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Prospectus 2008 2009

  1. 1. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Mission The mission of Skyline Education Group is to provide its students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip them for more effective and organised contributions to their chosen professional fields 3
  2. 2. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL & TOURISM Contents 1. Mission 3 2. Courses Offered 5 3. A Profile 7 4. Prime Objectives 8 5. Courses and Programmes 9 6. Learning Outcomes 10 7. Personal Skills and Qualities 11 8. Assessment 13 9. Assessment Weightage 14 10 Relevance of Academic Information & Grading Policy 15 11. Learning & Support Services 17 12. Academic and Cultural Committees and Groups 18 13. Corporate Connect 19 14. On - Campus Seminars 20 15. Skill Enhancement 23 16. Live Projects 24 17. Consultancy & Training 25 18 . Summer Training : An Opportunity Window 26 19. Summer Training : Performance Appraisal 27 20. Corporate Speak 29 21. Past Placements 31 22. Alumni 33 23. Faculty 38 22. Senior Faculty Profiles 40 23. From the Director’s Desk 42 4
  3. 3. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Courses Offered Post Graduate Courses Under Graduate Courses Business Management Business Management Specialisations offered Specialisations offered Marketing Marketing Finance Finance International Business International Business Human Resource Management Tourism Tourism Mass Communication and Retail Operations Journalism Mass Communication Professional Courses Specialisations offered Post Graduate 1 year Journalism Communication part-time Diplomas Advertising Communication Finance International Business Weekend Marketing Sales Management (For working Executives) Management Managing Talent Business Management Specialisations offered Airlines Travel Business Marketing Management Information Systems Under Graduate 2/3 years Finance part-time Diplomas International Business Airlines Tourism Management Human Resource Marketing Management Finance Tourism International Business 5
  4. 4. Brochure 2009 - 2010 A Profile Skyline Education Group comprises Skyline Business School, Skyline School of Communications, and Skyline Institute of Travel Tourism. The mission of Skyline is to provide its students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global workplace and to equip them for more effective and organised contributions to their chosen professions and fields. Skyline Education Group was set up in 1996 in India and in 2002 was appointed as a Branch Campus of MAHE, Manipal, a UGC recognised Deemed University and a University Study Centre of Sikkim Manipal University (a UGC recognised State University). Skyline was also an IATA - UFTAA Authorised Training Centre. Skyline Business School has also been appointed as a learning centre of Maharishi Dayanand University, DDE for management programmes. Tie-ups with International Universities set a very high standard of curriculum delivery and assessment and with its own internal policies of high attendance, punctuality, and presentations as part of every course work, the best faculty drawn mostly from IIMA alumni, and year round industry interaction, Skyline has set itself apart as an institute of repute and is now ranked among the top 100 and “Category A” Business Schools in India. * Best ‘B’ School Rankings l Business India : Catagory ‘A’ from last 4 years l Business World Cosmode : Top 80 in 2007 l C-Fore Outlook : Rank 64 in 2007 l C-Fore Mint : Rank 54 in 2008 7
  5. 5. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Skyline offers its students one of the most comprehensive curricula with a host of advantages such as: High level of student care. Specialisations in high growth areas with opportunities to do live projects with MNCs and top Indian corporates. Most updated and relevant curriculla with weekly Seminars, Business Quiz sessions, innovative corporate success presentations. Faculty mostly comprises IIM-A, B and C Alumni with rich corporate experience. Specialised courses are taught by Industry experts. State-of-the-art library with 1200 journals online. Highly active placement cell. Wi Fi Campus with all classrooms networked, air conditioned and fitted with LCD projectors. Prime Objectives Skyline will always pursue three main focus areas while enhancing its size, diversity and quality: i. Education for professional careers - Enriching higher learning outcomes with inputs of professional skills to enable graduates and post graduates to choose successful careers. ii. Academic excellence - High academic standards and good processes of education to raise the Institute’s academic standing for students’ benefit. iii. Develop the competitive advantage in students through training, placement, work- experience, fieldwork and research. 8
  6. 6. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Courses and Programmes Business management subjects are taught with specialised and in depth knowledge in International Business, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Tourism, Human Resources Management and Insurance. Travel and Tourism specialisations with modules relating to Travel Marketing, Tourism Impacts, Fares Ticketing, Computerised Reservation System, Travel Agency Tour Operations, Basic Airport Services and Ecotourism. Journalism and Mass Communication courses with specialisations in print and audio and visual media (including Internet). Allied subjects: Economics, Quantitative Methods, Accounting, HRM. Basic skills of independent learning, time management, communicative competence, Information Technology, Seminars, Presentations. Corporate Readiness Programme including oral communication skills, body language and dress codes, corporate etiquette and interview