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A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
A week in_a_life[1]
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A week in_a_life[1]


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this is amazing

this is amazing

Published in: Education
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  • 1. A week in a life
    Transportation and Housing
  • 2. Contents
    Buses of SFBS
    Taxis of Korea
    The Subway
    The Train
    The Traffic in Korea
    The Old Houses in Korea
    The Modern Houses in Korea
  • 3. Buses of SFBS
    • SFS is the only school that has a garage for all its school buses
    • 4. Our school has 21 different bus routes and 21 buses
    • 5. The youngest people sit in the front seat and the oldest sit in the back seat
    • 6. Our buses have a super visor, we normally call them soupy for shorts
    • 7. The garages for the buses is under our playground, that is were our school is SFBS
  • Taxis of korea
    • Most people in Korea choose to take the taxi , but it is a little more expensive than the bus
    • 8. There are orange taxis and regular taxis
    • 9. The orange taxis are friendlier to international people
    • 10. The regular taxis smell a little like smoke
  • The subway
    • The subway is a quick way to get around Seoul
    • 11. Most people use the subway because it is the fastest and cheapest way to get around
    • 12. The routes are all in English so people from all over the world can read it and find their way around
  • The train
    • The train in Korea is the fastest but it is for longer distances
    • 13. The train makes it easier for people to get from one city to another in Korea
  • The traffic in korea
    • The traffic in Seoul is horrible during the days
    • 14. A school bus needs to pick students up really early in the morning
    • 15. It can take an hour to get to school
  • The old houses in korea
    • The older homes have Korean style roof tops
    • 16. The older homes are called ‘HANOK’
    • 17. Please follow this link:
  • 18. I hope you enjoyed this!
    By Benjamin Choi
  • 19. The Modern houses in korea
    • There are many modern houses in Korea but still more older homes
    • 20. More newer homes are being built in the city
    • 21. The land in Seoul is expensive