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Brief Overview of our "Interactive Fitness Assembly"

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4 Fitness

  1. 1. D
  2. 2. D• Based on Michelle Obamas “Lets Move” campaign, our goal is to enrich the lives of youth today by educating individuals with the essential knowledge to motivate them to lead a healthy and active lifestyles through the implementation of health and physical education programs.• To learn more about the fitness programs the F4 foundation has to offer please move ahead to the next slide….
  3. 3. Interactive Fitness Event Featuring: • i-beat certified instructors • The world’s largest Multiplayer experience • Hi-Tech Exer-gaming StationsTHE POWER GRID
  4. 4. WORKOUTS AND SEMINARS• By utilizing the up to 150 students are engaged at once.• Fun for all ages and grades• Students burn calories by integrating technology into exercise.• Teaching students they can still have fun while exercising can promote a more active and healthier lifestyle.
  5. 5. WHY EXERGAMING?• If Exer-games replace some sedentary screen time (SST) associated with TV and standard videogames it is proven to have a significant positive impact on health.• Overweight and sedentary individuals find exercise difficult and less enjoyable, Exer-games help keep their interest with a unique and fun experience.• According to Studies at University of Cumbria, 9 out of 10 kids were willing to get fit if it was combined with FUN. (3/4 children play an avg of 1 hour of video games plus TV time)
  6. 6. HEALTH AND FITNESS BASED GAME SHOWS• Students will answer questions by utilizing the pads we provide• Multiple choice and True/False questions based on nutrition and living a healthier, active lifestyle.• “Eat this not That” challenge (based on the hit book series)
  7. 7. THE POWER GRID• Hi-Tech Exer-gaming stations• We utilize new wave technology to create fun fitness challenges• Each station of the Grid provides different experiences for each student• Can accommodate special needs children if necessary
  8. 8. WHATS NEXT? Choose Either:1-Day Event: – Total of 4 hours of Exer-gaming3-Day Event: – 4 hours of Exer-gaming each day – Students Fitness Tracking and Reporting – Presidential Challenge Awards5-Day Event: – Everything in a 3 day event plus a
  9. 9. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT…. Our other great programs
  10. 10. BOOKING and QUESTIONS:If you have any further questionsor would like to book our program feel free to contact one of our associates at: www.earnnburn.com 888-908-BURN (2876)