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MobiWeb Power Point Presentation

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  • mobile web content makes it tricky for traditional search engines to ply their trade. "Algorithms on the desktop web fall apart on the mobile web,Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2010/02/02/urnidgns002570F3005978D8002576BE00628461.DTL#ixzz0eUTFuW2V
  • Simple data entryConsistent & easy navigation to web contentCan be used on most web-enabled phones
  • $995 per page
  • MobiDirectory® Basic Listing- Free. Sign-up via cell phone.  Upgrade listing to Semi-custom or Custom and MobiWeb® logo appears next to the listing.  Click link.  MobiWeb®  Semi-Custom (Two panel-For Personal pers. photo) – Free. Sign-up & add/edit content via cell phone/pc.   (Inc. Hosting w/full service as long as customer acknowledges/accepts sponsor ads will rotate on the bottom).   MobiWeb®  Semi-Custom (Two panel-For Business co. logo) - $399.00 Sign-up & add/edit content by cell phone/pc. (Inc. Hosting w/full service 1 yr.). $199.00 each additional yr. MobiWeb®   Custom- $995.00 per panel except special applications, i.e., reservations systems.  * We’ll get more aggressive on pricing once we measure/understand costs. (Inc. One yr. Hosting w/full service and one upload/change per quarter and rotating ad on all personal & business )  Hosting each additional year- $995.00 inc. one upload/change per quarter .
  • Advertising can be delivered in many ways: • Opt-in schemes to send ads via text or multimedia message • Display space on websites accessed by mobile users • Search-based ads (similar to PC search ads), that appear next to search results Understanding the Mobile Ecosystem • Ads that are built into or served into games or other online applications like TV program guides • Ads that accompany downloaded or streaming video, or mobile TV broadcasts
  • Value for customers. MobiWeb®- NOT JUST AN APP!  for marketing and promoting over web enabled cell phones; products, services, people, promotions, multiple locations, conferences, special events/appearances, Executives(great human resource tool), Entertainers. Increase sales, improve customer service ,  reps can send/ store on his/her web enabled phone, build trust & creditability before/after the sale or service, include info about company,  credentials, photos, contact info with quick connect, video, music, special offers/coupons, events, mobile commerce, survey customers and more!  USE WITH YOUR EXISTING ADVERTISING!   Nancy?  Is Your Company & Advertising “MobiWeb® Friendly” ? 


  • 1. Business Partner Presentation
    July, 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    • General Company Overview
    • 3. Market Opportunity
    • 4. The Problem we Solve
    • 5. Offerings Available
    • 6. Benefit of Offerings
    • 7. Competitive Differentiation
    • 8. The Results of what we do
    • 9. Company Overhead & Costs
    • 10. Revenue Expectations
    • 11. Requirements from Lavidge
  • The MobiWeb® Team & Advisory Board
    Picture not available
    Mark Harshbarger
    Chief Financial Officer
    Tom Peiffer
    Chief Technology
    Sandy Kosloff
    Founder, CEO
    Nancy Paris
    VP, Strategic Alliances
    Dale Jensen
    Former General Partner
    Phoenix Suns & Arizona Diamondbacks
    Jim Myers
    Founded Tech Company & merged
    w/Bell South for $750M
    Retired Pres. ASU
  • 12. Who is MobiWeb®?
    A Mobile Marketing Company…
    that partners with organizations & individuals who are challenged withengagingtheir audience in aninteractivemanner through mobile devices.
  • 13. What We Do
    Create Interactive Mobile Directories…
    together with…
    Custom ‘Made for Mobile’ Interactive Websites
    that help businesses…
    a) Get found faster and connect to audiences quicker
    b) Engage users with an easy to read, easy to navigate platform
    c) Create revenue via mobile advertising & mobile commerce
    d) Create a positive brand experience on the mobile internet
  • 14. Who We Do It For
    Challenged with…
    • Getting found quickly from a web-enabled cell phone
    • 15. Users having difficulty accessing, reading, or navigating a ‘primary’ website from a web-enabled cell phone.
