Uses of Second Life in Higher Education: Three Successful Cases


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This paper seeks to evaluate how educators in
particular are using Second Life, and observes the successes and shortcomings they have
experienced through their explorations in the Second Life “metaverse.”

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Uses of Second Life in Higher Education: Three Successful Cases

  1. 1. Uses of Second Life in Higher Education: Three Successful Cases Jenny Wongtangswad Hui-Yin Hsu Master of Science in Instructional Technology
  2. 2. Case 1: Case Western Reserve University’s Virtual Campus Tour  Case Western spent approximately $30,000 to construct a virtual campus in Second Life  Attracting prospective students who were unable to attend a campus tour in-person
  3. 3.  For prospective students to interact and converse with current students during times where admissions officials were not always present  Approximately 40 students made virtual visits during the virtual campus’ lifespan in Second Life  Request SL campus visit:
  4. 4. Case 2: SUNY ONEONTA MUSIC PROJECT  Professor of Chemistry at the State University of New York (SUNY)  Involved students from the Music Program at SUNY  Nine volunteer students participated in an extra credit internship program in Second Life  Each group organized a concert enlisting established Second Life performers  Students were responsible for the publicity, technical requirements, and working with the performers to ensure each concert went smoothly  Over 100 SUNY Oneonta students attended the concert
  5. 5. Case 3: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) uses Second Life as a Student Lab  Most MIT’s virtual campuses are devoted entirely to student experimental projects  MIT reinforces student collaboration and encourages exploration of the virtual world (i.e. building design)  Express Opinions: Deliver speech through megaphone & use avatars to show their agreement or disagreement with the speaker’s point of view  Help prospective students determine which residential hall would be the best fit for them
  6. 6.  MIT SL project list:  ife+Project+List
  7. 7. Possibilities  Replicate campuses in the virtual world: recruitment  Distance learning: strengthen sense of community  Encourage students to participate in exploring the educational benefits of Second Life  Alumni reunion  Exhibit: virtual showcase  Practice voting, protest
  8. 8. Possibilities  Collaboration: students hold after-class chats about their assignments, collaborate with another cohort  Virtual seminar or performance: Panel discussions and/or virtual orchestra performance  Organizing events  Obtain experience: work as magazine editor, hostesses, sales clerks and dancers
  9. 9. Criticisms  Technical requirements  Second Life does not accommodate for users with disabilities such as visual or mobility impairments.  Unregulated sexual content  Intruders