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  • Great presentation. I'm doing a similar one tomorrow and you covered most of the things I was going to as well. thanks!
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Social Media & Ministry

  1. 1. “Given the social nature ofministry, I believe people inministry are hard pressed tokeep ignoring Social Media any further. It provides a necessary touch point into people’s lives.”
  2. 2. Social Media ischanging the way we do church
  3. 3. 4 Common Myths1. I have to be on every social media outlet  Go where your audience is  Focus on a few key outlets
  4. 4. 4 Common Myths1. Set it and forget it  Give people a reason to come back to your site everyday  Always have new content  Integrate your various online media
  5. 5. 4 Common Myths1. If there not talking about me, I don’t need to be there  Listen to what people are saying  Engage people in conversation  Meet people’s felt needs
  6. 6. 4 Common Myths1. Social Media is only for broadcasting my message  Ask Questions  Respond to comments  Engage people in conversations
  7. 7. The Bottom Line1. Social Media can help us be the church more efficiently and effectively.3. It is a powerful tool for building relationships, Sharing information, and meeting needs.
  8. 8. What we do Continue to Expand God’s Ministry  Love God  Love People  Make Disciples  Everyday Church for Everyday People
  9. 9. What we do Community  1 Corinthians 12:12 Evangelism  1 Corinthians 9:19-23
  10. 10. What we do Post Announcements Ask Questions Visitor Follow-up Host Events Post Prayer Requests Share Resources Promote Activities Counseling Birthdays & Anniversaries Notes of encouragement
  11. 11. The Tools Many Different Social Networking Tools  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn  Google +  Pinterest  FourSquare  Flickr  And many more…
  12. 12. LinkedIn Professional Network Connect with people based on their experience and field of work Join Interest Groups Post Questions & Participate in Discussions Widely Used as a Recruiting & HR Tool
  13. 13. Twitter There are over 465 Million Twitter AccountsTwitter’s active user base generates 175 Million tweets per day
  14. 14. Twitter Use 140 Characters to share your message “Tweet” Retweet messages by others to share news and information @ symbol refers to accounts on twitter. @sarahkuglin @mcea1 @moser_mike
  15. 15. Twitter Send and receive messages that are not public. Use Hash Tags to create topics that are searchable for interests, discussions, events, etc. #mnchristianconvention Favorite a Tweet, Create Lists, Post Images and Photos
  16. 16. Facebook 93% of US Adult Internet Users are on Facebook40% of Facebook’s user base is age 35+
  17. 17. Facebook 850 Million Active Users on Facebook  Fastest growing demographic is age 55 and older  Average of 20 minutes spent on Facebook per visit  2.7 Billion Likes every day 37 Million Branded “Pages” on Facebook 2.6 Million Minnesotan’s on Facebook
  18. 18. Facebook Personal Profiles , Pages and Groups  Pages are for Businesses and Organizations Anyone with a Personal Profile can create a Page People “Like” your Page to see updates from you Fans can interact – comments, add photos, etc.
  19. 19. Facebook Commenting may be turned off, but it’s not suggested When an Administrator posts on the wall, it can or cannot show their personal profile. Only page Admins can see fans or Likes of the page.
  20. 20. Facebook Administrators can be removed at any time. Option to allow followers to post comments, photos and videos on the wall or tag your business in their photos. Profanity can be blocked. People can be reported and banned from your Page.
  21. 21. Facebook Information, photos and videos Links to your website to increase traffic and awareness Branding and Apps for Interaction Change your Facebook URL  Facebook Targeted Ads
  22. 22. Facebook Send Private Messages Facebook Insights: Track your Facebook comments, fans, interactions and more. Set your Facebook account to automatically update Twitter or vice versa. Integrate Social Media into your website