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Jules verne odpovede

  1. 1. Čítaj, pochop a použi! Základná škola, Malokarpatské námestie 1, Bratislava 1. partJules Verne: 20 000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Answers:Chapter11. Why the thing which the seamen saw couldn´t be a whale or coral reef? 1) It was very long. 2) It could send water 50 metres into the air. 3) It could swim 700 leagues in three days, it was very fast.2. Why did water start to come into the boat Scotia? There was a big hole in the boat.3. Who is Mr. Aronnax? He is a scientist.4. What book did Mr. Aronnax write? He wrote the book about sea animals.5. What does he think about this giant whale? It is a giant whale with a spear.6. Why did Mr. Aronnax go on Abraham Lincoln boat? He wanted to see this interesting animal.7. Who is Conceil? He is Aronnnax´es Belgian servant.8. Who is Ned Land? He is a Canadian whaler.9. How long did they look for the whale? They looked for the whale for 5 months.10. Why did captain say when he saw the whale: “Let´s move away” ? They didn´t want a hole in the Abraham Lincoln.Chapter 21. What happened to Mr. Aronnax? He fell into the sea.
  2. 2. 2. Is Mr. Aronnax a young man? No, he isn´t young.3. Can he swim well? No, he can´t swim well.4. Where was Conceil? Was he on the boat? Why? Conceil was in the sea not on the boat. He wanted to stay with Aronnax.5. Was Conceil young? Yes.6. What was the whale in fact (v skutočnosti)? It was a submarine.7. Why didn´t they die in the sea? They got on the submarine.8. What did they do when the submarine started to move? They hit the submarine with their hands.9. How many men came out of the submarine? 8 men came out.10. What did Ned think about the men in the submarine? Those men were going to kill them.11. Describe Nemo: He was tall, with black eyes and an interesting, open face. Perhaps he was 35 or 50. What language did he speak? He spoke French.12. What was the name of Nemo´s submarine? Nautilus.13. How did Ned feel on the submarine? He was angry, he didn´t like the men on the submarine, the room and waiting.14. Why didn´t Nemo want them to go home? Why were Mr.Aronnax, Conceil and Ned problem for Nemo? Nemo didn´t want stories in the newspaper about him and Nautilus. (Aronnax, Conceil or Ned could tell other people about Nautilus if they went home.)15. Where did Nemo live? He lived on the Nautilus.
  3. 3. Homework: Translate: 1. Kapitán povedal: “To je ponorka!” Captain said: “It is a submarine!” 2. Máme dieru v lodi. We have a hole in the boat. 3. Chceli uniknúť . They wanted to escape. 4. Ned ho začal udierať do tváre. Ned started to hit him in the face.
  4. 4. Čítaj, pochop a použi! Základná škola, Malokarpatské námestie 1, Bratislava 2. partJules Verne: 20 000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Answers:Chapter 31. Where does the Nemo´s food come from? It is from the sea.2. From what are their shirts, shoes, beds and pens made? They are made from sea animals.3. Who is Nemo´s friend? The sea.4. For whom is the submarine a good home? It´s a good home for a scientist.5. Is this true or false? Circle the right answer. * Nemo has got the room with only seven hundred books. False * Nemo never reads books from Mr. Aronnax. False * Nemo has built the submarine. True * Nemo is a good scientist. True * They watched the sea all night. True6. Why did they go up every morning and they didn´t stay underwater all the time? They went up for the air.7. Did they often see captain Nemo? No, they didn´t often see Nemo.8. Why was Ned unhappy? He wasn´t a scientist and he didn´t like reading and eating fish every day.9. What did Conceil and Aronax do, when they wanted to see underwater trees? They dressed in diving suits (and walked on the sea floor with Nemo.)10. Is this true or false? Circle the right answer. * Ned went together with Mr. Aronnax and Conceil. False * Walking in diving suit was difficult. False * Diving suits aren´t heavy in the water. True * You can hear and talk with people in Nemo´s diving suits. False *Captain Nemo killed some animals. True
  5. 5. Chapter 41. How long was Mr. Aronnax and his friends on Nautilus (when they came to the coast ofAustralia)? They were on the Nautilus for 2 months.2. Why are the coral reefs famous? They are beautiful and also the boats often hit them.3. Did they go fast with Nautilus? No, they went slowly.4. Why couldn´t Nautilus move? The Nautilus was sitting on the coral reef.5. What did Ned want to do when the coast was near? Ned wanted to escape.6. Why didn´t Mr. Aronnax want to go to the coast? Papuans lived on the coast and they often kill and eat their visitors.7. Is this true or false? Circle the right answer.* Captain Nemo was angry when Mr. Aronnax said they wanted to go to the coast for food. False* They didn´t find much fruit on the trees. False* They saw many beautiful animals. True* Ned wanted animals too, because he wanted to eat them. True* People with spears wanted to be friends with Ned, Mr. Aronnax and Conceil. False* There were about fifty Papuans. False* Mr. Aronnax and his friends wanted to escape to Nautilus, but Papuans followed them onthe boats. False* Next day Papuans came to Nautilus on the boats. True* Papuans got into Nautilus and killed some men. False8. How did Mr. Aronnax sleep that night? Why? He didn´t sleep well that night because there wasn´t much air.9. How many days was Nautilus on the coral reef? 5 days the Nautilus was on the coral reef.10. What helped the submarine to move from the coral reef? The sea was up again.Homework: Translate:1. Zrazu tu bol veľký hluk. Nautilus sa zastavil. Suddenly there was a big noise.
