Hybrid Learning Presentation

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Presentation on Hybrid Learning for the academic marketplace.

Presentation on Hybrid Learning for the academic marketplace.

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  • 1. Pearson Learning Solutions Sean Stowers Solutions Consultant October 16, 2009
  • 2. Pearson Learning Solutions Going Hybrid: Learning with the Best of Both Worlds A Publishers Perspective: Best Practices for Developing and Delivering a Hybrid Delivery Approach
  • 3. Our Session Today
    • We will discuss:
    • What is Hybrid Learning?
    • Why should institutions consider Hybrid programs?
    • How can institutions get started ?
  • 4. Pick the Hybrid Learning Experience
    • A self study program that integrates eBook technology with video, podcasts, flashcards, and assessments
    • A program delivered via Blackboard, where the instructor incorporates audio files into modules to promote connectivity with their students
    • A course that combines printed materials, face to face lectures, and online resources as part of the overall instructional experience.
  • 5.
    • Hybrid Learning is the recognition that learning can happen outside the two covers of a book, and outside of the four walls of the classroom.
    What is Hybrid Learning? neither are we
  • 6. Consider the Following
    • If you wanted to learn how to modify the remote control of your Wii….there is a YouTube video for that.
    • If you wanted to learn how to move your iTunes from one computer to another…there is a wiki for that.
    • If I wanted to find out how other companies are measuring the impact of learning, there is a LinkedIn Group for that.
    • All of this information is learned without a text book or a classroom….
  • 7. Why Should Institutions Consider Hybrid Learning Programs
    • Hybrid learning provides a flexible approach to accommodating multiple learning styles of your students;
    • Hybrid learning provides institutions with the ability to reach students beyond their geographic boundaries;
    • Hybrid learning enables the student to open their learning to include real world experiences and materials;
    • Hybrid learning provides institutions with the potential to leverage organizational assets to attract new students….think MIT Open Courseware;
  • 8. Why Should Institutions Consider Hybrid Learning Programs
    • Hybrid programs address and stimulate the technological savvy of today’s student
    • They better prepare students as lifelong learners in the corporate marketplace
      • Increasing, corporations are leveraging hybrid learning methodologies in on-boarding programs, as well as strategic training initiatives
      • Many professional designations are beginning to explore the need for hybrid approaches to study
  • 9. How Can Institutions Get Started
    • Professional Development
      • Moving to a Hybrid Model requires that professors are comfortable with technology and how it integrates into the learning experience
    • Identify the low-hanging fruit
      • Are there programs the lend themselves to Hybrid elements
    • Pilot a hybrid program
      • Identify successes
      • Opportunities for improvement
  • 10. Questions ?
  • 11. Pearson Learning Solutions
    • Educational Solutions for anyone