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Introduction to social media sensing for the Berkeley Incubator Skydeck. Produced by Skyfollow Consulting Group. Social media Sensing, a more advanced form of social media analytics, social media ...

Introduction to social media sensing for the Berkeley Incubator Skydeck. Produced by Skyfollow Consulting Group. Social media Sensing, a more advanced form of social media analytics, social media listening, social media monitoring. Allows scalable intelligence for informing product, marketing, sales, and media strategy.



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Scg skyfollow social media sensing skydeck part1 Scg skyfollow social media sensing skydeck part1 Presentation Transcript

  • 7/18/2013 SCG 1 Social Media Sensing (Analytics, listening, monitoring) Listen [to the market’s state now] before you Act [product definition & release] Part 1 (What) June 10, 2013 for Chris Rigatuso +
  • SMS Series • Part 1 – What and Why SMS? – Sample outcomes and analysis – Metrics and use cases – Sample graphs and charts 7/18/2013 SCG 2 Future Parts: Segmentation Tools and Vendors Data formats Manipulations Visual Representation Decisions / Action Thresholds Social ROI
  • Science comes from the Experiment It’s not enough to set up the experiment and measure the results. It had better fit to confirm or deny your hypothesis, so you can commit to take a decisive action at the end. Even if it is just to repeat the same experiment. --Chris Rigatuso 7/18/2013 SCG 3
  • What is Social Media Sensing? • Setting up social / blogosphere collection to harness millions of conversations which may pertain to your market, use-cases, value proposition, competitors, in such a way to yield a resulting decision framework (analysis) for – Defining market sizing – Defining market segments – Defining product differentiation – Defining media strategy and key influencers – And more… 7/18/2013 SCG 4
  • Why it’s valuable 1. It get’s you (way) outside the building, without the associated travel costs and delays. 2. Its statistically relevant and fast 3. It provides names of specific influencers by topic and reach 4. It’s data that can have multiple uses and performs it’s own audit trail 5. It’ separable and can be outsourced or delegated 6. People outside your company have little context or assumptions about your product, and less biased viewpoint for higher value 7. It moves you through the customer development process 7/18/2013 SCG 5
  • Fraction of Potential Outcomes Discovering your Market Map with specific numerical evidence – Your intended product exists and is popular from some unknown competitor – Your competitor’s customers are clamoring for a better solution that REQUIRES your differentiator – Your assumptions for requirements are wrong and why – Your target market is actually much less enthusiastic then some other target market – Your competitors completely missed the YouTube education and market development media strategy – There is a much bigger market that has needs close to your product roadmap 7/18/2013 SCG 6
  • Steve Blank’s Market Types 7/18/2013 SCG 7 CAN you measure The education required to Convert them? Is this media channel? Distribution partners? Website? Content?..... CAN you Find the conversations and mine them to justify your assumptions? How does that scale?
  • No Hypothesis  No Conclusion  No Action Each has internal assumptions vs. external realities 7/18/2013 SCG 8
  • Research Finds and Measures Relevance which amplifies demand, and Competitive Intelligence which reduces risk 7/18/2013 SCG 9 You know why? Who? Now? When? Where? Breadth, depth, up to date? In context of usage? Competition? Relative ranking? Making bets? Social Media Sensing Automates research and Customer insight
  • SCG Client Cases • Digital Home Audio Amplifiers – Price/performance features and positioning, white space product • Analog Musicians electronics – Brand identity findings for High End preferences, white space brand, Channel • Metamarkets / SaaS Analytics full stack solution – Use cases for integrations with Big Data sources and databases • Numerate / Hybrid cloud management, framework, tools – Technology value added layers differentiation (Hadoop) – Technology partners as niche markets and distributors • Bandpage – Features in mobile music apps and integrations 7/18/2013 SCG 10