Intro to Research Methods: Research Strategy
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Intro to Research Methods: Research Strategy

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ACS 301 week 1 at RyersonU

ACS 301 week 1 at RyersonU

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  • 1. ACS 301 September 4, 2008 Introduction to Social Research
  • 2. About Me
  • 3. Key themes
    • Theory and research
    • Ontology
    • Epistemology
    • Research Strategies
      • Qualitative or quantitative?
    • Asking research questions
  • 4. What’s wrong with social theory? Herbert Blumer “ Let them renounce their practice of taking in each other’s washing…”
  • 5. Types of social theories “ The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social, political and intellectual life…” Dialectical Materialism “ The control of humans over the labour process turns into its opposite and becomes the control of the labour process over the mass of humans..” Labour Process Theory
  • 6. Deductive versus Inductive “ People born into religious countries will be more religious than those born into secular countries.” Deductive “ My participants said they don’t like ‘traditional’ bar scenes. This means, raves are about rejecting the traditional.” Inductive
  • 7. Deductive versus Inductive I start with theory. I confirm a hypothesis. I tend to do quantitative research. Deductive I start with data. I infer conclusions from my data. I tend to do qualitative research. Inductive
  • 8. Ontology What do you think reality actually is? That’s a good question. I guess I should know before I start doing research!
  • 9. Objectivism I think the social world is something outside of us, something that exists before we even are born.
  • 10. Constructionism Well I think the social world is something we create everyday. We make it through talking, writing and interacting.
  • 11. Epistemology Well how did she find that out? I found people like pets in my research.
  • 12. Positivism I am completely objective in my research. I suppose you also avoid “should” statements
  • 13. Interpretivism Ah… Ich verstehe ! I think people are different than molecules.
  • 14. Critical Realism …… … … .. …….. …… I’m pretty sure I’m observing something real here but I don’t think I could predict what will happen in the future.
  • 15. Research strategy Interpretivism Natural science model Epistemological orientation Constructionism Objectivism Ontological orientation Inductive, generating theory Deductive, testing of theory Role of theory in research Qualitative Quantitative