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Lights, Camera, English!
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Lights, Camera, English!


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Presentation for CamTESOL 2013 on using film to promote literacy in English. …

Presentation for CamTESOL 2013 on using film to promote literacy in English.

Reading and Writing activities

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  • 1. Lights, Camera English:Using Film to Boost Literacy Susan Kelly Clark University ~ Shandong University of Science & Technology
  • 2. Context• College and High School • Intermediate - high intermediate • Large, mixed ability classes
  • 3. Reading• Mixed Reviews • Compare three reviewers who write about the same movie • Connotation • Thesis and supporting ideas
  • 4. Mixed Reviews• Choose a film with a range of reviews • E.G. Matrix• Modify the language• Read to determine each critic’s thesis and how they support it.
  • 5. The Matrix Pierce excellent - worth seeing one of the best sci-fi films good actingEbert good special effects Grahamhas some good parts, disappointing some bad not worth seeing
  • 6. Inference• Noticed inability to infer• Used dialog as text to teach inference • develop awareness • practice • results: marked improvement
  • 7. Carl to Rick:You’re starting to be your best customer TextCarl thinks Rick is drinking too much Subtext
  • 8. Captain Renault: By the way, last night you evinced an interest inSeñor Ugarte.Victor Laszlo:Yes.Captain Renault: I believe you have a message for him?Victor Laszlo: Nothing important, but may I speak to him now?Major Heinrich Strasser:You would find the conversation a trifle Textone-sided. Señor Ugarte is dead.Ilsa: Oh.Captain Renault: I am making out the report now. We haventquite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died tryingto escape. Subtext
  • 9. Writing
  • 10. Paragraphs• Topic sentences: • In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is an adventurous girl. • Atticus is an honorable man. • In the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem doesn’t appreciate his father.
  • 11. Essays• Never do reviews • Too much plagiarism • Don’t want to tempt students
  • 12. Compare & Contrast
  • 13. Retrospective
  • 14. Write a Proposal• Essays that propose a slate of 3 or 4 films that would be shown in a retrospective • What is the criteria for inclusion? • Significance, popularity, or theme?
  • 15. Small Group Blogs• Ongoing project that capitalizes on interest in the internet• Form groups based on genres • Sci fi, romantic comedy, comedy, action, etc. • Choose title, editor • Brainstorm ideas • Monitor traffic • Comment on peers
  • 16. Scenes• Students get beats, i.e. list of events in a series of scenes• Student work in groups to write out the dialog and details• Students perform their scenes
  • 17. Thank you• Twitter: smkelly53• Email:• Blog:• Susan Kelly Daily