    • 16. Reaching majority of web-enabled cell phones through a mobile website and/or ad/promotionalcampaign
    • 17. Mobile site being noticed by right audience at right time
    • 18. Costly mobile marketing initiatives that aren’t meeting promised results of attracting & engaging mobile internet users worldwide
    • 19. Long wait times to launch ‘short-term’ mobile ad/promotional campaigns
    • 20. Mobile users unable to reach a representative easily
    • 21. Mobile users unable to access surveys & provide feedback
    • 22. Driving revenue with mobile commerce solutions
    • 23. Accessing mobile marketing expertise that can design & execute a proven ‘user-friendly’ mobile experience
  • 24. Current Target Market
    • Restaurant Chains
    • 25. Entertainers - solo artist, actor/actress, bands, groups
    • 26. Sport Celebrities
    • 27. Personal Promotions
    • 28. High-Profile Personalities
    • 29. Solo Entrepreneurs
    • 30. Charitable Organizations
    • 31. Professional Organizations
  • Company Objectives
    Long Term – 3 year
    Short Term -2010
    Raise $1.5M ($500K immediate) with private investors
    Design/build-out 2 mobile websites – mobiweb.mobi/mobidirectory
    Develop primary website (online solution)
    Marketing development & product launch (positioning/branding)
    Seek ‘partner’ for front-end/back-end delivery/ops ( based on delivery & ability)
    Resources for R&D/Competitive Analysis
    Immediate expenses; development/delivery/legal/consultants
    Structure equity program for business advisors
    Seek additional capital ( $2-3M by 2012) with private investors
    Sell up to 49% to a strategic partner (hand-off to a major player)
  • 32. The Market Opportunity
    Mobile Web access will surpasstraditional PC access by… 2013
    Gartner Research 2010
  • 33. What Google is Saying About the Mobile Web
    “…people are moving to data-friendly mobile devices very quickly, withsearch traffic growing quite a bit faster than on PCs
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt
    January 22nd, 2010
    "We think there is the potential to actually make this Mobile Web better than the PC Web.”
    Jonathan Rosenberg
    SVP, Google Product Management
    January 22nd, 2010
  • 34. Mobile Matures as a Marketing Medium
  • 35. MobiWeb®
    The Reality
    With110 Billion websites worldwide…
    less than 1% can be easily read and navigated on a cell phone screen
    Quantcast 2010
  • 36. MobiWeb®
    Impact on End-Users
    • 2 out of 3 encounter problems accessing the mobile web
    • 37. 75% cite low load times
    • 38. 51% complain site content is incorrectly sized for the device screen
    • 39. 80% would turn to the mobile Internet more often if it offered an experience as fast and reliable as a PC
    Survey by Telecom 2009
  • 40. What’s the Problem?
    Mobile phones can’t handle all data from standard websites
    • Accessing too much contentcauses mobile network congestion.
    • 41. Data-intensive websites take a long time to download
  • MobiWeb®
    What’s the Problem?
    Creates poor experiences
    negative associations with brands.