skills. Social awareness projects have been incorporated in the curriculla to help build awareness and cultivate social consciousness. Academic Standard Assurance Courses are available for both undergraduates and postgraduates in the mentioned areas Internationally comparable syllabi Modern learning methods and technology Experienced and qualified academic staff Lectures by Renowned Guests Manageable class size Participative / activity based teaching Emphasis on learning outcomes of each element of a unit / course. Social and Environment Projects A new initiative on introducing each student to social awareness, a three credit paper has been introduced across all batches and courses as a compulsory assessment. Students are encouraged to work on grassroot level projects and prepare to give back to society, so that an individual’s growth is not counterproductive to society needs, and growth is all inclusive. 9
  7. 7. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Learning Outcomes The range of learning outcomes achieved by students on the programme will vary according to their Award. As students progress towards their final levels of study, they will be expected to demonstrate an increasingly sophisticated level of understanding, analysis and evidence of the synthesis of theory and practice and are expected to be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas of business Use the practical vocabularies of a variety of business disciplines in an appropriate manner Handle issues from a variety of viewpoints Understand and evaluate theoretical frameworks Undertake a piece of appropriate independent research Analyse and suggest appropriate responses to organisational issues Identify appropriate practical strategies Develop capabilities in working with and managing others Construct, analyse and evaluate different forms of argument and present them in a logical and coherent manner. 10
  8. 8. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Personal Skills and Qualities During the stipulated periods of study, several soft skills are also developed in the students leading to their ability to: Learn, work and pursue specific objectives in a manner which is both self motivated and responsive to appropriate tasks Manage their time effectively, thereby achieving their objectives within set deadlines Take a critical stance with regard to opinion and evidence Co-operate with and function effectively within a team Anticipate problems and take on responsibility for devising solutions. 11
  9. 9. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Assessment Throughout the individual programmes, assessment methods at Skyline Business School are designed to enable students to develop their own potential and permit a close working relationship between the learning experience and individual assessment. Aim of Assessment The aim of the assessment is to test whether the student has achieved the stated learning outcomes for the Programme as a whole and the specific unit in particular. Principles The assessment of the course is governed by a number of principles: With the exception of the independent study, all units are normally assessed by a combination of course work, assessment and formal examination weighted in each unit generally at 50:50 though it may be changed from time to time and from course to course Each course work incorporates periodic tests, which will be part of the written unit and therefore, prescribed at its commencement; each unit will also include deadlines for the presentation of the course work The Independent Study must be in an area that is relevant to the named Award. Grading Policy Marks Grade Grade Point Description 70 or above A 4 Very Good 60 - 69 B 3 Good 50 - 59 C 2 Average 40 - 49 D 1 Pass Below 40 F 0 Fail Those students attaining grade – ‘D’ or ‘F’ – are given an opportunity to improve their grade within a stipulated period of time. This grading policy may differ between courses. 13
  10. 10. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Assessment Weightage A typical assessment and attendance criteria may be as shown herewith. Sr. Break-up of Weight Description No. Evaluation Criteria 1. Attendance 10% Each class attended shall add 10% marks to the final 2. Presentation/Case Study/ 10% Subject specific at the discretion of the faculty 3rd Int ernal examination 3. Internal Examination 1 15% Eg: If a student scores 80 in a 100 marks paper, it would add 80% of 15 marks i.e. 12 marks to the final score 4. Internal Examination 2 15% Eg: If a student scores 20 in a 50 marks paper, it would add 20% of 15 marks i.e. 3 marks to the final score Total of Internal 50% This is the sum-total of all the internal assessments. Assessment Class Interaction/ 5% At the discretion of the faculty Activity A student can use this to add 5 participation marks to the total of his/her internal assessment results if he/she has 100% activity participation and has interacted in the classes satisfactorily. Not available to students failing in the internal evaluation i.e. scoring less than 25 out of 50 5. Final Examination 50% Eg: If a student scores 50 in a 100 marks paper, it (External) would add 50% of 50 marks i.e. 25 marks to the final scores Total 100% This is the sum-total of all the internal plus external assessments The weightage given to each component may vary from course to course. University examinations are conducted separately and the degree is awarded by the University. 14
