Using Press Releases To Market Your Business
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Using Press Releases To Market Your Business

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Read through with presentation for a quick primer on using press releases to promote your small business

Read through with presentation for a quick primer on using press releases to promote your small business

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  • 1. From The Smart Marketing Playbook Article Series:Using Press Releases to Market Your Small Business
    Author: Susan K. WatkinsFounder,
    ©Copyright 2010, Watkins & Associates and
  • 2. Getting Started Marketing Your Business
    As a small business owner, getting started marketing your business can be:
    Overwhelming, Confusing, Costly
    There are easy, actionable strategies that can help your business prosper
    Issuing press releasesregularly:
    Keeps your company top of mind with prospects and customers.
    Builds awareness for what you do, and the value you provide.
    Is a smart marketing play that gets your company known!
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 3. The Press Release Has Evolved
    … from a simple news announcement sent only to journalists and media outlets…
    … into a powerful marketing tool for organizations of all sizes.
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 4. The Internet and Social Media
    With the Internet and social media venues, readers of your press releases can now take multiple actions after viewing your announcement.
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 5. Press Releases Can Be..
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 6. When to Use Press Releases
    Smart marketers invest in developing a pipeline of potential announcements
    To ensure they are putting out a steady stream of news throughout the year.
    The following business milestones are perfect opportunities to feature press releases in your public relations efforts…
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 7. Press releases announcing your newest product or service offering are a must for smart marketing.
    Help youeffectively get the word out to news media
    A great tool for your sales force to relay your news to customers and prospects.
    A steady stream of new product announcements reminds your marketplace of your constant innovations, helping you build a positive brand.
    Milestone: New Product or Service
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 8. Milestone: Customer Win or Partnership
    Promoting customer wins, strategic partnerships or other business successes are critical to building momentum for your organization
    They create credibility within your marketplace, and help you to establish a proven track record.
    Smart marketers know that having reference-able customers is must!
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 9. For small businesses, holding educational events and webinars are a great way to drive leads and prospects to your business.
    Any event should be announced via a press release that identifies who should attend, and how they will get value.
    Talk about what your prospects will learn by attending such as:
    Using a new skill through hands-on training,
    Gaining insight into a new technology
    Hearing thought leadership from an industry expert
    Understanding the ROI of your solution
    Networking with like-minded industry peers or professionals
    Learning from case studies or some new research
    Describe the compelling content that will be presented and the expertise of your speakers.
    Milestone: Events or Seminars
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 10. Milestone: Promotions or Community Programs
    Whether you are a small business offering a special promotion, or a local public agency announcing a new community assistance program, announcing your special promotion or community program will drive customers or end users to respond to your offer.
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 11. Milestone: Award Recognition
    Award programs area great way to free publicity for your organization, particularly if you have customers doing good things with your solutions, and are willing to talk about it.
    Don’t wait for awards or special recognition to come along.
    Research industry groups and publications within your industry or local community to identify potential award opportunities.
    Put together a calendar of submission deadlines and proactively submit ballots or applications.
    A well-written press release promoting your special honor can be used by your sales teams, emailed out to your prospect lists, and forwarded to local media outlets.
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 12. How to Get Started
    In this era of email and text messaging, the skill of effective communication is becoming a lost art.
    Additionally, small business owners can be reluctant to hire outside public relations agencies to write a news announcement, due to cost and the amount of time it takes to ramp up a marketing specialist on their business history and domain experience.
    As a business owner, investing some time creating the right messaging is essential to a well-written announcement.
    You know your business best, but creating a clear and compelling message can be challenging, especially for “non-marketing” professionals.
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 13. Press Release Tutor
    The answer to this dilemma is the Press Release Tutor™ template, from
    This interactive template interviews you to collect answers to basic questions about your business.
    These key data points are automatically organized into a well-written press release draft that incorporates the fundamentals of good press release writing.
    You review and do some final editing, and then you are ready to distribute!
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and
  • 14. Press Release Tutor guides you through this process in 5 easy steps:
  • 15. About
    As a small business owner, getting started marketing your business can be perceived as overwhelming, confusing and costly. is a website specializing in smart marketing templates and advice for small to medium businesses.
    Rather than experimenting with “trial and error” marketing tactics, enables entrepreneurs and business owners to start marketing their businesses fast, without investing a lot of time and money up front.
    Since launching in 2010, offers downloadable marketing templates and advice from its website and blog, including the Press Release Tutor™, an interactive template that takes answers to basic questions about your business, and turns it into a well-written press release, instantly!
    To learn more, please visit:
    ©Copyright 2010Watkins & Associates and