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xpWallet is a company with a global perspective, but a keen customer focus to ensure an enhanced and comprehensive digital experience. The company's Next Generation mWallet products and mobile wallet payment solutions focus on delivering software to financial institutions and payment processors in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.
xpWallet is a next generation mWallet consists of a rich set of products, Core Mobile Money platform, mWallet Enterprise Suite and Xpert Analytics Engine; including Merchant Payment, Bill Payment, Promotion Engine, Pay Parking, Survey, Merchant Deals, School Fee, etc.

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Xp wallet mobile wallet solution

  1. 1. next generation mWalletMobile Wallet Solution
  2. 2. What is an mWallet? mWallet/Mobile wallet is a software application that holds a users financial information and let him do bank like transactions i.e. Deposit, Withdraw, Fund Transfer, Balance Enquiry, etc. It is legal and regulated by Reserve Bank of the country or some governing authority. It is secured. All the transactions are validated, authenticated and authorized. The data resides on server. Communication between client and server is encrypted. It can be accessed through a basic phone using USSD and SMS. It can be linked with users bank and credit card companies. It is mostly issued by Banks, Telcos or some financial institutions
  3. 3. xpWallet: Overview A complete end-to-end mWallet solution. Suitable for telcos, banks, financial institutions or companies willing to offer mWallet services to their users. A large range of financial services targeted for retail sector. The products cover different aspects of users’ financial and expenditure behavior. Can be accessed through different devices and platforms.
  4. 4. How xpWallet is different? It is your next generation mWallet with more products compared to other mWallet solutions. It has a rich set of products, like: Merchant Payment, Bill Payment, Promotion Engine, Pay Parking, Survey, Merchant Deals, School Fee, etc. It enables you to add as many languages as you want to give personal touch, increase end-user experience and build confidence. It supports more than 150 currencies simultaneously; useful in the countries where local currency is in practice or non-base currencies are also accepted. Now you can integrate your solution with many partners in the world. It can be accessed through Phone, Web, ATM, POS and supports different platforms i.e. USSD, SMS, NFC, J2ME, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry platforms. It is very secure, each access to the mWallet is recorded, user sensitive data is encrypted. No data is stored on user’s device.
  5. 5. How xpWallet is different? It can perform more than 100 transactions per second on a single machine. GUI is user friendly and make user feel good. It also saves cost of training employees. User Dashboard, customized alerts, and detailed business reports make a user’s life easy. Open APIs for Banks, Telcos, Merchants, Utilities Companies, etc. make integration smooth and saves cost maintaining multiple software. Its Decision Support System provides analysis of the live data and helps top management to make better decisions. Fully customizable and flexible KYC can meet regulators’ requirement without making any changes in the code. Highly configurable commission structure like slab-wise, percentage, fixed. It can be separately linked with different user profiles.
  6. 6. xpWallet: What it can do?Provides standard mWallet financial servicesCashInAllows a user to deposit money into his mWallet through network of agents. Thismoney is called as eMoney.CashOutAllows a user to withdraw money from his mWallet through network of agents/ATM bypaying some service fee (service fee is optional).Fund TransferAllows a user to transfer eMoney to another mWallet user.Balance EnquiryA user can check his current balance.Change PINA user can change his transaction PIN.Last 5 TransactionsA user can check his last 5 or some specified transactions.
  7. 7. xpWallet: What it can do?Attract more users, make their life easy Merchant Payments Now a user can pay at merchant outlets using smart phone, NFC phones, POS machine. Bill Payment A user can register different billing companies. The system will keep him informed to pay the bills on time. A user can see history on the Web for all the payments made to any of the billing companies. Merchant Deals Invite your channel partners and merchants to promote their products to mWallet and non—mWallet users. Win-win situation for all the parties in the system. Promotion and Loyalty Keep your customers and channel partners motivated to do more transactions and let them earn points. It saves your marketing expenses.
  8. 8. xpWallet: What it can do?Keep your users connected mTopUP Allows a user to top-up self, relative or friend’s mobile of different telcos at any time, anywhere from his mWallet. If the solution is hosted with a Telco, then it functions as a complete mobile TopUp system. Internet Data Plan Different telcos can setup their data plans in the system and user can choose the best plan according to his needs. Survey Know your users behavior, listen to them, keep them visiting you. Users do not need to have mWallet to participate in the Survey. World-of-WiFi Instant access to the Internet– no need of cyber cafes. Per second billing and controlled usage. Be the first to capture the market!
  9. 9. xpWallet: What it can do?Let your users recommend you Money Order An mWallet user can send money to his family members, friends, relatives who do not have mWallet. Pay Parking Tell your users not to keep coins in the pocket! The system can also send alerts to user for the duration he parked the car. The parking owner can setup flat, entry based or time based fee to be charged from users. Subordinate Wallet Your channel partners or merchants can authorize their own subordinates to do transactions and owner user can track each subordinate individually. School Fee A user can pay school fee for his children and other children studying in school or college.
  10. 10. Contact usHave any questions? Please let us know:Email: enquiry@xpWallet.com