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Vamp up your facebook business page
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Vamp up your facebook business page


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Bryanne Freitag Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager RV Tech Solutions April 29th, 2014 Vamp Up Your Facebook Business Page
  • 2. • Profile Picture & Cover Image • About Section • Vanity URL • Custom Apps • Import Feeds/Social Channels • Post Settings & Tips • Promoted Posts & Ads • #Hashtags • Facebook Page Insights • Facebook Success Story Topics Covered:
  • 3. • Visual Representation on Your Company • Profile Picture ▫ Display: 160 x160 pixels. Upload: 180 x 180 pixels. (New page design has slight changes) ▫ Cheat sheet: ▫ Humanize your business by having a person in your image – unless you are a known brand with a recognizable logo. • Cover Image ▫ Display 851 x 315 pixels. Upload: At least 399 pixels wide. ▫ Change often – each time you do it goes out into the newsfeed of your fans. ▫ Be creative - showcase all kinds of aspects of your brand, products and services. Include contact info, a call to action and more! ▫ 9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates] ▫ How to: Put curser over photo – Click Edit Profile Picture or Change Cover Profile Picture & Cover Image
  • 4. • About section appears on your page, just below your profile picture and on the left column in the new design. • Keep it concise, and add a call to action and a URL. • To get to your expanded About section, visitors/fans need to click on the separate “About” tab. • Possible About fields to fill out: (Leave field blank if you don’t want it to display.) ▫ Company Overview ▫ Description ▫ Mission ▫ Awards ▫ Products ▫ Parking ▫ Hours ▫ Email ▫ Phone ▫ Website • How to: Click About under profile picture – Click Edit Button next to section - Save About Section
  • 5. Vanity URL • Customize the long URL that Facebook assigns your page to something short and relevant to your business like • Great for branding, SEO, and “findability.” • Some types of pages may require a minimum of 25 fans before you can secure a username or “vanity URL.” • How to: Edit Page – Update Page Info – Facebook Web Address
  • 6. • 3 Apps are displayed • Up to 12 allowed in Apps Section • Be creative & display the best Apps for your business • Displays next to About Section (left column with new design, example • Change Apps as needed • Examples of Apps: ▫ Our Blog ▫ Contest or Giveaway ▫ Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or other Social Sites ▫ Join Email List • How to: Scroll over Apps – Use Edit Button in Right Corner Custom Apps
  • 7. • Semi-automate some of your posts if preferred. • Blog feeds - Auto-populate the NetworkedBlogs tab, but then manually share your posts on your wall – this may get you better news feed visibility. • Take the permalink (hint: the unique URL of any post is the timestamp of that post) of popular posts & create a unique tweet to bring Twitter followers to your Facebook Page. • How to: ▫ FACEBOOK to TWITTER: (posts your Facebook updates as tweets) ▫ TWITTER to FACEBOOK: Set up through your Twitter account; go to Settings > Profile and connect with Facebook. You can post tweets to your Facebook personal profile or Page. ▫ BLOG: (this pulls your blog feed into your Facebook Page) ▫ PINTEREST: (Woobox can be used for a variety of channels/apps) ▫ INSTAGRAM: (display your Instagram photos and videos on this tab) ▫ GOOGLE+: (third party app to try, there may be others) ▫ GOOGLE HANGOUTS: (22Social app allows you to stream live Google Hangouts on your Facebook Page; stream your own or anyone else’s) ▫ YOUTUBE: (posts your YouTube videos to app tab) Import Feeds & Other Social Channels
  • 8. • Posting as Page vs. Posting as Yourself • Scheduling a Post • Adding a YouTube Video Paste URL Directly from YouTube – Add Comment • Tagging a Personal Account – As a page you can’t tag them in a post, but you CAN tag them in a photo. • Linking to Another Page in Your Status • Boosting a Post Post Settings & Tips
  • 9. • Amplify Content to Interested Users • Use Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts (Boost a Post) to grow the reach of your page and content. • Target ads to audience by interests, gender, age, languag e, location, educational status and even relationship status. Promoted Posts & Facebook Ads
  • 10. Facebook Targeting: Websites & Buttons Through Ads Image via
  • 11. • Originated on Twitter, now widely popular on all social sites. • Purpose to: Start Conversations, Group Posts Together About an Event or Topic & Attract Search Engines • #Hashtags are fun to use, just ask Jimmy & Justin. #Hashtags
  • 12. • Track When Your Followers are Online • Determine What Types of Posts are Successful • Find Out What Sites Your Referrals are Coming From • Track Posts From Pages to Watch • And Much More! • How to: Admin Panel – See Insights – Choose Tabs Facebook Page Insights
  • 13. • GoPro uses Facebook to Increase the reach of photos/videos take by their cameras. • Nearly 10% of the traffic to their Ecommerce site comes from Facebook. • Facebook is the #1 photo sharing site for GoPro. • Facebook is the #2 source of referral traffic. • GoPro video Facebook Success Story
  • 14. • If You Ask for “Likes” on Facebook Your About to Get Clobbered • Facebook Pages Redesign: 4 Things Business Will Want To Do ngs_businesses_will_w_16401.aspx# • How to Create a Facebook Business Page • Facebook New Look Streamlined-Look-for-Pages • Facebook Page Insights Resources
  • 15. • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Pinterest • Instagram • Google + Connect With Me!
  • 16. Thank You For Attending! Questions About Facebook For Business