  11. 11. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Relevance of Academic Information Grading Policy A student’s final course grade will be determined by consideration of the following factors: 1. Attendance: 75% attendance is compulsory for all courses. This facilitates interaction with the instructor and fellow students as the highest level of learning is achieved by this method. Students who do not have the requisite 75% attendance in each paper are barred from the final examination of that unit. 2. Reading: Every student is expected to have thoroughly read and reviewed all reading assignments from the required text or other reference material. 3. Discussion: Students must participate in regular classroom discussions as concepts are cleared and fresh perspectives are formed. 4. Testing and Writing Projects: Students will complete online tests for online courses and case studies for offline courses. 5. Assignments: Students complete group and individual assignments for the course. Group projects inculcate team spirit. 6. Seminars: Students are expected to attend maximum number of seminars by guest faculty, weekly quizzes, as well as seminars conducted outside where Skyline students are sent. Attendance in external seminars leads to bonus points. All of these methods help students in maximising their learning, particularly as they are able to see direct linkages between theory and practice. 15
  12. 12. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Learning Support Services Two Campuses First campus set up in 1996, in the heart of South Delhi, well connected by public transport (close to proposed metro station). Second campus set up in 2006, in the heart of New Gurgaon in Sector 44, Institutional Area, well connected and close to NH8. Library IT facilities Comprehensive library with more than 10000 volumes of latest books, Internet, CD- ROMS, video and audio tapes. Computer Labs with high speed 128 Kbps Internet connectivity on all machines. 1,200 Journals online. Classrooms equipped with audio/video facilities and LCD projectors. Fully airconditioned campus. Wi-Fi Campus. Sports facilities Tennis, Volleyball, Gymnasium, Cricket, Football and Basketball facilities available on campus (in Delhi). Hostel facilities Hostel for girls and boys with ultra modern facilities and all services in residential neighborhood outsourced to professionals with boarding and lodging and preferential facilities to suit individuals. Other facilities Common Room with indoor sports including Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, and Snack Bar on campus. 17
  13. 13. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Academic and Cultural Committees and Groups Students take part in organising several academic and non academic activities and can opt for or be nominated to any of the following committees Placement Committee Trade Expos and Promotional Activities Committee Sports Committee Newsletter and Web Page Committee Seminar and Business Quiz Committee Excursions Outstation Trips Committee Industry Seminar Committee Cultural and Event Management Committee Student Affairs Committee Trips and Excursions To provide relief from the strenuous course requirements, students are encouraged to go on trips and excursions organised jointly by the students and the Institute. These trips also help in creating closer bonds between students and faculty and between peer groups. Apart from cultivating organisational capabilities in students, these activities provide a practical educational experience and develop other soft skills such as sporting spirit, discipline, behavioural norms and group dynamics. In the past students have been to Sharjah / Dubai for Inter Dam Dama Lake College Cricket Matches Jungle Safari Dubai Shopping Experience Kulu Manali - Hill River Rafting experience Desert Safari Nainital and Jim Corbett Park 18
  14. 14. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Corporate Connect Though every course is highly intensive, equal stress is laid on industry interface and exposure to contemporary and future policies, growth and emerging concerns and issues. Students and faculty keep themselves updated with major Industry events, some of which are shown below. Industry visits enhance their understanding of modern infrastucture and manufacturing process. Events Date Events/Seminars conducted by Topic Mar’07 AIMA India China ‘A Comparative Analysis’ Apr’07 TIE Annual Seminar May’07 CII Inclusive Growth : Challenges for Corporate India CII National Conference Annual Session 2007 Jun’07 ASSOCHAM National Summit on Aviation industry Aug’07 AIMA 4th National Competition for Management Students Sep’07 Indo-American Chamber of 4th Indo-US Eco Summit: Building Strong Partnership Commerce Sep’07 Workshop of 4th CMS Vatavaran Wildlife Film Oct’07 FICCI : Address by Lord Swaraj Social and Structural Impediments to a Rapidly Paul at FICCI house Developing India. PHD Lecture On how to successfully communicate effectively, by Shiv Khera CII 8th Annual Tourism Summit AIMA 6th National HRM Summit CII 8th Annual Marketing Summit Jan’08 CII Partnership Summit 2008 AIMA Sustainable Brand Building CII National Conference and Annual Session PHD Chamber Innovations in Rural Markets by Ajay Shriram May‘08 NHRD Chamber at India Habitat Excellence Awards in HR Centre June’08 Economic Times – ET/Advantage Looking head: Strengthening the New Age Knowledge 2008 FICCI Hen Economy FICCI HEN Sub Committee meeting on Background note for MHRD Industrial Visits Hero Honda factory at Gurgaon Maruti factory at Gurgaon Parle Biscuit factory at Neemsava Pepsi bottling plant visit 19