  • 42. MobiWeb®
    The Problem We Solve
    Mobile Website ‘Engagement’ Failure
  • 43. The Solution
    A ‘Made for Mobile’ Marketing Package
    that engages your audience with the ability to…
    Relevant Information onLarger Screen Web-Enabled Phones
  • 47. The Mobile Marketing Package
    To Attract, Engage, & Retain
    To Get Found
    Positive Experience
    With Company Brand
  • 48. MobiDirectory®
    To Get Found
    • Finds only‘user friendly’ mobile websites
    • 49. Easy connect from MobiWeb® to
  • 50. MobiDirectory®
    To Get Found
    To Search:
    • Click on ‘Search’
    • 51. Scroll down alpha order or
    search by category
    Click eyeglass for Google, Yahoo & general searches (sites may not be mobile friendly)
  • 52. 4 ‘Get Found’ Mobile Marketing Options
    Basic Listing
    Sandy Kosloff
    ICI Enterprises. LLC
    7047 E. Greenway Pkwy
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    Option 1
    ‘Personal’ Mobile Website
    Option 2
    Option 3
    Semi-Custom ‘Business’ Mobile Website
    Option 4
    Custom ‘Business’ Mobile Website
  • 53. Option 1: Basic MobiDirectory® Listing
    Go to MobiDirectory.net
    Sign-up from cell phone
    Sign-up by Cell
    You’re listed
    Sandy Kosloff
    ICI Enterprises. LLC
    7047 E. Greenway Pkwy
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    Users click for
    Quick Connect
  • 54. Option 2: Personal MobiWeb®
    Four Tabs/Pages
    • Up to 250 words per tab
    • 55. Add a Blog tab
    ( no additional charge)
    Add a Customer Survey Tab
    ( extra charge)
  • 56. Option 3: Semi-Custom MobiWeb®
    Three Tabs/Pages
    • Unlimited words per tab
    • 57. Add a Blog tab
    ( no additional charge)
    Add a Customer Survey Tab
    ( extra charge)
  • 58. Option 4: Custom MobiWeb®
    Multiple Tabs/Pages
  • 59. Add Custom Features & Multiple Pages
    MobiWeb®Main Page
    Second Page
    Third Page & More…
    Additional pricing for special applications ( i.e. database integration, mobile commerce, reservations)
  • 60. Site Owner Features: ‘Custom’
    Competitive Differentiator
    Click Here for Drop Down Menu to access:
  • All Site Owners Have a ‘Share’ Tab
    Share yourMobiWeb®with…
  • Monetizing Through Sponsorships
    Premium charge for top rotating
    ad placement
    Brand visibility differentiator
    as specified in
    Your rotating brand
    on all
    Rotating ads placed at bottom
  • 68. Anyone who signs up for a MobiWeb®Siteautomatically
    receives a ‘Basic MobiDirectory® Listing’
    Sandy Kosloff
    ICI Enterprises. LLC
    7047 E. Greenway Pkwy
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    The MobiWeb®icon
    will appear under listing for a ‘quick connect’ to your MobiWeb® site
  • 69. Mobile Marketing ‘Package’ Pricing
    Basic Listing
    American Red Cross National Headquarters2025 E Street, NWWashington, DC 20006Phone: (202) 303 5000
    Fax: (202) 303 5431www.redcross.org
    $99 yearly; includes 1 yr. hosting; set-up and design fee included; personal photo; includes acceptance of sponsor ads/banners; add/edit content via cell phone; four tabs max; limited content; 12 changes per yr
    $995 per tab; includes 1 yr hosting with acceptance of sponsor ads/banners; unlimited pages & content; custom look; 12 changes
    per yr
    $399 yearly; includes 1 yr hosting with acceptance of sponsor ads/banners; four tabs max; includes photo; 12 content changes per yr
    FREE; basic listing with simple contact info; listing automatically included with Personal, Semi-Custom & Custom sites
  • 70. Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engagewith their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network
    Mobile Marketing Definition
    Mobile Marketing Association
    Nov. 2009
  • 71. MobiWeb® Marketing Benefits
  • Attract
    Get Found
    Search Engine
  • 77. Attract
    With Current Web Domain &