  6. 6. 2. More stúpa (ide hore) a klesá (ide dole) každý deň. The sea goes up and down every day.3. Veľa mŕtvych námorníkov je v týchto vodách. There are a lot of dead seamen in those waters.4. Ned sa pozrel na nádherné pobrežie. Ned looked at the beautiful coast.
  7. 7. Čítaj, pochop a použi! Základná škola, Malokarpatské námestie 1, Bratislava 3. partJules Verne: 20 000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Answers:Chapter 51. How did the Nautilus get from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean? They went through the underwater tunnel.2. True or false?*The tunnel was small. True* Nautilus had problems in the tunnel, because it was so small. False* Nemo wasn´t a good seaman. False* It took the long time to get from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. False* They stayed near Egypt for some time. False* Crete was in Turkey. True3. What did the Cretans want? The Creatans wanted to be Greek.4. Why there were many dead Cretans? The Turkish people were very angry with them.5. Write True (T) or False (F) or we don´t know from the text (0) next to the statements:* Arronax saw a swimmer in the diving suit. F* Arronax wanted to save the swimmer. T* The swimmer could swim very well. T* Nemo knew the swimmer. T* The swimmer was Nemo´s friend. 06. Why didn ´t Arronax ask Nemo about the swimmer Nicolas? (He stopped thinking about him, because) Nemo had gold in his hands.7. Was Nemo a rich man? Why do you think so? Yes, he had a lot of gold.8. What did Aronnax hear at night? He heard noises – Nemo´s men went away in the little boat and came back in the short time.9. Why was Ned angry? What was his plan? Nautilus didn´t go near any coast. Ned wanted to escape to a European country.
  8. 8. 10. Correct the sentences to be true: Underline the false part and write the true part ordelete the false part.*Arronax didn ´t want to escape, because the Nautilus was a good home for old people (ascientist) and he liked the sea food.*He didn´t want (wanted) to see Paris again. It wasn´t (was) the good time for escape.* Arronax said (didn´t say) about the escape to Nemo.* Aronnax went to the little boat at eight (nine) o´clock.* He didn´t arrive to the boat, because the Nautilus stopped on the coral reef (sea floor).11. Why did Nemo arrived to Arronax when the Nautilus stopped? Arronax wanted the answer to a question (about Nemo´s gold).12. Where did the Nemo´s gold come from? It came from the old boats on the sea floor.13. When did these old boats sink? (sink=potopiť) Where did they take the gold from? They went down on the sea floor in 1702. The gold was from South America.14. What did Nemo do with the gold? Nemo gave gold to unhappy people in many countries.15. Why was Ned angry at Aronnax? Aronnax didn´t come to the little boat. They waited for him.Chapter 6-1/21. Number the sentences in the correct order (1-9)_3_ They put on diving suits._9_ Arronax was shocked and surprised because he was the first man in Atlantis for hundreds of years._7_ They came to some old houses._4_ Nemo walked quickly._2_ Nemo asked Arronax to go out with him out underwater._5_ Arronax wanted to stay with Nemo._1_ The Nautilus was far away from the coast._8_ Nemo wrote the name of the city with the hand in the water._6_ They walked for the long time on the sea floor.2. What was Atlantis? Describe it? It was underwater country (town). It was big, there were many stories about it.3. Why did the Nautilus stopped and couldn´t move in the Antartic? There was ice in front of the Nautilus and behind it.4. Where did Nemo want to go? How did he want to get there? He wanted to go to the South Pole in the submarine under the ice.