  15. 15. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM On – Campus Seminars Weekly Seminars give students an insight into perceptions of corporate guests and domain experts, Behavioral experts talk on balancing work life inequities and ironing out individual skews. Date Speaker Topic 8th Aug ‘07 Mr. Shashank Kasliwal Time Management 22nd Aug ‘07 Mr. Naresh Sharma Import / Export Policies 29th Aug ‘07 Swami Ananda Stress Release, Meditation, Optimistic Approach towards Life 5th Sep ‘07 Swami Ananda Stress Release, Meditation, Optimistic Approach towards Life 12th Sep ‘07 Ms. Vandana Madhusudan Role of Communication 19th Sep ‘07 Ms. Saumi Chaudhary Power of Image 20th Sep ‘07 Mr. Naresh Pandey - CFO Aviva Mergers and Acquisitions 10th Oct ‘07 Mr. Prem Subramaniam Travel Tourism Industry: The Road Ahead 17th Oct ‘07 Mr. Gaurav Mathur Quality Training- Six Sigma 24th Oct ‘07 Ms. Indira Sood Most recent HR Trends 24th Oct ‘07 Mr. Paramjeet Lamba Head HR HR Opportunities in the Sports Industry Sports Station (India) Pvt. Ltd 26th Oct ‘07 Mr. Sachin Batra Financial Markets 31st Oct ‘07 Mr. Anupam Research on HR 9th Jan ‘08 Ms. Saumi Chaudhary Non Verbal Communication 12th Jan ‘08 Ms. Aparna Kalra How media plays on human emotions in big news events 12th Jan ‘08 Ms. Nisha Sharma Marketing for Luxury Brands 17th Jan ‘08 Ms. Vandana Madhusudhan Managerial Effectiveness 23rd Jan ‘08 Mr. Dheeraj Dogra Retailing 23rd Jan ‘08 Ms. Kalpana Sinha (National Entrepreneurship Network Entrepreneurship Network) 23rd Jan ‘08 Mr. Hitesh Oberoi ( Corporate Opportunities 24th Jan ‘08 Mr. Deepak Dogra Retail Marketing 2nd Feb ‘08 Ms. Namrata Singh Media Ethics 2nd Feb ‘08 Mr. Pritish Gupta Trends in Distribution 9th Feb ‘08 Mr. Arvind Joshi Challenges for new Media as Mass Media in India 20
  16. 16. Brochure 2009 - 2010 On – Campus Seminars Date Speaker Topic 9th Feb ‘08 Mr. Ranjan Paul Entrepreneurship 13th Feb ‘08 Mr. Indrajit Bhatacharya Wellness - Work / Life Balance (Symphony Wellness) 16th Feb ‘08 Mr. Suman Chakraborthy Recent trends in Journalism 16th Feb ‘08 Mr. Nitin Financial Planning 20th Feb ‘08 Mr. V. K. Garg Impact of WTO and its Implications (The Ministry of Finance) 20th Feb ‘08 Mr. Rajat Narayan (XPS Cargo) Growth in Freight 21th Feb ‘08 Ms. Nisha Audience Vs. Media 21st Feb ‘08 Ms. Mitali Client Management in Advertising 23rd Feb ‘08 Ms. Rajni Portfolio Management 27th Feb ‘08 Mr. Ajay Narayan MA process in a strategic acquisition and (Director - Fin LeasePlan India) the role of different functions 1st Mar ‘08 Mr. Rupan Khosla Business Networking 1st Mar ‘08 Mr. Satyen Mahapatra Interview Techniques 8th Mar ‘08 Mr. Dhiraj Dogra Retail 8th Mar ‘08 Ms. Namrata Singh Writing for Radio and TV 12th Mar ‘08 Ms. Meenakshi Anand Career Options in Services Sector of Marketing 15th Mar ‘08 Mr. Jayant Animation 15th Mar ‘08 Mr. Amit Parinja Self positioning in an organisation 19th Mar ‘08 Mr. Suraj P. Bhatia, Sr. VP US Capital Markets Sumitomo Bank, USA 26th Mar ‘08 Dr. Nair - VP HR Synthes Latest HR Strategies 29th Mar ‘08 Ms. Vyjayanthi Corporate Communication 29th Mar ‘08 Mr. Rishindra N. Goswami Asset Management 2nd Apr ‘08 Ms. Manu Dangi- Investment Research Assistant Vice President 5th Apr ‘08 Ms. Vandna Madhusudan Organisational Communications 5th Apr ‘08 Ms. Vandna Madhusudan Managerial Effectivness 9th Apr ‘08 Mr. Rakesh Seth -VP (HR), International Competitiveness Bhilwara Group 12th Apr ‘08 Mr. Christopher Doyle What makes a great career 21
  17. 17. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Skill Enhancement Many students generally display limited skill sets. It has been Skyline’s endeavour to maximise each student’s professional and social skills and prepare them for responsible positions at the place of work. Management games bring out those areas which need most attention, among them being communication (written, verbal and body language) personal presentations, ability to work in teams, leadership and qualities of tolerance. HR experts also give training by identifying attitudes as well as personal goals and drivers. In each semester, special emphasis is also laid on corporate requirements and ability to understand each incumbency, face competition and sustain positions, and an ability to stay updated in the changing environment and stay ahead in knowledge of the relevant work area. Mock interviews and group discussions are held/conducted to test whether the students have been able to develop the skills that they initially lacked and later imbibed at the institute. Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-college events in areas of professional competence like business quizzes, paper presentations, business plans and advertising events. Students organise events on their own initiative and management with minimal support from faculty. This develops their organisational skills while keeping the perspective of managing within budgets. 23
  18. 18. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Live Projects Sl.No Company Name Students 1 GMR “Normative Planning Survey” – Survey Investigators selected from Skyline Business School July 2007 2 CSMM IMRB for Bharti Project by CSMM – IMRB: Dealer Satisfaction Survey, Skyline Tele Tech Ltd (Beetel) student selected Jan 2008. 3 Reliance Retail Ltd. Skyline Students selected for Project on Human Resources Planning Jan 2008 4 Axis Bank Retail liability product – Project report submitted by students 5 ICICI Prudential S D Jan 2008, Students completed a target based project 6 Technopak, Bangalore Enviro sell – Div of Technopak - Field Research in Malls of Gurgaon on Navigation and Behaviour of Consumers in a Public Place – Skyline students worked on the project - June/July 2008 7 CII – the Partnership Jan 2008 – Facilitation for high level participants, delegation of Summit 2008 Foreign participants Commerce Ministry and Industry Experts - Skyline students selected 8 CII Auto Expo Feb 2008 Operation Control – Skyline student worked on this project 9 GMR – Capacity June 2008, at IGI Airport – 101 students from Skyline carried out Measurement Survey this survey 10 GMR One month project in July / August 2008. 20 Students selected 24