    Attach to Existing Website
    As a Solo Mini-Website
  • 78. Attract
    With ‘Special Offers’ tailored to user’s current location
    • Connect your audience with real-time info, anyplace, anytime
    • 79. See higher click-through rates & engagement
  • Engage
    Coupons, Specials Promotions
    MobiWeb® Site
  • 80. Engage
    Use for Quick, Short-Term Campaigns
    Up to 2 weeks turnaround (depending on requirements)
  • 81. Engage
    Use with Traditional Ad Campaigns
    Visit mobiweb/ces
    Visit mobiweb/quiznos
    Internet banners
    Visit mobiweb/quiznos
  • 82. Engage
    Mobile Commerce Solutions
    conduct a credit card transaction…
    with a secure single-click
    Increase Conversion Rates & Revenue
  • 83. Engage
    Attach your MobiDirectory®orMobiWeb®link to…
  • 84. Engage
    Insert a MobiDirectory®‘widget’ on your primary site…
    View our profile in MobiDirectory®
    Users click widget
    to reach…
    your MobiDirectory®Listing
  • 85. Engage
    Add Your Blog to MobiWeb®…
  • 86. Retain
    Gather Important Customer Feedback
    Competitive Differentiator
  • 87. Competitive Differentiation
  • 88. MobiWeb®
    The MobiWeb® Advantage
    10 Years Proven Expertise optimizing mobile internet user experience - – since 2000 (competitors were founded between 2001-2007)
    First to develop a patent-pending mobile platform that can be easily read & navigated on web-enabled cell phones
    Partnership with major Marketing Communication firm(s)that allows
    mobile marketing bandwidth, e-commerce, SMS Text, & full-service customer care solutions
    Offers a Comprehensive Mobile Marketing ‘Package’ (Patent-pending stipulates full-servicesolution)
    Ability to Monetize thru sponsorships (banner space for companies to advertise)
  • 89. Comparison
    This ‘mobile’ website lists other mobile websites. Hard to navigate and read from an iPhone
  • 90. Comparison
    Click here and you get this
    We clicked on all sites listed here. 60% were NOT mobile friendly even though they claimed to be the ‘best’ mobile websites in their category.
    Hard to navigate from Home Page to this page
  • 91. Comparison
    This ‘mobile’ website lists other mobile websites. But, 70% are hard to navigate and read from an iPhone
  • 92. MobiWeb® Screens & Lists only discretionaryuser-friendly mobile sites
    Competitive Differentiator
  • 93. MobiWeb’s Major Business Competitor
  • 94. Unity Mobile
  • 95. Unity Mobile’s messaging never addresses
    the Problem that needs to be solved…
    Mobile Website ‘Engagement’ Failure
  • 96. Compare …
    Same Small Screen, Different Experience
    Typical ‘primary’ website
    viewed on Mobile

    Hard to Connect
    Easyfor users to:
    Hard to Read Small Print
    Difficult to Navigate
  • 104. Compare with other ‘Made for Mobile’ Websites…
    Easy to Use…Easy to Read interface & navigation
    Consistency from site to site
    Competitive Differentiator
  • 105. MobiWeb®
    MobiWeb®is NOT an App
  • 106. MobiWeb®
    MobiWeb® is a Mini-Website
    Server - Based
    Anyone, can Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • 107. App Usage Soaring in 2010 Because Businesses want More ‘Standardization’
    MobiWeb® will soar because it automatically interfaces with most
    web-enabled cell phones
  • 108. With a MobiWeb®, you can easily move from …
    MobiWeb® site to MobiWeb®
  • 109. In an app environment, users can’t move consistently from App to App and…
    Competitive Differentiator
    Are Hesitant to exit and move from App to Website
  • 110. Challenge with Apps vs Mobile Web Browser
    Less expensive; easier to support and maintain
    Server-based platform – anyone can access anywhere, anytime; more powerful
    No downloads or installation required for users
    Can use with PC’s and most web-enabled cell phones
    Quick turnaround with no ‘proprietary’ development and additional testing time required.
