Xp wallet - mWallet Bill Pay


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xpWallet - mWallet Bill Pay: Easy to receive, pay and track your bills with maximum control and flexibility.

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Xp wallet - mWallet Bill Pay

  1. 1. next generation mWalletBill Pay
  2. 2. Benefits xpWallet Bill Pay takes mWallet Bill Pay to the next level, by allowing you to receive and view your bills instantly through Internet, USSD and SMS. Gives you a summary of your bills and their due date in one place. Make instant payments with your mWallet or through the Agent nearby. Cut down on paper usage by choosing to receive your bills online and over SMS/USSD. The service brings you a hassle free and secure way to pay your Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water and Internet bills. Now you can easily pay your utility bills from your nearest Bill Pay shop.
  3. 3. How it works Biller 1 Biller 2 Biller 3 Uploads CSV file in xpWallet Biller2’s application Direct integration of xpWallet application using web directly calls xpWallet’s database and Biller browser Open API for bill upload database using Materialized View xpWallet Application Server xpWallet Database Live view of data Biller 1 Subscribers Biller 2 Agents Biller 3 Operator
  4. 4. How to Pay BillsYou can pay your bills either of two ways:1. Self Bill Pay Pay through your mWallet as a mobile money account holder.2. Pay through Agent/Channel for subscribers & non-subscribers  Bring your bill and the required amount of cash to any of xpWallet Bill Pay outlets.  Ask the agent/channel to pay your bill through the xpWallet Bill Pay service.  Check the confirmation message on the Agent/Channel’s mobile phone.  Upon completion of the payment, the Agent/Channel will stamp your bill. Collect the stamped bill, which will carry the transaction ID and Agent ID information
  5. 5. Solution SnapshotSelf BillPay by subscriber Subscriber’s BillPay historyBillPay by Agent/Channel
  6. 6. Q&A What is xpWallet Bill Pay?  xpWallet BillPay is a Bill Pay application through which you can receive and view your bills over secure Internet, USSD & SMS.  Once registered for xpWallet Bill Pay through Internet & USSD/SMS, you are able to view, pay and track payments at any time , making the management of your bills easy. Why use xpWallet Bill Pay?  xpWallet Bill Pay gives you the convenience of having your bills available on secure Internet portal or accessing mini bills over SMS/USSD. It means never losing a bill again!  You can view and pay your bills when it suits you, day or night!  It gives you the ability to still pay your bill through any payment mode the biller offers – xpWallet BillPay is one easy option.  You can save, store and file your bills electronically - reducing the piles of paper in your home. You are still able to get a printout copy of your paper bill for those times when you need it.  By saving on paper, xpWallet BillPay View is environmental friendly.
  7. 7. Q&A When will I receive my bills through xpWallet Bill Pay?  You can expect to receive your View bills at approximately the same time as it is uploaded in the Utility system. What if I require a paper copy of my xpWallet Bill Pay?  If you require a paper copy of your xpWallet Bill Pay, you are able to print a copy of your detailed bill. If a printed copy of your xpWallet Bill Pay will not suffice, you can contact your biller to request a hard copy of the bill. Can I use my xpWallet Bill Pay as tax records?  xpWallet bills may be retained in electronic form for income tax purposes. What are the environmental benefits to xpWallet Bill Pay function?  We recognize that everyone is looking for opportunities to make more ecologically sound choices. xpWallet Bill Pay is an enabler for better environmental outcomes.  To give this some perspective, every single user can help us to save.  Tones of paper, million litres of water, help to reduce green house gas emissions.
  8. 8. Contact usHave any questions? Please let us know:Email: enquiry@xpWallet.com