  19. 19. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Consultancy Training Skyline Education Group, over the years, as a part of student and faculty interaction with Industry, has taken up a number of consultancy projects and training in different areas. Some of the major assignments have been: A project in association with India Business Solutions for HONDA Japan - the study researched and gauged the success / failure factors of various MNC’s and top business houses on best management practices in India. Research work was carried out in 3 major metros Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. A study in association with CII and AT Kearney on the perception of India by foreign tourists. The research covered all the aspects of Indian Tourism as perceived by tourists from outside India, while at the exit point at IGI Airport, Delhi. The study spanned research conducted on 1,000 tourists. Students of Skyline Institute of Travel Tourism worked with CII for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd International conference cum showcase, India : Tourism Heritage held in Agra (1st) in 2000 New Delhi (2nd and 3rd in 2001 and 2002 respectively). This activity provided a hands-on experience in Event Management of global standards. BPO Training for 240 executives of Daksh for their US Airline clients. More trainings have been conducted for middle management executives in HR related programmes spanning team building, motivation and leadership techniques at IBM Daksh. 25
  20. 20. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Summer Training: An Opportunity Window For most students a live project or Summer Training is their first window to the corporate world. It is mandatory for all undergraduate and post graduate students to do at least one 8-10 week summer training as part of their course work. A good corporate environment ensures an appropriate motivation for and acts as a springboard for successful careers. Some organisations where Skyline students have done Summer Training/Live Projects in recent years: Amadeus Bajaj Auto Birla Sunlife Citi Bank Citi Financial Services Cox Kings CNBC TV18 Fortis Healthcare Hertz Hindustan ICICI Kotak Mahindra LG Electronics Marico Ltd. Marriott Welcom Hotels Mudra Communications Pepsi Co. Red FM Reliance Infocomm Sodexho Standard Chartered Thomas Cook Thomson Press Wipro 26
  21. 21. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Summer Training: Performance Appraisal Every organisation, which takes in our students, is required to give a feedback in a specified format. The 14-count appraisal assesses across both soft skills and actual ability to perform on the job. Given below is a feedback for one of our students who trained with Maruti Suzuki. 27
  22. 22. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Corporate Speak Mr. Daljeet Singh, Cluster Lead, Bharti Airtel Services Ltd. Chandigarh, for Pusp Deep MBA Student: Excellent ability to take initiative and grasp new ideas. Very high sense of responsibility. Energetic and pleasing personality equipped with good knowledge and skills. Mr. D.P.Singh, Sr. GM- HR, DLF Land Limited for Ms. Moumita Mitra MBA student: Sincere and hard working. Excellent communication skills and an excellent team player. Has been rated excellent on 10 counts out of 14. Mr. Amit Pareenja, Manager – Enterprise Business, Reliance Communications Ltd for Himanshu Gupta MBA student: Excellent ability to grasp new ideas and knowledge, ability to interface theory and practice, dedicated and zeal to learn more and more. Mr. Amit Jhamb, Area Manager, Hughes (Escorts Communications Ltd.) for Shyam Mohan Awasthi MBA student: Team player and very adaptable person. Sincere, hardworking and having excellent documentation skills. Ability to develop a healthy long-term relationship with clients. Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, GM – HR, Haier Appliances (I) Pvt. Ltd. for Vijendra Nishad MBA student: Excellent ability to work in a team and take initiative. Is energetic and has a pleasing personality. Can be groomed for higher and better responsibilities and has a performance appraisal with excellent rating on most counts. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Manager – IT, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. for Rajesh Kumar MBA student: Soft spoken, well behaved, has the dynamism to produce optimum results. Has the ability to make rich contributions to an organisation in his sphere of activities. Ms. Meenakshee, Marketing Manager- Nonwovens, E.I. Dupont (I) Pvt. Ltd., for Vikas Bhatia MBA student: Sincere and willing to put in hard work, ability and creativity to innovate with respect to work methods procedures. Good documentation skills. Mr. Dish Taneja, DGM- EHS- NCR Bangalore, HCL Technologies Ltd., for Ms. Shabnam MBA student: Hardworking, punctual and studious. Performs her duties with dedication and ready to take challenges. Ms. Riyo Lizo, Asst. Manager- HR, RFCL Ltd, for Ms. Swati MBA student: Good ability to work in a team and take initiative, excellent ability to grasp new ideas and knowledge, willingness to learn and grow. Ms. Meenal Mishra, Sr. Manager, Steel Authority of India Ltd., for Rekha MBA student: Responsible and hard working. Excellent communication skills and a good team player, ability to innovate with respect to work methods. Has recommended her for placement. 29
