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Brief introduction to Standards Aligned Systems, developed by PA Dept of Ed.

Brief introduction to Standards Aligned Systems, developed by PA Dept of Ed.

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  • 1. Standards Aligned Systems: an introduction M a rch 2010
  • 2. What is SAS? Collaborative Project Provides common framework Goal = Continuous School Enhancement
  • 3. 6 Elements
  • 4. Clear Standards What students should know or be able to do Increase in complexity as student goes through school
  • 5. Clear Standards Assessment Anchor: Standards that are assessed on PSSAS Eligible Content: Identifies how deeply an Anchor should be covered
  • 6. Fair Assessments Used before, during, and after instruction Purposes: inform teaching, learn about student achievement
  • 7. Fair Assessments 4 Types Summative: end of instruction (PSSA) Formative: during instruction for feedback (observations) Benchmark: how student is progressing toward proficiency on grade level (4-Sight) Diagnostic: prior to instruction, find student strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, skills (DRA)
  • 8. Curriculum Framework Specifies what is to be taught for each subject Includes: Big Ideas: transcend grade levels Concepts: key knowledge specific to grade level Competencies: what students should be able to do, specific to grade level Essential Question: link to the Big Ideas
  • 9. Instruction Topics that align with the standards. Ensure right level of challenge. Focus teaching based on needs of each student. Implementing strategies to increase student achievement.
  • 10. Materials & Resources Voluntary Model Curriculum included Units, lesson plans, content resources all aligned to standards. Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading- Writing-Listening-Speaking
  • 11. Interventions Supports and safety nets for specific student needs
  • 12. Tools For Teachers My ePortfolio: organize digital resources My Website: website builder Assessment Creator: created standards-based assessments
  • 13. Putting SAS to the Test Topic: K-2 Geometry
  • 14. K-2 Geometry Standards* *This revision of standards is still waiting for the adoption phase.
  • 15. Vertical Viewer K-3 Geometry
  • 16. Peek into Their Future 3-8 Geometry Standards
  • 17. Search Standards by Keyword
  • 18. Options within Standards
  • 19. Curriculum Framework
  • 20. Instruction Tab Coming Soon, videos modeling strategies
  • 21. Materials & Resources
  • 22. Interventions
  • 23. Want to try it out? http://pdesas.org
  • 24. Images Slide 2: www.flickr.com/photos/lumaxart/2137737248/ Slide 4: www.flickr.com/photos/mr_mum1968/396209370/ Slide 5: flickr.com/photos/8068581@N02/1497583360 Slide 9: flickr.com/photos/piper/46059383/ Slide 11: www.flickr.com/photo.gne?id=3143079032