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  • Review of "Show Your Work" ATD Presentation

    1. 1. Review of “Show Your Work” ATD presentation Stan Skrabut, Ed.D. - @uwcesedtech Beth Gates - @BethGatesOnline
    2. 2. We are now living in an ever changing world where new information is constantly coming our way. Ss Image ID:80508214
    3. 3. As a worker in this world, you need to always be learning to stay current.
    4. 4. It takes time and energy to develop courses, and much of the time the information is already obsolete. ssImage ID:104913923
    5. 5. You want to have a way that you can stay current without having to leave your work. ssImage ID:166617758
    6. 6. Let us show you how to learn and teach others in the moment.
    7. 7. Image ID:192861515 To learn and teach others in the moment, we are talking about “Show Your Work” or “Working Out Loud.”
    8. 8. Everyday, we are solving problems, we need answers now, and we can’t wait for a class to be developed. Image ID:135350393
    9. 9. First of all, people like to share; this is something we learned in kindergarten.
    10. 10. People in our organizations have knowledge, skills, and expertise; they should help to train others by sharing.
    11. 11. Learners figured out they do not need an 8-hour class to learn.
    12. 12. The benefits of showing your work apply to your organization and to you personally. Image ID:160520819
    13. 13. You can capture information before people leave the organization. Email is where information goes to die.
    14. 14. By showing your work, you increase transparency, innovation, and communication.
    15. 15. By showing your work, you work in the moment; thus organizations are more flexible and agile to change.
    16. 16. Showing your work, organizations can become more efficient; problem-solving needs are addressed immediately.
    17. 17. Here are some ways you can benefit personally. Image ID:186636638
    18. 18. By showing your work, you are on a path of lifelong learning by developing digital literacy skills.
    19. 19. By sharing your expertise with others in your organization, you can strengthen your credibility.
    20. 20. By tapping into shared knowledge from others, you can enhance your career.
    21. 21. Showing your work does not have to be complicated. Free social media tools enable you to seek, make sense, and share information. Image ID:174838673
    22. 22. Through your personal learning environment, you seek out new information, knowledge, and skills. Image ID:119930065
    23. 23. Google+, Twitter, RSS feeds provide a steady stream of new information.
    24. 24. Professional reading, whether journal articles, books, or trade publications, is a great way to stay current.
    25. 25. Who has used YouTube to figure out how to fix your car? Used it for DIY projects in the home? Image ID:162464141
    26. 26. You filter the information you collected as you begin to make sense of it. Image ID:62112811
    27. 27. Social bookmarking tools such as Diigo and Delicious allow you to collect, annotate, and share resources.
    28. 28. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to reflect and work through issues.
    29. 29. With Twitter, you can favorite items for later
    30. 30. Again, through your PLN, you curate, add value, and share information for the benefit of others. Image ID:136804580
    31. 31. Blogging is a powerful way of sharing on a regular basis.
    32. 32. Curating with tools like Pinterest is a great way to develop collections on different topics.
    33. 33. People share what they know because they want to give back, interact with others, or maintaining a professional community.
    34. 34. Naturally, when showing your work, there are some best or better practices to follow. Image ID:156585107
    35. 35. Image ID:156134882 Andrew McAfee from a Harvard Business Review article suggests what you should post to show your work.
    36. 36. You should regularly post about what you are working on, what you completed, how you did it, how you learned it, and lessons learned. Image ID:127071926
    37. 37. Share links to the work of others, naturally, add something of value by explaining why it is important.
    38. 38. Comment on the posts others provide. Help solve their problems or help them think through issues. Image ID:96443756
    39. 39. Showing your work is not only about pushing out information, it is about the conversation.
    40. 40. Support others by providing positive feedback such as +1’s, likes, shares, retweets, etc. Image ID:138716219
    41. 41. Image ID:156134882 Andrew McAfee from a Harvard Business Review article suggests what you should not post to show your work.
    42. 42. Don’t just talk about yourself, and don’t talk about trivial things. Work to add value. Image ID:100374263
    43. 43. Take time to support your comments by doing your homework. Image ID:163152230
    44. 44. Sex, politics, and religion should be off the table in a work environment; they are typically divisive topics.
    45. 45. Don’t gossip about or attack others. You should be a positive force in the world not someone others avoid. Image ID:96492581
    46. 46. Learning and Development leaders can take a number of steps to help others show their work. Image ID:194896274
    47. 47. First of all, lead by example. Demonstrate to others how showing your work can be effective. Image ID:141819637
    48. 48. Show others how they can use tools to find, collect, and share information. Image ID:111468761
    49. 49. Help develop policies and protocols for sharing information. Image ID:103749203
    50. 50. Highlight individuals who best exemplify showing their work.
    51. 51. " L&D has wrestled with the challenge of making their work more of a process and less than an event. This is our chance." ~ Jane Bozarth
    52. 52. Questions?
    53. 53. Review of “Show Your Work” ATD presentation Stan Skrabut, Ed.D. - @uwcesedtech Beth Gates - @BethGatesOnline