Virtual Trade Mission


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This presentation highlights a recent project undertaken by our InnovationWorx group - the goal of the project was to enhance current Trade Mission capabilities by adding virtual elements...

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Virtual Trade Mission

  1. 1. Concept Proposal: Ohio Virtual Trade Mission Portal Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc., All Rights Reserved Presented by Stephen Lahanas Sept. 27, 2010 Overview of proposed technical solution, integration with trade development efforts and coordination with Latin American trade expansion.
  2. 2. 2Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. • The State of Ohio owes much of its prosperity to international trade. The State has made significant investments already in helping to expand that trade to encourage further growth. • However, the State of Ohio has limited resources. Establishing Trade Missions to foreign nations is a costly and time-consuming venture. • What if technology might help simultaneously reduce some of those costs while expanding the scope of potential trade missions? The Premise
  3. 3. 3Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. A Virtual Trade Mission • We are here to explore the possibility of establishing a new approach towards facilitating trade missions for Ohio. We believe that this approach will allow Ohio to do more with its limited resources. • The Virtual Trade Mission concept represents both technology and process elements – at its heart is the idea that web technology can help make the connections between potential trading partners here in Ohio and abroad. • We are advocating a proof of concept project dedicated to expanding trade to Latin American.
  4. 4. 4Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. What the Virtual Trade Mission is • The Virtual Mission itself is a web portal. It’s dedicated to providing several fundamental capabilities: 1.To provide targeted information to potential trade mission participants. 2.To provide online collaboration mechanisms for those participants. 3.To help facilitate the development of in- person meetings and events.
  5. 5. 5Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. The Value Proposition • The Virtual Trade Mission project is a Win/Win proposition for Ohio: • It will be provided at no-cost. • It is an example of how public - private partnerships can solve problems. • It will help to educate Ohio companies about how to successfully export. • It will help foreign nations learn more about the benefits of doing business with Ohio. • It will allow Ohio to target more Physical Trade Missions by preparing expectations and lining up participants…
  6. 6. 6Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. Who We Are • Semantech Inc. is a small business founded in 2007. The company is located in Dayton, Ohio. Since our inception we have supported clients in a variety of industries nationwide. Our charter is to provide enterprise solutions and to develop innovative approaches to better solve Challenges in both the Government & Private Sector.
  7. 7. 7Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. The Virtual Trade Mission Proof of Concept (POC) Overview
  8. 8. 8Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. POC Solution Goals… • The Virtual Trade Mission proof of concept project is targeted to one near-term goal – supporting the development of a trade mission to Latin America. • Our goals with the Proof of Concept are as follows: • Demonstrate that a Virtual Trade Mission Portal can extend trade mission activities to markets that do not yet have infrastructure support in the targeted nations. • Demonstrate that the technical solution can meet the business development objectives. • Facilitate 1 new trade mission for Ohio.
  9. 9. 9Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. POC Capabilities • The Virtual Trade Mission proof of concept represents a subset of foundational capabilities that would later be applied to all other trade mission support activities. These capabilities consist of: • A Single Sign On Portal (User Interface) wherein all other features can be accessed. • A content management system that can be accessed and modified by the State of Ohio. • A customer relationship management (CRM) system which can be used by participants. • A set of Web 2.0 collaboration tools. • A Wiki and / or FAQ system
  10. 10. 10Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. POC Project Structure
  11. 11. 11Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. Semantech Inc. POC Solution Architecture
  12. 12. 12Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. • The Virtual Trade Mission proof of concept architecture is designed to provide maximum capability along with ease of maintenance. • We are building the solution utilizing Open Source tools hosted by a leading web hosting provider located in Columbus, Ohio. • We’ve chosen this approach in order to reduce cost, increase delivery speed, allow for end user modifications and to facilitate federated administration (i.e. both us and State of Ohio Business Development personnel). Our Solution Approach
  13. 13. 13Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. OVTM POC Topology
  14. 14. 14Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. OVTM POC Architecture
  15. 15. 15Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. Conclusion • This project represents a public / private partnership built upon mutual interest. • We believe in the future of Ohio and in expanding economic development for the State and the Miami Valley. We feel it is imperative to pursue opportunities for economic expansion and that these opportunities can be exploited through public / private partnerships.
  16. 16. 16Copyright 2010, Semantech Inc. Contact Information Thank You… For more information, contact: Stephen Lahanas