  • 4. The S alutationThe s alutation begins at theleft-hand margin and isplaced a s hort dis tancebelow the heading. In afriendly letter, it is followedby a comma.
  • 5. THE BODYThe body of a friendly letteris the mes s age, what youhave to s ay. It may begindirectly below thes alutation. Remember toindent the firs t line of eachparagraph.
  • 6. The C los ingThe clos ing for a friendly letter maybe Your friend, S incerely, S incerelyyours , or any s imilar phras e you like,except Yours truly, or Very truly yourswhich are us ed only in bus ines sletters . It is placed jus t below the finalline of the body, beginning a little tothe right of the middle of the page,and followed by a comma.
  • 7. The S ignatureThe s ignature of a friendlyletter need only be your firs tname. C enter it under theclos ing. A lways write thes ignature by hand, even ifyou have typed the res t ofthe letter.
  • 8. Are there any questions?