  23. 23. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Mr. Prakash C. Bisht, Head (Accounts), Apollo Tyres Ltd. for Mansi Kataria MBA student: Extremely hardworking and sincere. Has been rated excellent on 13 counts out of 14. Has recommended her for placement. Mr. Subodh Singh, Sr. Officer – HRD, Reliance Energy Ltd., for Kalpana Vaid MBA student: Very hard working, devoted and willing to accept responsibility. She is a good profile to work with and can be groomed for higher and better responsibilities. Has stet recommended her for placement. Mr. Niraj Joshi, Area Team Leader, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages private Ltd. for Kunal Nayyar MBA student: Good communication skills and a good team player. Is sincere and has positive attitude. Mr. Navender Tomar, State In-Charge (Uttarakhand U.P. West), Ambuja Cement Ltd. for Abhishek Bhangalia MBA student: Hard working and having the ability to innovate upon new ideas. Team player and has an ability to grasp new ideas. Has recommended him for final placement. Mr. Brahmdeep, Sales Manager, JM Financial Asset Management Private Ltd. for Anubhav Kapoor MBA student: Has talent but needs exposure. Sincere and willing to put in hard work. Ability to develop a healthy long-term relationship with clients. Has recommended him for placement. 30
  24. 24. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Past Placements Media Advertising ) Bates Asia ) Lowe Lintas ) The Times of India ) The Asian Age ) The Hindustan Times ) Equus Advertising ) Mudra Communications ) CNBC TV 18 ) ESPN - Tangerine Digital ) India Today Group Banks ) HDFC Bank ) Centurion Bank of Punjab ) Standard Chartered Bank ) HSBC ) ICICI ) Sparsh Barclays UK ) ABN AMRO ) Axis Bank ) Citibank ) Deutsche Bank ) Barclays Finance Insurance ) HDFC Standard Life ) Max New York Life Insurance ) ICICI Prudential Financial Services and Research Companies ) Dawnay Day AV India (P) Ltd. ) Religare Commodities ) Capital IQ ) Mefcom Capital Markets ) IL FS ) Citi Financials ) Fortis Securities ) Anand Rathi and Associates ) Indiabulls ) Kotak Securities ) India Infoline ) Unicon Securities ) IFCI Venture Capital Funds ) Way2Wealth Securities The above A grade organisations have inducted our students in the past The list is only indicative. Some students may have moved to other organisations. 31
  25. 25. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Past Placements Travel Tourism ) International Travel House ) Carlson Wagonlit Travel ) ) ) Travelport ) Select Hotels ) Amadeus ) eBookers ) American Express TRS ) Interglobe ) Le Passage to India ) The Oberoi Group ) Gallileo Airlines ) British Airways ) Spicejet Limited ) Indigo Air ) Jet Airways ) Virgin Atlantic Airways MNCs and Indian Multinationals ) Maersk Line ) ADA Cellworks ) Hero Mindmine ) RFCL ) Discovery ) Ma foi ) Bharti Teletech ) Devyani Intl. Ltd. Technology and Telecom ) Microsoft ) HCL ) Reliance Infocomm ) Bharti Telecom ) Magnon Solutions Others ) 99 Acres ) Orchid ) Unicon ) ITC Ltd. ) Trade India ) Assocham ) Alps Consultancy The above A grade organisations have inducted our students in the past The list is only indicative. Some students may have moved to other organisations. 32
  26. 26. Alumni 33 Brochure 2009 - 2010
  27. 27. Alumni 35 Brochure 2009 - 2010
  28. 28. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Alumni Ajay Kanwar Namrata Bali Abhinandita Banerjee Albertsons, USA NDTV Profit Anshul Gangwal Milly Nandi Vikas Awasthi Deutsche Bank IFCI Price Waterhouse Coopers Prienca Punhani Vidhi Bathwal Divya Bahal Microsoft USA British Airways Mudra Communciations Himanshu Gupta Radhika Jain Loveleen Adhlakha Deutsche Bank Wizcraft The Times of India 36
  29. 29. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Alumni Mrinal Sharma Sonam Batra Sachin Kumar B. HCL Technlogies DBS Rituparna Pal Jutika Das Anubhooti Sahajpal Vodafone Carlson Wagonlit Lowe Lintas Abhimanyu Puri Shruti Batra Pawan Kumar McKinsey Knowledge Centre CB Richard Ellis Barclays Bank Shilpa Dhingra Vinod Kumar Jha Gursimar Sandhu British Airways Samsung Electronics American Express 37
  30. 30. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Faculty Faculty Name Area Qualification Mr. K.C. Kalra Adviser Educationist, Fulbright Scholar Mr. Praveen Puri Director MSc, St. Stephens, MBA FMS Mr. Amrish Sahgal Director - Academics Tourism MBA, IIM Ahd. Ms. Anita Singhal Finance MBA NMIMS, 5 Years Corporate Experience Mr. Avinash Narula Accounting Faculty MBA - Illinois, USA, CPA Dr. Bindu Khosla Organisation Behaviour Fellow - IIM Calcutta Mr. Chandra Shekhar Dayal HR OB PG HRM (XLRI) Mr. Christopher Doyle Strategy, Travel Tourism MBA - IIM Calcutta Mr. Debraj Mookherjee English MPhil - English Mr. Debabrata Deb Strategy B.Tech. IIT, MBA -IIM Ahd. Mr. Deepak Malhotra Strategy, Management M.Sc., Retd. Maj Gen Ms. Esha Guha PR/Organisation Communication Advertising PR Expert Dr. Harsh Pathak Corporate Law PhD Law Mr. Hitesh Manocha Dean – Academics Strategic B.E., MBA - IIM Ahd. Management Faculty Mr. Jitendra Jha Statistics, Quantitative Techniques M.Sc. (Stats), Pursuing Ph.D Dr. Juhi Upmanyu Business Communication Ph.D English Mr. Kirit Shah Placements Corporate interface MBA Ms. Manisha Mehndiratta Marketing MBA Mr. Manoj Roorkiwal Media Eithics MA Mass Comm, LLB Mr. Monojit Lahiri Creative Media, Advertisement Advertising Professional Management Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bedi International Business BE, MBA Ms. Nidhi Goel E- Marketing MBA, IIM Lucknow Mr. Ashutosh Goel Corporate Readiness MBA, IIM Lucknow Mr. Ashish Mukherjee Technology Management B.Tech., IIT Mr. Jasneet Singh Financial Management BE - DCE, MBA -IIM Ahd. Mr. Alok Srivastava Travel Tourism IATA Qualified Instructor PG(T) Ms. Rohini Gambhir Business Communication MBA - FMS Dr. Y.K. Kumar Business Law LLB, PhD. Law 38
