Social Media 101: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
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Social Media 101: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter



Some simple social media marketing tricks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Some simple social media marketing tricks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter



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  • Social Media 101: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
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    Social Media 101: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Social Media 101: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media 101 Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Scott K. Wilder
    • Introductions
      • Scott K. Wilder – SVP – Social Media Architect, Edelman Digital
        • Currently SVP/Social Media Architect at Edelman – Digital. Founded and managed Intuit’s Small Business Online Community and Social Programs. Before Intuit, Scott was the VP of Marketing and Product Development at Kbtoys / eToys, the founder and director of, and held senior positions at Apple, AOL, and American Express. Scott is also a founding Board member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. He received graduate degrees from New York University, The Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University
    • Overview
      • What we will cover:
      This will be a good webinar if….you’ve gained insight into how to optimize your presence on the Big 3 Social Networks
    • A Three Ring Circus
    • Why should you care?
      • You are your own media company
    • The obvious – but the Big 3 dominate
    • Lets take a look at Facebook
    • Facebook – Starting out So much here The Wall Updates Activities
    • Facebook – The obvious and the not so obvious
      • More than 400 million active users
      • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
      • More than 35 million users update their status each day
      • More than 60 million status updates posted each day
      • More than 3 billion photos uploaded to the site each month
      • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
      • More than 3.5 million events created each month
      • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
      Source: Facebook
    • Facebook
      • Average User Figures
      • Average user has 130 friends on the site
      • Average user sends 8 friend requests per month
      • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
      • Average user clicks the Like button on 9 pieces of content each month
      • Average user writes 25 comments on
      Source: Facebook
    • Facebook: Content Matters
      • Your URL -- Name of page:
        • Can't be changed
        • N eed to have a 100 fans
        • Impact of other URLs
      • Profile Info can impact search results
        • Fill out all information
        • Photos should have captions, events with descriptions.. maybe even discussion forum, important cause all pages are indexable (also important to get users to comment and like your content
        • Use ‘info’ tab for keywords – help with Google too.
        • Photos should have captions, events with descriptions.. maybe even discussion forum, important cause all pages are indexable (also important to get users to comment and like your content)
    • Facebook: Fan Page vs. Group Page debate
        • Source:
    • Facebook: Fan Page
      • Plan out your approach – and the intention of keeping some items locked in and some evolving
      • Choose a name for your Fan Page and don’t change it
      • FB will disable generic names (Kleenex)
      • Leverage the ‘About’ text box – with key words / phrases
      • Photos should have captions, events with descriptions – “text is key”
      • Discussion forums create ‘Search engine juice’ cause all pages are indexable (also important to get users to comment and like your content)
      • Google Juice and Facebook Frappe:
        • Link from your home page to your FB page (reputation management -- links like Google) - Inbound links important
        • Profile Page searched by Google.
        • Make sure as much content is open/available to everyone
        • Set Privacy settings to Public (at least double check)
    • Facebook – Successful Marketing Tactics
    • Lets take a look at Twitter
    • Twitter
      • Growth:
        • November 1, 2008: 1 million Tweets
        • November 1, 2009: 5 million Tweets
        • March 4, 2010: 10 million Tweets
        • Check out the counter
    • Twitter - What’s the Business Strategy?
      • Twitter is a huge community but the format is quite limited.
      • Companies engage with Twitter in a number of different ways:
        • Evangelistic Engagement
        • Customer Support
        • Brand Management
        • Crisis Management
        • Marketing
      • As will all social networks, search is a secondary mechanism after network building – but your goals will impact how you choose to optimize for search.
    • Twitter
      • Real-Time Publisher
      • Items that could negatively impact your placement on Search Results page
        • Repeatedly posting duplicate or near-duplicate content (links or tweets)
        • Abusing trending topics or hashtags (topic words with a # sign)
        • Sending automated tweets or replies
        • Using bots or applications to post similar messages based on keywords
        • Posting similar messages over multiple accounts
        • Aggressively following and un-following people
      • Some challenges:
        • Finding your Tweet from the past
    • Twitter – Need to Tweet!
      • Goal: Optimizing Your Search Presence
      • Getting your results to the top: Retweet
      • Search is very primitive – creating a recency ordered list with NO relevancy ranking at all
      • Popular Hashtags can get swamped from a search perspective
    • Twitter - Strategy
      • Goal: Optimizing Your Search Presence: Marketing
      • Strategy
        • Go after the mid-tail. Results on secondary terms can often persist for quite some time.
        • The core words for SEO may be totally inappropriate since they are too popular and will be quickly swamped.
        • Test timing carefully – since recency is key.
    • Twitter - Strategy
      • Goal: Optimizing Your Search Presence: Marketing
      • Strategy
        • You can’t own the long tail with your marketing or evangelical teams – but your product teams might be able to…
        • These tweets can last for quite a long time.
