Transitioning to Next-Generation Firewall Management - 3 Ways to Accelerate the Return on Your Next-Gen Firewall Investment.
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Transitioning to Next-Generation Firewall Management - 3 Ways to Accelerate the Return on Your Next-Gen Firewall Investment.



Speaker: Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder – Skybox Security, Inc. ...

Speaker: Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder – Skybox Security, Inc.

Whether you are planning a transition to next-gen firewalls or have already done so, maximizing your next-gen firewall investment is imperative. Yet, most enterprises experience common management challenges that can slow down deployments, complicate existing firewall operations processes, and delay use of the most advanced next-gen firewall features.

In this session, Gidi Cohen, CEO and founder of Skybox Security, shares customer case studies and research to illustrate these transition challenges and outline a phased approach to evaluate, adjust, and implement updated processes and tools so you can effectively manage your next-gen firewall deployment.



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Transitioning to Next-Generation Firewall Management - 3 Ways to Accelerate the Return on Your Next-Gen Firewall Investment. Transitioning to Next-Generation Firewall Management - 3 Ways to Accelerate the Return on Your Next-Gen Firewall Investment. Presentation Transcript

  • Transitioning to Next Generation Firewall Management presented by Gidi Cohen CEO and Founder Skybox Security November 14, 2012 © 2012 Skybox Security 1
  • Skybox Security OverviewLeader in Proactive Security Risk Management• Leveraging predictive risk analytics technology• Designed for continuous, scalable operationGlobal 2000 Customers• Proven deployments in complex networks• Financial Services, Government, Defense, Energy, Retail, Service Providers, Manufacturing, TechComplete Product Portfolio• Firewall Assurance - Automated Firewall Management• Change Manager - Secure Change Management• Network Assurance - Network modeling & compliance• Risk Control - Risk and Vulnerability Management © 2012 Skybox Security 2
  • Security Challenges in theExtended Enterprise BYOD demands BYOC (Cloud) data and applications Rapidly mutating threats Roll-out new services Protect the Business © 2012 Skybox Security 3
  • Old Gen Tech Is Not Effective • Traditional Firewalls – Unable to keep up with new challenges • Vulnerability scanners – Often disruptive, not suitable for daily use • SIEM – Reactive, too much irrelevant data • Pen Test – Not cost effective at large scale © 2012 Skybox Security 4
  • 2012 Skybox Survey: Reasons for Selecting NGFW’s 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70Protection against complex attacks Firewall performance Malware identification Control access to external apps BYOD Control access to internal apps Cut management time Fewer security devices Trim operating costs Get the newest tech Nearly 80% use or plan to use NGFWs as an improved layer of protection © 2012 Skybox Security 5
  • 2012 Skybox Survey: NGFW’s will be the new norm30 % of orgs252015 Today10 In 12 Months 5 0 None Less than 10-24% 25-49% 50-74% 75-100% % of NGFW 10% We estimate that within 12 months 75% or more of organizations will have Next-Gen Firewalls deployed © 2012 Skybox Security 6
  • 2012 Skybox Survey: #1 Anticipated Feature - Network IPS Integrated network IPS Standard firewall capabilitiesContent-specific policy enforcement Application-aware policy…Address blacklisting and whitelisting User-aware policy enforcement Integrated malware detection Other 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 93% use or plan to use the network IPS feature. 62% in active protection mode. © 2012 Skybox Security 7
  • But, How Will You Manage? Effort Today Real Strain Tomorrow• 500 Network devices Now ,add in:• 15,000 FW rules • User and Application• 100 daily changes ouch! policies• Infrastructure • New security zones spanning three • 4,000 IPS continents signatures © 2012 Skybox Security 8
  • Management ChallengesTraditional Firewall Management Challenges• Continuous Compliance• Change Management• Optimization, TroubleshootingNew, Added Challenges• New network architecture and zoning• Migration from old gen to next gen• Effective Threat Protection © 2012 Skybox Security 9
  • 2012 Skybox Survey: Top Migration Challenges Managing multiple firewalls and vendorsValidating correct operation of NGFW Training administrators on NGFW platformCreating new, more granular policies Planning architecture changes Changing management processes Converting trad to NGFW configs 2.8 2.9 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 Respondents took an average of 6.5 months to implement next-gen firewalls © 2012 Skybox Security 10
  • 2012 Skybox Survey: Top Operational Challenges Optimizing rule-sets Maintaining set of IPS signatures Verifying access policies enforced… Managing firewall changes Verifying rule compliance Internal reporting Maintaining best practice config Demonstrating policy complianceTroubleshooting connectivity issuesManaging trad & NGFWs together 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 “A lot of manual fine-tuning continues to be necessary.”
  • Verifying Protection is a Daily Challenge Did change Vulnerabilities • CVE 2009-203 expose a • CVE 2006-722vulnerability? • CVE 2006-490 Sensitive Risky assetsAccessPath?A Different Approach is Needed Misconfiguration? © 2012 Skybox Security 12
  • Need Network and Risk-Aware Firewall ManagementFirewall & Network Change Vulnerability and Management Threat Management Topology and apps Identify, prioritize, aware, ensure daily remediate critical risk,policy & configuration enable IPS, Malware compliance © 2012 Skybox Security 13
  • Better Approach: Network Modeling & Risk Analytics Vulnerabilities • CVE 2009-203 • CVE 2006-722 • CVE 2006-490 Enable IPS signaturesCheckAccess Paths Simulate Prevent Possible potential Attacks breach © 2012 Skybox Security 14
  • Firewall Migration Planning• Model and visualize the network topology• Optimize legacy rulesets before migration—maximize performance• Plan zone-based policies• Check ‘what if’ scenarios © 2012 Skybox Security 15
  • Access Path Troubleshooting• Validate changes with access path analysis• Troubleshoot outages or connectivity issues in seconds• Enhance visibility of network security process © 2012 Skybox Security 16
  • Application Policy Management • Enable automated policy compliance • View access policy violations by application • Block or limit access checks by applications • Network modeling of users and applicationsSURVEY:46% enable BYOD and external social apps © 2012 Skybox Security 17
  • Ensure Effective IPS Coverage • Review and report on configuration of recent threats • Understand overall signature coverage • Activate only necessary signatures, maximize performance and prioritize vulnerabilitiesSURVEY:62% plan to use IPS in active protection mode © 2012 Skybox Security 18
  • Show Results Quickly for your NGFW Investment• Ensure Fast, Successful Firewall Migration • Model and visualize deployment plan • Optimize legacy rulesets• Use Advanced Features to Prevent Attacks • Optimize IPS signatures for best protection • Exclusive Skybox and PAN capability• Show Continuous Policy Compliance • Ensure configuration best practices • Check access by applications © 2012 Skybox Security 19
  • Automate daily security tasksMaintain compliance, prevent attacksPlease visit Skybox at our booth at Ignite!Download the survey at www.skyboxsecurity.comThank you! © 2012 Skybox Security 20