  31. 31. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Faculty Faculty Name Area Qualification Mr. Ravi Jain Management B.Tech., IIT, MBA – ISB Mr. Ratindra Saha Retail Marketing BE, MBA - Mr. Inish Batra Portfolio Management MBA - FIR Dr. Neeti Kapoor Organisation Behaviour Ph.D (Psy) Ms. Neetika Batra Finance, Mergers Acquitions MFC, PG HRM Mr. Nitin Malik Entrepreneurship MBA (USA) Ms. Pallavi Bisht Information Technology MIS MCA, MBA (IP) Ms. Madhur Ajmani Economics MA Economics, DSE Mr. Proteek Ahuja Airlines Tourism American Express Qualified Instructor Mr. Pushkal Pandey Finance B.Tech, M.Tech-IIT Delhi, MBA-IIM Bangalore Ms. Rasika Anand HRM MBA Mr. Romesh Raina HRM B.Sc., MBA Mr. Rupan Khosla Director - Training EDP MBA-IIM Calcutta Mr. Sandeep Biswas Photography Professional Photographer Mr. Sanjay Singh Mass Communication Faculty MBA PG in Journalism, The Indian Express Mr. Satish Bansal Project Management BE, MBA-FMS Ms. Shailaja Manocha Marketing Faculty MBA –IMT Ghaziabad Ms. Sheelu Puri Director- Admissions Placements BA Eco (H) LSR, MBE(DU) Ms. Shikha Malhotra MIS MCA, Bharti Vidyapeeth Dr. Shyam Panda Incharge - Library MPhil, Ph.D. Library Science Mr. Sudesh Punhani Finance Taxation CA, ex DyMD Air India Mr. Suprateem Banerjee Industry Academia Interface PGDBM, MBA (UK) Ms. Vyjayanthi Veeraragavan Mass Communication Advertising Mudra Institute of Communication S.M. Arif Organisation Development MA Social Work Mr. Manish Anand Management MBA Dr. Ritu Sapra Finance Accounts MBA, Ph.D. Ms. Pritima Kaushal Corporate Readiness, OB MBA – IMT Ms. Reema Goyal Taxation CA Mr. Shashwat Anand HRM BE (DCE), MBA - IIFT 39
  32. 32. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM Senior Faculty Profiles Mr. Praveen Puri Mr. Amrish Sahgal Director Dean - Academics Tourism Faculty MSc, MBA, PGDM MBA - IIM Ahd. He has headed the Institute since Mr. Amrish Sahgal pursued his Bachelor inception in 1996 after having spent of Commerce (Honours) degree from the more than 15 years in the Industry, University of Pune in 1967 before going with his last assignment having been on to do his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad with the Times of India group as in 1969. Vice President - Marketing and Brand Mr. Sahgal holds a higher level Diploma Manager, Economic Times. Mr. Puri has in Sales Management Salesmanship a rich experience in different marketing, from the London Chamber of Commerce. support, product promotion and He also attended a course on Hotel Marketing at Cornell market research functions in various sectors. University, USA. He holds a Master of Exchange certificate Mr. Puri is a product of Faculty of Management Studies, where from Interval International – one of the world’s leaders in he completed his MBA (Finance) and PGDMM programme Timeshare Management. and an M.Sc. B.Sc. degree from St. Stephen’s College both He has had wide ranging experience with various under Delhi University. organisations engaged in sales and marketing of consumer Mr. Puri brings to the Institute a rare passion for imbibing goods and services. These organisations have included values of excellence in students to prepare them for multinationals and large Indian transnational groups like meaningful corporate careers of international standards. His Tatas, Birlas and Oberois and the ITC group. For many years ability to remain state-of-the-art in thought while retaining now, he has concentrated on the Services sector, in particular values and corporate ethics makes him an ideal head of a the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. private B school striving to make its mark on the Indian B Mr. Sahgal currently runs his own management consultancy School horizon. His ability to spot the best talent has, in fact, firm engaged in Hospitality and Tourism Sectors. Prior to this, ensured that a committed and well qualified team of faculty he was President, Alsa Resorts and before that, Dy Managing members has been chosen to attach itself to the cause of Director of Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd. He has also alternate (to state sector) education in India. been the GM Marketing of Dalmia Resorts International. Ms. Bindu Khosla Mr. Sahgal has represented Skyline on the prestigious CII Organisation Behaviour Faculty National Committee on Tourism Heritage and those Fellow - IIM Calcutta of IATO and TAAI. During his 5-year stint with Oberoi Hotels, Mr. Sahgal, in addition to his other functional She is a behavioural scientist and has responsibilities, headed the Marketing Faculty at the a unique combination of technical and prestigious Oberoi School of Hotel Management for over soft skills. She has the ability to analyse two years. He also conducts a number of in-house training both hard and soft sides of business and programmes for corporate houses. integrate people issues with organisational At present he is representing Skyline on the education, HRM strategy. and Tourism committees of FICCI ASSOCHAM She is an ace trainer in motivation, leadership, team building, assertiveness etc. Dr. Khosla is an Organisational Behavior expert and is Prof. Debabrata Deb currently handling BPO consulting assignments. He has a B.Tech from IIT, Delhi and a PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has Mr. Hitesh Manocha three decades of industry experience Dean - Academics Strategic Management Faculty and his area of strength is tracking the (BE, MBA – IIM Ahd.) evolution of customer needs and Dean Senior Faculty, Marketing and innovation. He has hands on knowledge Tourism Studies, and a Mechanical of Marketing, Product Development, Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering Technology Development, Innovation and Evolution of Business and PGDBM, IIM Ahmedabad, he has Strategy. He is currently a Consultant to companies in the been associated with Skyline Business Packaging Industry and a teacher of Management concepts. School since inception, prior to which he Professor D. Deb has been associated with Skyline Business has held several corporate functions in School ever since he came into Teaching and Consultancy the areas of Projects, Marketing Sales in 2007 and is proud of his association with Skyline. in organisations such as BHEL, Godrej, The approach of Skyline Business School of exposing the SIEL, ONIDA, Maxworth Orchards the students to industry leaders to better understand their Modi group. Mr. Manocha has more than 15 years of a wide corporate experience and about 8 years of teaching and curriculum in practical terms is a value added approach to faculty experience. education which has attracted Prof. Deb to Skyline. 40
