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eBooks & eAudiobooks Free From Your Library


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  • 1. eBooks & eAudiobooks Free from your library!
  • 2. There are variousformats availablethat arecompatible withdifferent devices.See what formatsare compatiblewith your device.Most recentlyMyMediaMall hasnegotiated withAmazon toprovide Kindlebooks to librarypatrons.
  • 3. The My Help!Function is veryuseful to getyourself started–what formatsare compatible,and whatsoftware or appyou need todownload.Let’s check itout.
  • 4. Download andtransferring ofeBooks ismanaged byAdobe DigitalEditions.You will alsoneed to registeryour AdobeDigital Editions &Device with anAdobe ID. [We’lldiscuss thisshortly.]
  • 5. Take note ofwhich fileformats arecompatible withyour device.When you aresearching forbooks, you canlimit your searchto these filetypes.
  • 6. The My Help!Feature alsoprovides agreat set ofFrequentlyAskedQuestions(FAQ). A goodplace to start ifyou get stuck.
  • 7. Download Free Softwareto manage downloadsand transfers.
  • 8. OverDrive MediaConsole manages thedownload andtransfer ofAudiobooks.It’s free to downloadas well. We’ll take atour of OMC in a bit.
  • 9. The QuickSearch box isalwayslocated onthe lefthandside of thepage.You can tickthe box tolimit yoursearch to onlyavailableitems.
  • 10. Note theADVANCEDsearchfunctionbeneath it.Usingthis, we canlimit by fileformat, genre, etc.
  • 11. NOTE the different fileformats and makesure you select whatis compatible withyour device!Click “add to cart” tostart the process. (Ifonly “place a hold”appears, the item ischecked out.)The gold buttons noteADVANTAGE titles. Wepurchase additionalcopies available toonly WPL patrons.Sign in to see.
  • 12. Proceeding to checkout will prompt you tolog in, but you can alsolot in at any time byclicking “Sign In”
  • 13. Note thelending period.In some cases,you canchoose.Also note thata max of 5items can becheck out at atime.
  • 14. If Adobe Digital Editionsis installed, the dialogbox will prompt you toopen the file with it.Click OK.
  • 15. This is the library view ofAdobe Digital Editions.
  • 16. This is thereading viewof AdobeDigitalEditions.
  • 17. I haveplugged inmy Nook,and itprompts meto authorizemy devicewith myAdobe ID.
  • 18. Getting an adobe ID
  • 19. I can click and drag thebook covers onto theNook icon in the leftpane to transfer.
  • 20. If I click the little arrownext to the book cover, Ican delete or return theitem early. [Note: Notall items can bereturned early.]
  • 21. Audiobooks
  • 22. If OverDrive MediaConsole is installed, thedialog box will promptyou to open the filewith OMC. Click OK.
  • 23. Choose whereyou want tosave your filesto.
  • 24. Your audiobookwill download inparts. This cantake a longtime, especiallyif your book islong.
  • 25. The transferwizard willassist you intransferring toyour device.
  • 26. Mobile Devices OverDrive Media Console App (free download): iOS Android Windows Phone Blackberry
  • 27. Tapping “Add a Library” willprompt you to search for WPL.You can tap the star next toWPL to add it to yourfavorites.
  • 28. Logging In
  • 29. Ta dah!
  • 30. Swipe your finger to the left overthe title to make the red deletebutton appear.