xbig6 services and solutions
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xbig6 services and solutions

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XBIG6COM, LLC provides strategic staffing to Fortune 1000 clients.

XBIG6COM, LLC provides strategic staffing to Fortune 1000 clients.

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  • 1. Services and Solutions
    September 2009
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 2. Who We Serve
    • Fortune 1000 Clients
    • 3. C-suite Leadership
    • 4. IT Project Leaders
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 5. What We Provide
    • Project Team Staff Augmentation
    • 6. Quick-Win Projects
    • 7. Strategic Staffing
    Staff Augmentation
    Add specific, needed skills to an existing project team.
    Quick-Win Project
    Typically defined as three-month and under $50k initiative.
    Strategic Staffing
    Leverage high demand, low supply resource for interim time period.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 8. How We Work
    • On-Site and Co-Location
    • 9. Virtual / Remote
    • 10. Blended Approach
    Whatever works best for you and your need. That’s how we work it.
    Sometimes being on-location is the only way to get real movement. Other times, working off-line is more cost effective and accomplishes your need in the shortest amount of time.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 11. Why Us?
    • Think-Power of Top-Tier Firms
    • 12. Flexibility of a Boutique
    • 13. Cost of an Independent
    Our consultants have an average of ten years (two year minimum) experience at one of the leading US or worldwide consulting organizations. We have helped solve some of today’s most complex business and IT problems. We have applied “Big-Six” thinking to ourselves and assembled a business model to offer our clients the Think-Power of these well-respected firms, while being ultra-flexible to our client’s needs – and at a significantly lower cost.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 14. Solutions Inventory
    • Strategic Services
    • 15. Industry Leading Practices
    • 16. Project Definitions
    • 17. IV&V / Operational Audit
    • 18. Project Management
    • 19. Technical Architecture
    • 20. ERP and Organization Change
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 21. Strategic Services
    • Operational Excellence
    • 22. Merger & Acquisition
    • 23. Business Strategy
    You may just need a second set of eyes, or maybe a fresh set of thinking. Either way, where is the market headed – and where are the competitors going?
    Could an emerging competitive threat be an opportunity too? What is a new way of looking at your core business? Where should you drive? How fast should you go?
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 24. Industry Subject Matter Expertise
    • Leading Practices
    • 25. Industry Insights
    • 26. Best Practices
    Few things have never been tried before. Most new ideas can draw from existing, proven approaches elsewhere.
    You want to accelerate your efforts without going through all the trial-and-error. What is on your plate that might have been solved elsewhere?
    How can you get your team up and running fast – but still make a big impact?
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 27. Project Definition
    • Opportunity Assessment
    • 28. Problem Definition
    • 29. Project Definition
    You know there’s an issue. You already have an idea of what needs to be done.
    But, you don’t have the time. You need the facts. You need an approach. And you need it now.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 30. Independent Verification & Validation
    • Operational Audit Support
    • 31. Fact and Fiction Report
    • 32. IV&V
    Your staff tells you one thing – but it seems like something different to you.
    You can’t put your finger on it, but your instincts tell you something needs a different set of eyes – an outsider’s look in.
    No finger pointing is necessary – just get the facts and separate the fact from the fiction
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 33. Program and Project Management
    • Red Yellow Green Report Out
    • 34. Program Management
    • 35. Project Turnaround
    The plan seemed solid, the team was selected reasonably well. But the plan isn’t working and the team has more issues than you’d expect.
    It could be a governance issue, or inadequate communication, possibly the wrong resources? This thing needs to get back on track. What’s prudent and what’s realistic.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 36. Technical Architecture
    • Technical Architecture
    • 37. Technology Strategy
    • 38. Technical Review
    Technology continues becoming more sophisticated with a wide array of options and possibility. Understandably, the IT team wants to stay current. Other times the business want a change.
    What is possible, and what actually makes sense to do? What has value and what is just a list of more features and functions? Who can give you a defensible answer in simple terms?
    It works
    It won’t work
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 39. ERP Functional Expertise
    • ERP Functional Expertise
    • 40. Business Processes
    • 41. Leading Practices
    When you have snag in the ERP implementation, or your operations team and IT support aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, where do you turn?
    Sure, consultants are good at figuring these things out – but wouldn’t it be nice if the consultant had already been-there-done-that a time or two already?
    Same smart people – half the cost TM
  • 42. Organization Change Management
    • Transformation Change
    • 43. Change Management
    • 44. Organization Change
    The effort is about gaining efficiency and decreasing cost. The strategy makes sense, everything is doable. Yet, you know the people things need to be addressed too.
    You want some real help getting people on the same page, getting people trained, getting people doing the right things.
    Same smart people – half the cost TM