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Redefining Politics Part 1
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Redefining Politics Part 1


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This presentation is meant to provide an overview of Applied Innovation in the arena of political practice. This first presentation in the Redefining Politics series will examine what Themes are and …

This presentation is meant to provide an overview of Applied Innovation in the arena of political practice. This first presentation in the Redefining Politics series will examine what Themes are and how they relate to the larger context of political or policy management.

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1.  
  • 2. The Future Begins… with an idea Web Servers are one thing, Nuclear Reactors are a bit more dangerous – there are systems which absolutely must not FAIL.
    • Innovation represents the deliberate attempt to change current reality.
    • Those who believe that things can be better or can be done better have the motivation to pursue change – Innovation is the roadmap or blueprint for that change.
    • The Future consists of thousands of such blueprints coming together to build a new reality – Innovation Worx is dedicated to providing consistent and actionable Innovation for you…
  • 3. Introduction “ While all other sciences have advanced, that of government is at a standstill - little better understood, little better practiced now than three or four thousand years ago.” - John Adams
    • Even today Politics and Government still do not keep pace with the advances in the rest of society.
    • This presentation is the first of several which will explore how to transform the practice of politics and better link it to policy performance.
  • 4. Political Strategy
    • Political Strategy today is generally confined to messaging campaigns and traditional election support facilitation.
    • While there have been some advances over the past decade in particular, the basic assumptions for the practice of politics haven’t changed much over the past 50 years (since the transition of mass media communications to television).
    • Over the next 50 years our society is likely to experience our greatest challenges ever – politics and government must become problem solving mechanisms…
  • 5. Politics must be more than a popularity contest…
  • 6. The Importance of Themes
    • Political Themes are more than the basis of messaging campaigns – themes represent the semantic foundation for belief systems and subsequent policy mechanisms.
    • Themes are important because they allow constituents to identify belief systems and to associate those with anticipated policy outcomes.
    • If Themes are too difficult to follow or identify then the political entities (groups or candidates) will not be able to build effective campaigns or policy agendas.
  • 7. Political Themes – The Rules
    • Political Themes when grouped together represent the Political Foundation for any given group or candidate.
    • There should not be more than 3 core Political Themes; however there can be many related sub-themes.
    • Themes should map directly to the key political dimensions. Themes should also map directly to opposition themes.
    • Valid Themes require a number of prerequisites.
  • 8. Defining Political Themes
  • 9. Political Dimensions
    • There are three distinct Political Dimensions.
    • The Political Dimension – This represents how people view their government as well as political values & philosophies.
    • The Economic Dimension – This dimension represents how people view economic policy and philosophy.
    • The Personal Dimension – This dimensions captures the personal expectations of constituents as well as a general sense of what the “individual” represents within a society.
  • 10. Political Foundation
    • A Political Foundation represents the sum total of the core Themes as well as related sub-themes.
    • The Foundation also captures related assumptions objectives and pre-requisites for success.
    • The Foundation acts as the backbone for larger, more complex Political Frameworks .
    • Foundations do not exist in isolation – they represent ecosystems within ecosystems and must be cognizant of all perspectives to succeed.
  • 11. Foundation Prerequisites
    • Every Political Foundation must adhere to three basic prerequisites …
    • Logical Consistency – The Themes must be consistent with the Dimensions and with each other. All of that must be consistent as the framework is built around it.
    • Clear Values Statement – The Values Statement is also the single organizing principle that links all three Themes.
    • Clear Mission Statement – Defining this helps to more clearly link goals to outcomes.
  • 12. Politics begins with Semantics The Message is the Medium
  • 13. Political Frameworks
    • Political Frameworks represent the collection of tools and knowledge developed atop the Political Foundation.
    • A Framework requires a unique, detailed Political Ontology to define all potential elements of political knowledge and action.
    • We will define a proposed Political Ontology in “Redefining Politics part 2”.
    • Political Frameworks are where political practice and technology intersect.
  • 14. Political Framing
    • Frameworks and Framing are two very different things. Frameworks are resources…
    • Political Framing is all about defining dialectic boundaries. Framing activities build upon the Political Foundation & Political Frameworks – Framing represents a Political Discipline.
    • Political Disciplines are different than Political Resources – they consist of distinct process methodologies. We will examine Political Framing in “Redefining Politics part 3”.
  • 15. Politics is Power, Knowledge is Power – Politics can be knowledgeable…
  • 16. Conclusion
    • The InnovationWorx Redefining Politics Series will examine many of the topics introduced here in more detail.
    • The goal of this series is to highlight a new approach to Politics and also to illustrate an example of Applied Innovation.
    • Semantech Innovation Worx provides strategic political consulting as well as policy consulting and political framework automation.
  • 17. Semantech Inc. is InnovationWorx
    • Semantech Inc. is a solutions provider founded in 2007. Our company is located in the Dayton, Ohio metro area. Since our inception we have supported clients in a more than half a dozen industries nationwide.
    • Our company represents a unique approach – we’re not offering just IT or Management Consulting. We specialize in facilitating complex organizational Transformations. This is why Innovation Worx was created. Semantech was founded to facilitate change…