Why I chose TurboGears


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Why I chose TurboGears

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Why I chose TurboGears

  1. 1. Why I chose Turbogears Sanjay RAD Solutions Private Limited 220/226, Sekhar Enclave Lane 3, Biju Pattnaik College Road, Jayadev Vihar Bhubaneswar 751015  info@radsolutions.co.in
  2. 2. Confession Before I share why I chose TurboGears, I must confess that I am more of a business application developer then an expert in python or web technologies. I do not claim my choice to be the right one - differences in viewpoint are most welcome.
  3. 3. About me ● A business application developer and architect ● Managing a team doing consultancy and corporate training on Rapid Application Development ● Developing and hosting global applications like www.gcollab.com Page 3 Freely redistributable
  4. 4. A bit of history ● In 2005, I had the first chance to evaluate a few web frameworks on Ruby and Python ● Heavily influenced by the productivity of these frameworks, in 2006, I thought to practice one such framework seriously ● Which one, was a big question before me ... Page 4 Freely redistributable
  5. 5. My criteria The framework should be ● enterprise ready, i. e., developing complex applications or integrating with legacy applications and databases should readily possible and intuitive ● suitable for developing multiple kinds of simple to complex applications ● intuitive and interesting to learn ● having most of the plumbing features like identity management, widgets, form validation built-in ● mature enough ● having active support available Page 5 Freely redistributable
  6. 6. How TurboGears fits ● Has built-in support for SQLAlchemy ORM. SQLAlchemy has many complex features, such as composite primary key, which make it ideal for enterprise development. Most other ORMs, like the default ones in Django or RoR, seem far behind. ● Has many mature built-in components like identity management and widgets ● Developed on Python. Python is much more widely used than Ruby, and has a lot of FOSS tools and frameworks a developer can take benefit of. continued... Page 6 Freely redistributable
  7. 7. How TurboGears fits ● It's a collection of many best-of-the-breed components. That means, there goes a huge amount of collective effort in the background. ● Seems forward looking in terms of technology. ● Is continuously under active development ● Nice support on the users forum ● The future version of Turbogears, 2.0, aims to be a thin layer on the top of Pylons. What I understand by this is that I will have the best of two worlds. Page 7 Freely redistributable
  8. 8. Further readings and feedback ● http://sanjaypatel.blogspot.com/2007/07/why-i-chose-turbogears.html ● Feedbacks, queries or comments are most welcome at the blog or at http://groups.google.co.in/group/Orissa_IT Page 8 Freely redistributable
  9. 9. Thank You!