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  • New Trier 1923 book

WPLlocalhist WPLlocalhist Presentation Transcript

  • Local HistoryRoomThe Local HistoryCollection contains a“legacy” group ofWilmette photographs,newspapers anddocuments.Little has been added tothe collection since1990.
  • MostCommonlyRequestedThe most commoninquiries are aboutWilmette people or thehistory of old houses inthe Village.The Local HistoryCollection is organizedwith those two topics inmind.
  • WilmetteHistoricalMuseumLibrarians also use thecollection to assistpatrons with local historyquestions when theWilmette HistoricalMuseum is closed.
  • What is in the Local History Room ?
  • FileCabinetsThe collection consistsprimarily of three largefile cabinets containingclippings from localnewspapers organizedby subject.
  • SteelCabinetA large steel cabinetnext to the file cabinetscontains binders ofheavily used materials.
  • BiographyNotebooksClippings about peopleare filed in BIOGRAPHYnotebooks by last name.
  • HouseNotebooksClippings about oldhouses are filed inHOUSE bindersorganized by streetaddress
  • IndexStreet index of Housebinders is taped to thecabinet door.
  • PhotographsPhotographs are filed inbinders by broadsubject.There is a separateindex to all of thephotographs on the shelfnext to the binders.
  • OTHER RESOURCESIn the Local History Collection
  • TelephoneBooksTelephone books andcity directories.The earliest telephonebooks have beendigitized, and can onlybe viewed and searchedonline.More recent telephonebooks are kept in theLocal History Room.
  • HistoriesHistories of Wilmette
  • OralHistoriesA series of oral historieswas prepared in the1970s on cassettetapes.The tapes have beendigitized and areavailable with theirtranscriptions on theLocal History Website.Funding was providedby a Wilmette PublicLibrary Creativity Grant.
  • OralHistoriesThe originals areshelved beside theReference Desk, andcan still be checked outby patrons.
  • Maps
  • HistoricMapsHistoric maps are usedto document locationsand changes in streetnames.
  • BoundAtlasesMaps bound in volumesare on the atlas stand.The stand was a gift ofthe Friends of WPL
  • SanbornMapsThe Sanborn FireInsurance Atlas is on topof the atlas standIt is the most commonlyrequested atlas
  • IndividualMapsSingle maps are in theMap Box on top of thefiling cabinetsA list of the single mapsand bound atlases iskept in a notebook onthe counter in the LocalHistory Room.
  • TheAnnexOn the second floor,opposite Fred’s office, isa storage area whereadditional local historymaterials are kept.
  • Bound IssuesWilmette LifeA few bound issues ofthe Wilmette Liferecently donated to theLibrary by Sun-TimesMedia are kept here.
  • MicrofilmsMicrofilms of newspaperissues that have alreadybeen digitized are hereas well.
  • TheKeyThe keys to the LocalHistory Room and TheAnnex are kept behindthe recent arrivals desk.
  • LocalHistoryPageThe Local History pageof the Library website islocated under the tab“Local Community.”
  • Local HistoryWeb PageThe Local History pagehas a link to the list ofmaps.Genealogy and house-history sources links areavailable there as well.The “Search Widget”takes patrons directly tothe Local Historywebsite.
  • THE LOCAL HISTORY WEBSITEhttp://history.wilmettelibrary.info
  • WilmetteLocal HistoryWebsiteThe goal of the websiteis to make the contentsof this small, uniquecollection accessible toas wide an audience aspossible. The site is searchablethrough Google.
  • PhotographsA link on the websiteleads to the photographsthat have been digitized.
  • PhotographsPhotographs in theLocal History Room thathave been digitized aremarked with a big red Dsticker.
  • TelephoneBooksThe earliest Wilmettetelephone books are onthe website.The books are veryuseful to genealogistsand house-historyhunters who can searchthe digital books byaddress.
  • Books andPamphletsThis pamphlet datesfrom the World War Iera.
  • ObituariesObituaries from localpapers are indexed from1971-2012
  • MapsA few individual mapshave been added to thewebsite
  • MostPopularPagesThe website allows theadministrator to seewhat things are mostpopular
  • Historicdocuments andlettersResearchers enjoy thethank-you letters writtenby soldiers during WWIto Wilmette ladies forsending warm, knittedsocks, scarves andsweaters.
  • • “You cannot imagine how gratefulOral HistoriesThe oral histories are I am, that thanks to you, I amamong the most popularitems on the site able to hear his voice once more.generating delightedcomments and hundreds As a genealogist I believe this isof hits. also such a valuable historical resource. Thanks for making my heart glad again.”
  • OralHistoriesPatrons can listen tostreaming audio andread the transcript onthe site.A link allows downloadsof the audio with iTunes
  • Oral HistoriesPatrons can downloadthe sound tracks directlyfrom the iTunes store,too.The patron must haveiTunes software on acomputer in order to dothis.
  • WilmetteNewspapersSome newspapers areavailable on the sitetoo…
  • 1991IndexIn 1991 we stoppedclipping and filingarticles.A printed index to theWilmette Life wasbegun.
  • 2003OnlineDatabaseIn 2003 the index wasconverted to a databaseformat and went online.
  • 2010DigitalDisplayBy 2010 the softwarehad evolved to permitthe display of digitalnewspapers in additionto the index.
  • OldestNewspapersDigitizedThe oldest Wilmettenewspapers, The LocalNews and The LakeShore News, have beendigitized and added tothe websiteA Wilmette PublicLibrary Creativity Grantprovided funding for theproject.
  • GoodbyeMicrofilm!
  • PublicDomain • Newspapers published beforeNewspapers can be 1923 are in public domaindisplayed online if theyare in the public domainor if the Library has • Newspaper published betweenpermission from thecopyright owner 1923 -1977 without a copyright symbol are in the public domain. ©
  • 1912 – 1923Public DomainThe Lake Shore Newsand The Local Newsissues are in the publicdomain.Digital issues areavailable on the website
  • 1923 - 1977PublicDomainA few public domainWilmette Life issuesfrom this period havebeen digitized, and areavailable on the website.
  • Wilmette LifeA calendar on the siteprovides links to thesedigital issues.
  • After-1977CopyrightProtectedYou will see links to2008-2012 Wilmette Lifeissues on the calendar.These issues have beendigitized, but only thecovers can be displayedonline.Articles from thesepapers are indexed onthe website.In order to read thearticles, the patron mustuse microfilm OR….
  • 2008-2012DigitizedPatrons can view the2008-2012 digitalissues, in color, on astand-alone PC in theRecent Arrivals room.Patrons can search,download, and print tothe Library’s networkedprinterWilmette Public LibraryCreativity Grantprovided the funding forthe project.
  • MicrofilmStillNeeded1924-2007Microfilm is still neededto read older WilmetteLife articles found in theonline index as theyhave not yet beendigitized.
  • What’sWhereThe Website has a linkon the home page to alist of Wilmette’snewspapers and howthey can be accessed.
  • StaffLoginA link on the staff pagewill give you access tomaterials that are notvisible to patrons.You can enter thedatabase to correctspelling errors, addinformation, or makedisputed entries“invisible”
  • Non-PublicRecordsOften you will find full-text of obituaries herethat cannot be displayedonline because ofcopyright restrictions.
  • THE ENDPlease attend the Local History “refresher” Dec. 10th