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Social Media Engagement with Twitter

Social Media Engagement with Twitter






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  • Like most marketers, you might have began using social media because it was new and fun. "Everyone else is doing it… it’s new, it’s free, it’s cool!“Start social media planning like any other strategic marketing plan. You have to start with the business mission!**One of the biggest challenges to successfully using social media for your business is what to post, when to post it, and to find a way to track your efforts to see if you are meeting your goals and making your time worthwhile.If you create a plan that follows the goals of your business in general, you will see many great rewards from using social media.
  • Twitter also gives you suggested people to follow based on your location, who you follow, your interests, what you are talking about, etc.

Social Media Engagement with Twitter Social Media Engagement with Twitter Presentation Transcript

  • A Little About Me5/22/2013 1@sarahkuglinSarah KuglinRedwood Valley Technical SolutionsWife and MotherBusiness OwnerCoffee NutI’ve been called:• Web Designer• Internet Developer• WordPress Designer• Social Media Marketer• Social Media Consultant• Geek and Nerd• Passionate about the Web• Not Scared to Share My Opinion• Addicted to my Devices• Always Connected……..Me with my Social Media Mentor – Mari Smith
  • Social Media is aconversation…5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 2supported by online tools.
  • Social Media Revolutionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUCfFcchw1w&feature=share&list=UULC9cX5GntaQmTSF6hTqrzA
  • Social Media:The intersection oftechnology and socialinteraction to create, share,or connect online.5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 4
  • SocialMedia5/22/2013 578% of consumers searchonline before buying aproduct and 66% of thesepeople purchase on theinternet (Hubspot)Graphics:www.socialtimes.com
  • Social Media & SEO6Image Source: onlinemarketingblog.com
  • Social Media & Business5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 7
  • Social Media & Business1. Set Goals and Make a Plan2. Have Clear Objectives3. Strategy4. Measurement5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 8
  • Goals5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 9
  • MakeA Plan5/22/2013 10www.socialtimes.com
  • Clear Objectives5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 11
  • Strategy1. Who – target audience2. What – campaign or overall goal3. Why – grow your reach, awareness4. Where – which social networks5. How – time, tools, people, budget5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 12
  • Building Relationships“Social Media isabout SociologyandPsychology, nottechnology”– Brian Solis5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 13
  • Build Relationships5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 14People still do business withpeople they like, know and trust.
  • 5/22/2013Footer Text 15Helpful Is The New Viral-Hubspot
  • Why Twitter For Business?http://youtu.be/BGirUZq1WtQ
  • Twitter5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 171. Your Profile2. Tweet - Your Message with 140 Characters3. Followers and Following4. #Hastags5. Links & Images6. Retweets & Favorites7. Send a Direct Message (DM)8. @ Mentions & Interactions9. Trending10.Lists
  • Twitter5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 18
  • Twitter Profile5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 191. Make sure your profile is complete.2. Add a Photo or Logo for your profile image.3. Create a custom background with yourbranding4. Create a cover photo that works with yourprofile image and text5. Complete all information! Use key words andterms in your descriptions.**Go to the Gear in the upper right hand corner ofthe page > Settings > Profile & Design
  • Twitter Profile5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 20
  • Tweet5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 211. A Tweet is your Twitter Message2. Limited to 140 Characters includinghashtags, mentions and links.3. Use the Compose New Tweet box on thetop right or the box below your profileinformation.4. Add photos and locations5. Tells you # of characters remaining
  • Tweet5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 22
  • Followers & Following5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 231. People can follow you, if your profile is public(not protected) - suggested for business.2. Follow industry leaders, customers and peopletalking about your interests or industry.3. Follow others who follow you (if appropriate)4. Use the #Discover Tab to find people to followby Tweets, Activity, Who To Follow, FindFriends via Email and Search & Categories5. You can see who follows other people andfollow them as well.
  • 5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 24
  • #Hashtags5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 251. Hashtags are searchable terms based on aconversation that begin with the pound signand do not have spaces.2. People use #hashtags to search interests,topics of discussion, products and services.3. Try to use #hashtags at least 50% of the timeand make them specific.4. Create hashtags out of keywords in your tweet#socialmedia #twitterforbiz #WordPress
  • #Hashtags5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 26
  • #Hashtags for Biz5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 271. Holding an event? Create a hashtag.#ruralconnectionsmb2. Search for your business name orproducts – talk with them, see if youcan help – but don’t always try to sell.3. Search for people talking about yourindustry, business or products andinteract with them. #webdesign
  • #Hashtags5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 28