    • Lets now take a look at LinkedIn
    • Why use LinkedIn
      • Known as the social network for business
        • Remember few other companies have had success in this area
      • Build your reputation and your brand’s reputation
      • Build your network
      • Great learning platform (via Groups, Answers, etc.)
      • Create Google Juice for SEO
    • LinkedIn - What’s the Business Strategy?
      • LinkedIn is professional networking site – one of it’s main functions is personal job search. This makes it a double-edged sword for businesses.
      • Because LinkedIn is a professional network – participants are generally comfortable getting and distributing business information – it doesn’t have the “content conflicts” that Facebook may.
      • Likely Business Strategy:
        • Optimize access to your public-facing people
        • Optimize job-seeking capabilities
        • Use Groups for professional marketing
    • The Power of ‘Groups’
    • LinkedIn – Power of Groups
    • Building Influence via Answers
    • Keeping Track Of Your Network
    • LinkedIn: Leveraging Search
      • Types of Search
        • People Search
        • Jobs Search
        • News Search
        • Forum Search
        • Group Search
        • Company Search
        • Reference Search
        • Address book Search
        • Answers Search
    • LinkedIn - Search
      • Goal: Optimize Access to your Public Facing people
      • Basics:
        • People Search on LinkedIn is the default option and almost certainly dominates all search on the system
        • Search is keyword based and faceted. It searches all entered fields. Advanced options allow for numerous facets.
    • LinkedIn - Social Advantage
      • Goal: Optimize Access to your Public Facing people
      • Social Advantage
        • LinkedIn suggestions are based on your existing network – so people and companies are surfaced first if you are closely connected.
    • LinkedIn - Strategy
      • Goal: Optimize Access to your Public Facing people
      • Strategy
        • Create a standard for all public-facing sales/marketing/communications employees. Make sure that key fields are filled out (company, website, company info, industry) in a standard fashion and that strategic keywords are used in basic profiles.
        • Make sure your company profile is accurate and has appropriate keywords.
        • Make sure that employees join key groups.
        • Encourage broad networks for the appropriate people.
    • LinkedIn - Basic Facts
      • Goal: Optimize Job-Seeking Capabilities
      • Basics:
        • Linked-In Job Search is keyword based.
        • Listing are posted for 30 days and are not sorted (by default) by listing.
    • LinkedIn - Advantage
      • Goal: Optimize Job Seeking
      • Social Advantage
        • Nearly all LinkedIn Members are open to job postings. You can use your employee networks to get qualified eyeballs on your postings.
    • LinkedIn - Strategy
      • Goal: Optimize Job-Seeking
      • Strategy
        • Keyword Stuff your posts. The search algorithm is basic and rewards heavy density of keywords. Notice that very few listings are shown and since date isn’t the key sort a keyword dense listing will pull many more eyeballs.
        • By default, LinkedIn populates the search with the searchers zip code (assuming they are logged-in). Make sure your job listing is targeted to the area from which you expect the best pull.
        • Make sure you have a corporate image uploaded – it really adds visual snap to the listing.
    • LinkedIn - Basic Facts
      • Goal: Using Groups for Marketing
      • Basics:
        • User Groups are Keyword matched but not sorted by keyword relevance or user group communications.
        • The default sort is by Group Size.
    • LinkedIn - Social Advantage
      • Goal: Using Groups for Marketing
      • Social Advantage
        • Most group sign-ups are social based – so search is definitely a fall-back tool.
    • LinkedIn - Strategy
      • Goal: Using Groups for Marketing
      • Strategy
        • Target secondary core words if there are already large groups in your field.
        • Since this is a “rich-get-richer” search system, aggressive recruitment is definitely rewarded.
    • LinkedIn – External Search
      • External search engines such as Google love LinkedIn (note: Facebook and Twitter are quickly getting the love!)
      • Keyword strategy important:
        • S earch will be done in all profile text including summaries, job descriptions, school names, job titles, 
        • Fill in all fields
        • Consider carefully job titles, descriptions, etc.
      • Links into your page / links externally
    • Influence on Google
    • Summary:
      • Fish where the fish swim – the Big 3 becoming increasingly important
      • Consider the Big 3 as part of your lead generation strategy (and direct sales in some cases)
      • Remember – Google, Bing, etc. are starting to integrate these into their search results
      • Remember—Neither of these platforms do a great job in helping you find old content/posts
      • Plan on Facebook being a walled in experience – where it might not be necessary to visit other sites
    • It’s an overused cartoon now, but it still applies…
    • Thank You.. Questions?
      • Scott K. Wilder
        • [email_address]
        • [email_address]
        • Send me suggestions for future webinar topics