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Digital Media Overview


This digital media overview was presented to Entrepreneur's EDGE on November 15, 2012. It covers website design, search engine optimization, paid search, email marketing, mobile and social media.

This digital media overview was presented to Entrepreneur's EDGE on November 15, 2012. It covers website design, search engine optimization, paid search, email marketing, mobile and social media.

Published in Business
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  • 1. EDGEDigital Media Overview November 15, 2012
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONHow It Got Started• It seemed like a good idea…• Built out the Internal Marketing Dept. 2006 - 2009• Clients started to inquire• Great added value service• Hired great people• Launched Marketing Services Group in February 2009 11/14/2012 2
  • 3. AGENDA• Website Design• Search Engine Optimization• Paid Search• Email Marketing• Mobile• Social Media
  • 4. OVERVIEWInbound Marketing: The Basics• Creating content that your clients/prospects will seek out rather than pushing your message onto them• Content that your clients highly value• Make your firm and your content easy to find• Can work harder and longer than outbound marketing• Less hard costs• Trackable and detailed ROI
  • 5. WEBSITE• Setting Website Goals and Objectives• Website Tracking• Generating Leads
  • 6. WEBSITE GOALSWhat Are The Marketing Goals and Objectives Of Your Website?• Establish a web presence/credibility?• Promote your brand?• Act as a resource to your customers?• Generate leads for your business?• Sell your product online?
  • 7. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Establish a Web Presence/Credibility• People are Googling your company• What do they find when they get to your website?  First impression  Establishing a web presence allows you to control this message• Can be done at a relatively low cost using a template layout• Functions as a “cyber-brochure”
  • 8. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Establish a Web Presence/Credibility• Basic overview information• No call to actions• No interaction• No resource information• No lead generation or tracking
  • 9. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Promote Your Brand• First interaction with your brand  A branded website allows you to control the look and feel that your clients and prospects encounter• Allows you to differentiate their web experience from your competitors’• Likely to require custom design and coding
  • 10. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Promote Your Brand
  • 11. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Act as a Resource• Clients and prospects are looking for answers to their questions online  Can you be the answer?• Become visible in search engines for questions your clients are asking• Have visitors return to your site over and over• Requires a significant time investment to create content
  • 12. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Act as a Resource• 16% of Google searches are performed for the first time
  • 13. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Act as a Resource
  • 14. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Generate Leads For Your Business• Attracting hundreds or thousands of visitors is great, but do you know how to get in touch with them?  Collect lead details by using offers• Create relevant content that your visitors find valuable, and they will give you contact information in exchange.• Time must be invested to create content that your visitors will value highly.
  • 15. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Generate Leads For Your Business
  • 16. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Generate Leads For Your Business
  • 17. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Sell Your Product Online• Whether you are selling products direct, or driving customers to distributors, you want to make it easy to buy your product.• Popular options include PayPal or Google Checkout• These third-party services charge a fee per-transaction
  • 18. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Sell Your Product Online
  • 19. WEBSITE GOALSGOAL: Sell Your Product Online
  • 20. WEBSITE TRACKINGHow Are You Measuring the Success of Your Website?• Number of visitors?• Search visibility?• Quality of visitors?• Number of leads?• Number of sales?
  • 21. WEBSITE TRACKINGGoogle Analytics• In order to start tracking, you need an analytics program• Google Analytics is free and easy to use•• Install tracking code and you can be up and running in minutes
  • 22. WEBSITE TRACKINGGoogle Analytics Overview
  • 23. WEBSITE TRACKINGGoogle Analytics Overview
  • 24. WEBSITE TRACKINGLocation
  • 25. WEBSITE TRACKINGBrowser & Operating Systems
  • 27. WEBSITE TRACKINGOrganic Search
  • 28. WEBSITE TRACKINGSocial Sources