    Costly to create a single app
    Limited to particular cell phone users, distribution & market size
    Requires downloading and installation for users; robs space; needs constant updating and data copying
    Only runs on specific cell phone devices
    Time intensive to adapt for each smartphone( 5 apps/ 5 phones)
  • 111. Developers are Defecting from Apps…
    And Moving to Mobile Web
    • Dissatisfied with waiting three weeks (or longer) to have apps and updates available
    • 112. An app can be jarring to take users out to a web browser
    • 113. Easier to build and debug. An app requires specialized coding to make native app work properly
    ZD Net, Dec. 2009
  • 114. Case Study: Mobile Site Results vs. Apps
    Determine what type of Mobile Ad formats are most effective (January 2010)
    • Ran a test campaign with WhitePages.com
    • 115. Identical ads were placed on WhitePages.com
    mobile website and its mobile app
    • Web banners had a 135% higher CTR than ads on app
    • 116. Mobile site sold 80% more airline tickets than app
    Users were very reluctant to leave app environment by clicking ad
    Mobile Web ad formats appear to be more effective than App ad formats
  • 117. App Reach is Limited
    Most can’t reach PC’s and are…
    Competitive Differentiator
    Restricted to specific manufacturers
  • 118. Where’s the Focus in Mobile Marketing?
    January 2010 survey by R2integrated (R2i), a leading Internet marketing and technology company…
    52 % marketerswould focus on Mobile Web site
    40 % marketerswould focus on mobile app
    Development (because ads/promotions are short-term for most
  • 119. Analytics
    From Future Marketing Communications/
    Development Partner
  • 120. MobiWeb Results
    Long-Term Results
    Short-Term Results
    Costs up to 50% less than traditional promotional campaign
    Easier to support & maintain than an app
    Use with PC’s and most web-enabled cell phones
    Drives revenue through mobile commerce
    Faster mobile internet engagement
    Higher user satisfaction & brand experience
    Less expensiveto create than app
    Reaches critical mass faster with server-based platform
    Reaches anyone, anywhere, anytime (not limited to cell phone type)
    No downloads or installation required for users.
    Quick turn-around time for short-term promotional campaigns
    Increased Traffic & Revenue
  • 121. 2010 Overhead Costs
    from Investors
  • 135. Revenue Expectations
    Where We Want To Be2011
    Where We Are Now
    How We
    Make Money
    • 25 MobiDirectory Listings
    • 136. No Revenue
    • 137. Patents-Pending
    • 138. Personal site & $99 yearly
    • 139. Semi-custom site @399 yearly
    • 140. Custom site @ $995 per tab = $5,000 per site
    • 141. Premium Rotating Ads/Banners
    • 142. Licensing fees once patent approved
    • 143. 500 Personal
    @$99 = $49,500
    • 5,000 Semi-custom
    Business @ $399
    = $1,995M
    • 100 Custom Business
    @$5,000 = $500K
    $2,500,000 Revenue
  • 144. Requirements from Lavidge
    MobiWeb® Marketing Development
  • Requirements from Lavidge
    Interactive Website Development – 3 sites
    MobiWeb® Mobile Site
    MobiDirectory® Mobile Site
    MobiWeb® Primary Site
    • “Point and Click” technology as opposed to “drag and drop”
    • 155. Dedicated Network Operations Center for Network and Systems Monitoring,
    • 156. Proactive Hacker Security Measures
    • 157. Loading Storage Solutions
    • 158. Technology Implementation and Management
    • 159. Paid Search Marketing
    • 160. Web Analytics
    • 161. Lead Generation, PCI/CISP Compliancy
    • 162. Lead Nurturing
    • 163. Customer Relationship Management
    • 164. Conversion rate optimization link building
    • 165. Front & back- end development of existing code(s)
    • 166. Design
    • 167. Copy/Content writing ( share with Nancy)
    • 168. Drag & drop ordering processes
    • 169. Develop Mobile search directory
    • 170. Rotating ad
    • 171. Videos
    • 172. SEO & SEM Services
    • 173. Social Media
    • 174. Blog Posts
    • 175. Call-to-Action/Landing pages
    • 176. Email Marketing
    • 177. Auto response-emails
  • The Clock is Ticking
    Thoughts on where
    we go from HERE?