  • Links & Images5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 291. Links are vital to Social MediaSuccess! Add a link to yourwebsite, blog, videos, other socialprofiles, etc. to market yourbusiness.2. Simply Copy and Paste a Link URLinto your Tweet (usually at the end)3. Add images to your tweets forvisual appeal and interest.
  • Links & Images5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 30
  • Retweets5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 311. You can Retweet other people’sTweets to share the message withyour followers2. Use RT in front of the message or usethe Retweet button.3. Encourage others to Retweet yourtweets to grow your reach and spreadyour message too!
  • Retweets5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 32Get Creative!Retweet thisand receive afree cup ofcoffee5/20/13#sarahscoffeeshop
  • Favorites5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 331. You can Favorite other people’s andbrands tweets – adds a star to the tweet onyour profile.2. Similar to a Facebook Like – the tweetergets a notification as well.3. See what you have favorited – visit the Metab.4. See what others have favorited by lookingat their profile.
  • Favorites5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 34
  • Direct Messages5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 351. Send a private message to peoplewho follow you.2. Use the Direct Message menu belowthe Gear Icon or use “DM”3. Still limited to 140 characters
  • @Mentions5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 361. Create conversation by mentioninga profile (@pagename)2. Mentions show up on your page andtheir page too.3. Use @mention to talk back andforth or just “mention” or give themprops – a referral.
  • @Mentions5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 37
  • Interactions5/22/2013 381. Interactions are Mentions, Retweets,Favorites and New Followers2. Visit the @Connect Tab to view allof your Interactions
  • Trending5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 391. Trending topics are the most popular#hashtags or terms at any given time.2. Trending Topics appear on the left columnof your Twitter Page.3. Trending Topics can be based on yourlocation and who you follow.4. Click on the hashtag to see allconversations around the trending topic.
  • Trending5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 40
  • Lists5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 411. Create Lists to categorize and segmentyour followers.2. Lists can be public or private.3. Others can subscribe to your lists too.4. Lists can be open or locked – only you canadd members to it.5. Your lists are displayed on your profilepage on the left hand side.
  • 5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 42
  • Vine5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 431. Vines are 6 second videos onTwitter2. Get creative and marketing yourbrand with video.3. iPhone / iPad – coming to AndroidSoon!
  • Management Tools5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 44www.hootsuite.com
  • Management Tools5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 45www.hootsuite.com
  • Management Tools5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 46www.hootsuite.com
  • Schedule Posts5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 47www.hootsuite.com
  • 5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 48http://hootsuite.com/features/extensions
  • HootSuite• Goal: Drive traffic, gain followers, initiate shares• Objectives & Strategy: How, where, and whenwill you obtain your goal• Measure: The numbers using statistics & toolso How many participantso How much did they spend at the evento Number of new followers / fanso Number of impressions of your campaigno Number of mentions5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 49
  • Examples of Measuring• Goal: Drive traffic, gain followers, initiate shares• Objectives & Strategy: How, where, and whenwill you obtain your goal• Measure: The numbers using statistics & toolso How many participantso How much did they spend at the evento Number of new followers / fanso Number of impressions of your campaigno Number of mentions5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 50
  • Twitter for Biz?5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 511. Build Relationships through Conversations2. Search for Topics and #hashtags to create conversations on,retweet valuable tweets, mentions others, etc.3. Follow your influencers and leaders in your industry.4. Inspired people to take action! Use #hashtags often.5. Include links to your website & blog.6. Always use a call to action where possible.7. Remember, people are researching before buying or evencalling. Share valuable and helpful information on socialnetworks so they look to you as an influencer in your industry.
  • Twitter Tricks• Shorten URL’s: HootSuite or http://goo.gl/ (tracks inyour Google Analytics)• Widgets – add tweets and links on your website & blog.• Twitter Ads to grow your following• Use Instagram to publish photo Tweets• TweetChat – Awesome!!• Someone is saying something bad about you… DM’s –Don’t open or click on them!5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 52
  • Manage Flitter5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 53
  • Tweet Chat5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 54
  • Conversations OnlineRemember that the social networks may havedifferent ways of sharing information, but theconcept of connecting through conversationswith online tools stays the same.5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 55
  • Presentation Slideshttp://rvtechsolutions.com/worthingtonmnsmb/Ask Questions and offer Feedback!facebook.com/rvtechsolutionstwitter.com/sarahkuglinlinkedin.com/in/sarahkuglinGplus.to/rvtechsolutions5/22/2013rvtechsolutions.com 56