  33. 33. Brochure 2009 - 2010 Senior Faculty Profiles Mr. Romesh Raina Mr. Pushkal Pandey MBA (Human Resources) Finance Faculty B. Tech, M. Tech, IIT Delhi, PGDM IIM, Bangalore Mr. Romesh Raina has more than three decades of corporate experience in Mr. Pushkal Kumar Pandey, faculty human resource functions at senior Finance at Skyline Business School is a levels like GM/VP in sectors like IT, product of IIM Bangalore (PGDM with Steel, Textiles, Real Estate, Hospitality, major in Finance and Systems) and IIT Insurance, FMCG and Electronics and Delhi (M. Tech. and B. Tech.) has worked with leading companies After working for 11 years in the such as HCL, Samtel, Siel, DLF, AEZ, Construction Industry, Mr. Pandey VXL. made a career move and shifted Now for the last five years Mr. Raina is full time to Academics primarily to working as management consultant and trainer and as HRM contribute to higher education, what he received from the faculty in reputed B schools. premier Institutes of India. Mr. Romesh Raina has been doing Training including design Mr. Pandey is teaching specialised financial subjects like and delivery, specially for soft skills, sensitivity training and Financial Derivatives and Portfolio Management apart from values labs; leadership, TQM; CRM; organisation building the regular financial management papers and Quantitative through HR strategies, systems, processes policies, Methods at Skyline. mentoring and counseling. Mr. Pandey is also an online resource of a Canada based organisation which provides expert academic help to Mr. Vishal Gupta students around the world in areas of Business Finance, Project and Operations Management BE, MBA, Symbiosis (Pune) Operations Management and Operations Research etc. Mr. Pushkal Pandey uses innovative and indepth teaching Programme Director and Senior Faculty methods, with a view to give students fundamental and Project and Quality Management, broad perspectives. Mr. Vishal Gupta has more than 10 years corporate experience and is one of the few certificated lead auditors Mr. Avinash Narula of ISO 9001-2000 and Information Management, Marketing Accounting Security conducted by STQC Ministry of BS-Hotel Mgmt-Univ of Houston, USA Information Technology, Government MBA – Univ of Illinois, USA of India, a Six Sigma Black Belt by CPA-USA Motorola University and has several other certified TQM trainings by XANSA, UK and India, and QA, UK. Mr. Narula has gathered over His forte is his innovative teaching and unique student 25 years of professional experience connect methods. He develops new and futuristic models and in reputed companies in India and case studies as teaching frameworks. Mr. Vishal Gupta also the U.S. provides consultancy and training in the areas of CMM-level Mr. Narula is also a reputed 5, Six Sigma, Project Management, BPR, Change Management management trainer. A number of and ISO Information Security. reputed companies like Escorts, Bharat Electronics, Godfrey Philips, Ms. Anita Singhal Indian Oil Corporation, Spectranet, Finance Faculty and Prime Honda have benefited MBA - NMIMS from his highly interactive and innovative management Ms. Anita Singhal is a product of the training programmes and seminars. University of Mumbai having graduated in Mr. Narula has received the First Prize for the best paper Commerce from Podar College of Commerce on mergers and acquisitions from Association of Corporate and Economics and completed her Masters Growth, Chicago, U.S. He was also a recipient of various in Management Studies from Narsee Monjee scholarships during his studies abroad. Institute of Management Studies. Ms. Singhal Mr. Narula is a prolific writer. He has written four was also part of the first batch of Insurance books and has published articles on marketing and the Brokers certified by the Insurance Regulatory hospitality industry. He has also developed a number of and Development Authority in 2002. case studies. She has set up home consumer loans marketing activity for a CA firm. As Manager, Investment Banking Division of Apple Finance Ltd. at Mumbai, she has grossed a corporate experience of more than five years before shifting to equity research at Quasar India Ltd. 41
  34. 34. SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL SKYLINE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS SKYLINE INSTITUTE OF TRAVEL TOURISM From the Director’s Desk Through these pages, we give you a glimpse of a student’s years at Skyline. A glimpse of the expectations of students from us and our expectations from the students. Success undoubtedly will be spelt out when both expectations match each other. Our success story has been written by our students, who are now all over the globe. Students who are in organisations, that know us through them and vice versa. We have always believed that education must necessarily be a part of mainstream Business and Corporate activity. While interacting with Corporates during their project and internships we get immense insight into our students’ acceptability in the corporate sector, and whether they have imbibed skills which will lead them through their course. As the pace of change is unprecedented, the new world demands new skills and aptitudes. And this is our ultimate vision. To see our students well equipped for the new world. We invite those who wish to share our vision. Praveen Puri 42