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cPanel - Apache Global Configuration
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cPanel - Apache Global Configuration


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Apache Global Configuration
    Apache MPM (multi-processing modul) Common Directives
  • 2. Apache Architecture
  • 3. StartServers
    - No of Child Server Process created when starting Apache.
    - As the number of processes is dynamically controlled depending on the load, there is usually little reason to adjust this parameter.
  • 4. Minimum Spare Servers
    • Minimum no of Child Server Process will remain exist even Apache got nothing to do (idle)
    • 5. Tuning of this parameter should only be necessary on very busy sites
  • Maximum Spare Servers
    • Maximum no of Child Server Process will remain exist even Apache got nothing to do (idle)
    • 6. Tuning of this parameter should only be necessary on very busy sites
  • Max Clients
    • The MaxClientsdirective sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served
    • 7. Any connection attempts over the MaxClients limit will normally be queued
    • 8. Once a child process is freed at the end of a different request, the connection will then be serviced.
  • ServerLimit
    • This directive sets the maximum configured value for MaxClients for the lifetime of the Apache process.
    • 9. If ServerLimit is set to a value much higher than necessary, extra, unused shared memory will be allocated
    • 10. Highly recommend using the default setting unless you fully understand how it will interact with your Apache build and MaxClients setting.
  • MaxRequestsPerChild
    • The MaxRequestsPerChild directive sets the limit on the number of requests that an individual child server process will handle.
    • 11. After MaxRequestsPerChild requests, the child process will die.
    • 12. If MaxRequestsPerChild is 0, then the process will never expire.
  • Keep-Alive Timeout
    • The number of seconds Apache will wait for a subsequent request before closing the connection.
    • 13. Once a request has been received, the timeout value specified by the Timeout directive applies.
  • Max Keep-Alive Requests
    • The MaxKeepAliveRequests directive limits the number of requests allowed per connection when KeepAlive is on.
    • 14. If it is set to 0, unlimited requests will be allowed.
    • 15. Its recommend that this setting be kept to a high value for maximum server performance.
  • Timeout
    • Amount of time the server will wait for certain events before failing a request
    • 16. Example:
    • 17. In mod_cgi, the length of time to wait for output from a CGI script
    • 18. When reading data from the client, the length of time to wait for a TCP packet to arrive if the read buffer is empty