Scg skyfollow social media sensing skydeck part3
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Scg skyfollow social media sensing skydeck part3



Introduction to social media sensing for the Berkeley Incubator Skydeck. Produced by Skyfollow Consulting Group. Social media Sensing, a more advanced form of social media analytics, social media ...

Introduction to social media sensing for the Berkeley Incubator Skydeck. Produced by Skyfollow Consulting Group. Social media Sensing, a more advanced form of social media analytics, social media listening, social media monitoring. Allows scalable intelligence for informing product, marketing, sales, and media strategy.



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Scg skyfollow social media sensing skydeck part3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 7/18/2013 SCG 1 Social Media Sensing (Analytics, listening, monitoring) Listen [to the market’s state now] before you Act [product definition & release] Part 3 (Impact to your Firm) June 10, 2013 for Chris Rigatuso +
  • 2. What is the Impact for Firms? Your Changes in target markets, product roadmap, focus, strategy, messaging Come From Decisions with Confidence, Evidence, Context and Clarity Social ROI Should come much later 7/18/2013 SCG 2
  • 3. 7/18/2013 SCG 10 Value Proposition The Marketing Process clear use social media sensing Customers: • Demand Analysis • Needs (Conjoint Analysis) • DMP (Funnel Analysis) Company: • Cost Analysis • Portfolio Analysis Competitors: Perceptual Maps Collaborators: Alliances / Distributors Context: Industry Forces PositioningTargetingSegmentation Measurement/Test Marketing Mix (4P-s) Product/Service Place/Channel Promotion Pricing Generic Strategies/ Strategic Posture Analysis: 5 Forces, 5C-s Understand Uncertainty Goal/Business Unit
  • 4. How do customers inform each other using Social Media? Do you measure their effects? Why would you have a campaign that ignores those effects? Segments Who behavior psychographics media usage
  • 5. Generic ROI Framework 7/18/2013 SCG 6 Value of all outputs attained Value of all inputs used Considerations Cause Complexity: • SCOPE: Per Process, Tool, Campaign, Initiative …. • CONTROL: Internal vs. external, indirect and direct costs and benefits • DEFINITION: Tangibility of “value” • STANDARDS: Dimensions of metrics on value, cost, etc. • RISK, uncertainty, certainty and changes • NPV, and discount rates • FTE time, effort, cost, task switching • TIME Meetings, agencies, approvals, process, blocks • MATCH Numerator/Denominator assumptions, dimensions, accuracy • COMPARABILITY over time, across initiatives, campaigns, depts, companies
  • 6. 7/18/2013 SCG 7 Marketing Social Advertising Web sites PR
  • 7. Mindset of Opensource, Trust, Content and Marketing Old Closed World: “Its IP” New Open World: “Enabling Trust & SEO” Legacy staff viewpoints More information > More trust Career risk and fears Trust removes sales barriers Secret info is prerequisite for sales Trust is prerequisite for sales Fiefdoms and silos for control over production, distribution Shared info and collaborative teams reduce cycle time, enhance performance Closedness incentives new business Openness incentive new business Business model cannibalization Replace or integrate closed systems, docs, Marketing is pure price/performance and feature/function positioning Link to Marketing, Content strategy Marketing means visibility and trust 7/18/2013 SCG 8
  • 8. How does Social Media Fit into overall Strategy? 7/18/2013 SCG 9
  • 9. Select Evaluate Naked Brands Embrace Transparency Open up the firm Boundaries for information Flowing in both directions
  • 10. Our POV • Sales is an aspect of Marketing – Direct Sales is a specific channel of employees – Indirect Sales is a channel partner program – Internal Sales is telesales, people who don’t leave their office (or home office) • Marketing Budgets – Should take into account COS, sales effectiveness, Sales cycle length – “Marketing ROI” Jim Lenskold 7/18/2013 SCG 11
  • 11. 7/18/2013 SCG 12 How complex is your landscape?
  • 12. One-to-many (usually 1-way) Communications One-to-one (often interactive) Communications Peer-to-peer (usually collaborative) Communications Sales Promotion Central Compelling Idea Advertising (PPC) Public Relations (SEO) Personal Selling Online Social Networking (SEO) Relationship Marketing or Channel Partners Point of Sale Sales Promotion Awareness- building Reinforcement Trial Repurchase Freemium  Addiction Brand loyalty Evangelism Irresistible? Irreplaceable? Inescapable? (
  • 13. 7/18/2013 SCG 11 MARKETING STRATEGY Which are done intuitively? Analytically? Individually? Connected via teams? Which are based on old assumptions, carried forward by convenience and inertia? Segmentation Targeting Positioning Audience Needs Benefit Priority Urgency Fit & Value Concentration Connection Trust Places Media Formats Message Coherence Linkage Competitive Relative Relevance Keywords Content Communities Use community Create community Note: there are technologies for everything, yet much is done by hand
  • 14. The Problem is not Lack of Data, its Actionable Analytics at Speed of Thought Project Start Products Competitors Desires Complaints Features Integrations Strategy Combinations Load all Terms Ranks for Analytics Depth Collection Accumulate Validate Compare Extract Filter Summarize Influencers Customers Competitors Risks Opportunities Proprietary Tools And Techniques And Planning Strategic Stakeholders Interviews Brainstorming Tool Sophistication Data Analysis Domain + Data + Strategy Experience This requires judgment, data quality, transformation, tools selection and usage experience and marketing strategy experience.
  • 15. Social Media Sensing Your Benefits are the results from Decisions and Actions One time, short term or ongoing You will be able to 1. See holes and opportunities 2. Know where to focus 3. Formulate correct strategy 4. Know what to say and on which media 5. Find problems with competitors to exploit 6. Know best topics on which to commit or avoid 7. Know most influential bloggers and leaders who are visible 8. Drill down to most relevant articles by various criteria