  9. 9. 5. What was the problem when they wanted to go under the ice? They couldn´t come up for the air.6. Write True (T) or False (F) or we don´t know from the text (0) next to the statements:* Nautilus was 1000 meters under the ice on its way to the South Pole. _T_* It was very cold at the South Pole. _F_* The sun was shining here. _0_* They had a good time here. _T_*They saw many animals here. _T_* They stayed here for five days. _F_* They killed some animals and fish for food. _0_Homework: Translate:1. Kráčali po morskom dne. They walked on the sea floor.2. Chcel som si to zapamätať. I wanted to remember it.3. Nerozumel som. I didn´t understand.4. Páči sa mi Stredozemné more. I like the Mediterranean Sea.5. Pred nami aj za nami bol ľad. There was ice in front of us and behind us too.
  10. 10. Čítaj, pochop a použi! Základná škola, Malokarpatské námestie 1, Bratislava 3. partJules Verne: 20 000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Answers:Chapter 6-2/2 -page 201. Why did they hear a big noise? The ice moved.2. What problem did the Nautilus have? The ice was around the Nautilus. It was in the tunnel.3. Match the word to the pictures: in front of under behind near above4. Correct the sentences to be true: Underline the false part and write the true part or deletethe false part.The Nautilus moved slowly (quickly) in the tunnel. The tunnel was (wasn´t) free. There wasno ice in front of the Nautilus. The submarine started to go forward (back). They heard thesame noise. Now there was the ice in front of (behind) them. Nemo (Ned) said: “We are alldead.” They had air for three (three) days. There were only five (ten) metres of ice behind(under) the Nautilus and there was water again. They dressed in coats (diving suits) andstarted to make a hole with special machines (spears and knives). It was an easy (a big) job.(or It wasn´t an easy job.) They stopped the work when there were only three (two) metresof ice in front of (under) them.5. Why were the men ill? Because there wasn´t any new air.6. Did Nemo worked with the men? Yes.7. Who made the hole at last? (at last = nakoniec) The Nautilus made the hole at last.
  11. 11. 8. Did somebody die? No.Chapter 71. (Page 22) Write True (T) or False (F) or we don´t know from the text (0) next to thestatements:*After their visit to the Antartic, they saw Nemo very often. _F_*The Nautilus moved near America. _T_*Ned was angry, because he didn´t like America. _0_* They couldn´t escape. _T_* Arronax didn´t want to escape. _0_*There was a boat in British waters, which wanted to hit the Nautilus. _T_* Nemo wanted to kill people on this boat. _T_* Arronax wanted to stop Nemo. _T_2. What did the Nautilus do with the boat? Nautilus went into it and made a big hole in it.3. What happened with the people from the boat? They were all dead.4. What do you know about Nemo´s family? They were dead.5. How many children did he have? He had two children.6. What do you know about his wife? She was young and beautiful.7. Write True (T) or False (F) or we don´t know from the text (0) next to the statements:When they were in the Artic:* They could see the coast, but it wasn´t near. _T_* Ned wanted to swim in the sea. _F_* Mr. Aronnax wanted to leave the Nautilus. _T_* Ned put some food in the little boat. _T_* Ned and Mr. Aronnax decided to escape in the morning. _F_* Ned took Nemo´s gold. _0_* Aronnax and Ned were scared, but they went to the little boat, _0_* The little boat was made from wood. _0_ (wood=drevo)* Nemo´s men started shouting because they saw Mr. Aronnax near the little boat and theyknew about their escape. _F_8. What is the Maelstrom? Circle the right answer.A. a giant sea monster which moves very quickly.B. a strong wind which moves the sea.
  12. 12. C. a giant hole which opens in the sea water.D. a whale which takes all the boats down to the sea floor.9. Is it true that the Maelstrom is famous among all seamen? (among=medzi) Yes, (all seamen knew about the Maelstrom.)10. Number the events in the correct order. (events = udalosti, order = poradie, number =očísluj)a) Arronax got in the boat. _2_b) Ned and Conceil got in the boat. _1_c) Ned said: “Put the boat in the water. _3_d) Aronnax´s boat went into the sea. _6_e) Aronnax and his friends saw the Maelstrom. _5_f) Aronnax opened eyes and saw Ned and Conceil near him. _7_g) Nemo´s men shouted. _4_11. Who saved them? A Norwegian seaman saved them.12. In what country were they? They were in Norway.13. Is it true that the Nautilus didn´t escape the Maelstrom? (Choose from: Yes/No/Perhaps)? Perhaps.