SlabTek Foundation Outperforms Other Slab Options


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This informative presentation features SlabTek's innovative process and compares it to other commercial suspended slab options in the industry. SlabTek is owned by Childress Engineering in Richardson, TX. Additional information on SlabTek and its innovative process can be found at

Created by Tony Childress

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SlabTek Foundation Outperforms Other Slab Options

  1. 1. SlabTek Foundation Outperforms Other Commercial Slab Options
  2. 2. What is SlabTek? • SlabTek is specially patented process that allows for slabs on grade foundation to be elevated above the existing soil. Using proven engineering principles, SlabTek improves a structure’s durability and strength, minimizes time consuming installation, while maintaining its economical costs. Created by Tony Childress
  3. 3. Other Benefits to SlabTek • How does SlabTek compare to Pier and Beam and Elevated Concrete, the two of the most common suspended residential foundations used in the industry? Created by Tony Childress
  4. 4. Pier and Beam Foundation Pier and Beam Pier and Beam is considered a traditional foundation system and is still used today. Using a series of beams, which are supported on piers, this system allows for limited contact with soil. Pros and Cons • Pros • High Strength / load carrying capacity • Resistive to soil movement • Where it fails: • Very Expensive to utilize • Long construction process • Moisture can become trapped in crawl space Created by Tony Childress
  5. 5. Pier and Beam Foundation Created by Tony Childress
  6. 6. Elevated Foundations Elevated Foundations • Elevated foundations, like their name suggests, are elevated above the ground to limit foundation movement. • Elevated Foundation uses concrete mat foundation with stiffer beams resting on piers. Pros and Cons • Pros: • More affordable option than Pier and Beam. • Resistive to movement. • Less maintenance required. • Where It Fails: • Harder to install. • Not very common to install and knowledge of installation is limited throughout the industry. Created by Tony Childress
  7. 7. Elevated Foundations Created by Tony Childress
  8. 8. Why SlabTek is the Better Choice: • SlabTek is the vision of the future: “Our vision is to revolutionize the residential and light commercial foundation industry through engineering innovations and cost-efficient solutions.” • SlabTek combines the sheer strength provided by Pier and Beam foundation and combines it with the performance of Elevated foundations. SlabTek is the high efficiency combination of the 2 most common foundation choices. Created by Tony Childress
  9. 9. SlabTek Process: Pre-Pour, Pier-Pour, Post-Pour Created by Tony Childress
  10. 10. Continued Benefits of SlabTek Foundation • Can be utilized in low bearing capacity soils with slope stability issues. • Can be used as a solution when geotechnical data is unreliable. Is not dependent on the nature of the soils near the surface. Is significantly less expensive and more reliable than water injection or chemical stabilization of highly expansive soils. • Can be utilized in colder climates to avoid problems with frost heave. • Can be fitted with engineered seismic dampers to minimize damage to the structure from seismic forces. Provides a gap or space between soil and foundation to isolate concrete and eliminate possible concrete corrosion. • Can utilize drilled concrete piers or engineered “helical” piers and require significantly fewer piers than traditional suspended slabs. Construction processes are not affected by weather conditions. • Can save valuable days of construction time compared to traditional pier and beam or suspended slabs. Virtually eliminates warranty concerns such as cracks in the brick or drywall. Created by Tony Childress
  11. 11. How to Reach SlabTek 1701 N. Collins Blvd, Suite 3000 Richardson, TX 75080 P 214-451-6630 F 214-451-6631 Alex Childress General Manager Kris Kirby Field Operations Leader Tony Childress President and Founder Created by Tony Childress