  • 29. WEBSITE TRACKINGSite Content
  • 30. WEBSITE TRACKINGIn-Page Analytics
  • 31. WEBSITE TRACKINGGoals Overview
  • 32. LEAD GENERATIONOnline Lead Generation Tactics• Contact form• Request A Quote• Ask an Expert• Mailing list• “Premium” download• Webinar/event
  • 33. LEAD GENERATIONContact Form• Base model• Requires almost no effort from site owner• Low lead generation
  • 34. LEAD GENERATIONRequest a Quote• Gather data sales team needs to qualify prospect
  • 35. LEAD GENERATIONAsk an Expert• Answer direct questions from customers• Requires technical expertise & monitoring• Timely response• Dedicated• Provides direct interaction with your prospects and customers• Positions you as Industry expert/leader/authority in your market
  • 36. LEAD GENERATIONMailing List• Sign up for information• Typically a e-newsletter• Need to create and provide information• Dedication (i.e., quarterly, monthly weekly, etc.)
  • 37. LEAD GENERATIONPremium Download
  • 38. LEAD GENERATIONWebinar/Event
  • 39. LEAD GENERATIONLead Follow-Up• Someone MUST own this• Create process and follow it• Personal contact  E-mail, phone call, add to e-newsletter, invite to event, etc.• Add to marketing communications (i.e., e-newsletter, e-blasts, etc.)• Keep-in-touch program
  • 40. WEBSITE SUMMARY• Goals and Objectives• Tracking• Leads• Questions?
  • 41. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION• Paid vs. Organic Search• Keyword Research• On-Page Optimization• Links
  • 43. PAID VS. ORGANICDoes Anyone Click On Paid?• Depends on the searchSurvey Released in August 2012:• 1.4 billion searches conducted by 28 million UK citizens in June 2011• Overall 94% for organic to 6% for paid• However…
  • 44. PAID VS. ORGANIC© 2012 Skoda Minotti November 14, 2012Source:
  • 45. PAID VS. ORGANICSource:© 2012 Skoda Minotti November 14, 2012
  • 46. KEYWORD RESEARCH• Google Keyword Tool –• Determine search volume• Find related keywords• Generate new ideas
  • 52. LINKSFind sites that currently link to you:
  • 53. LINK BUILDINGFind New Link Partners• Partners/vendors• Trade associations• Community organizations• Local Chambers of Commerce• Better Business Bureau• College/Universities (recruiting)
  • 54. SEO SUMMARY• Paid vs. Organic• Keyword Research• On-Page Optimization• Links• Questions?
  • 55. PAID SEARCH• Keyword Research and Selection• Budget• Ad Creation• Measurement and Management
  • 57. BUDGET
  • 58. AD CREATIONAd Creation• Create Ad Groups for different target audiences/objectives• Create multiple variations within each Ad Group• Make sure each ad leads to a landing page• Test ad variations to see which performs the best
  • 59. MEASUREMENTWithin AdWords
  • 60. MEASUREMENTWithin AdWords
  • 61. MANAGEMENT• Search Network/Display Network• Device: Desktop/Tablet/Mobile• Location• Language• Manual/Auto Bidding• Scheduling
  • 62. PAID SEARCH SUMMARYKeyword Research and Selection• Keyword Research• Budget• Ad Creation• Measurement & Management• Questions?
  • 63. EMAIL• List Building• Email Service Providers• Content• Measurement
  • 64. LIST BUILDINGNever Purchase An Email List• Build organically through clients and contacts• Develop process for adding new contacts to the list• Promote signup in email signature, on website, social media, etc.
  • 65. LIST BUILDINGWebsite Signup
  • 66. EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER Find your ESP: ExactTarget Constant Contact
  • 67. CONTENT• Company news• Industry news• New offers/specials/discounts• Q&A• Team member profile• Call-to-action (CTA)• Surveys• Etc.
  • 68. CONTENT
  • 69. MEASUREMENTSend Stats• Open Rate• Click Rate• Unsubscribes• Bounce Rate• Popular Links
  • 70. MEASUREMENTIndustry Stats -
  • 71. MEASUREMENTIndividual Tracking
  • 72. SUMMARY• List Building• Email Service Providers• Content• Measurement• Questions?
  • 73. MOBILE• Mobile Optimized Content• QR Codes• Is Mobile Right for You?
  • 74. MOBILE OPTIMIZEDNot Optimized Optimized
  • 75. QR CODES
  • 76. IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?• What are your goals and objectives?• Do you have mobile-optimized content to promote?• Is your audience mobile?
  • 77. MOBILE SUMMARY• Mobile Optimized Content• QR Codes• Is it Right for You?• Questions?
  • 78. SOCIAL MEDIA• Blog• Facebook• Twitter• Google Plus• YouTube
  • 79. BLOG• Blog Layout• Content Generation• Blog Platform• Attracting Traffic• Measurement
  • 80. BLOG
  • 81. BLOGContent Generation• Industry News/Opinion  Content Curation Sites (I.E., Scoopit.Com)• Q&A From Customers• Company News• Guest Blogs• Repurposed Content From Other Platforms• Etc.
  • 82. BLOGBlog Platform WordPress Blogger
  • 83. BLOGAttracting Traffic• Search Engine Optimization• Website• E-blast/E-newsletters/E-mail signatures• Social Media
  • 84. BLOGMeasurement
  • 85. FACEBOOK• Individual Page• Place Page• Facebook Ads
  • 86. FACEBOOKIndividual vs. Place Pages
  • 87. FACEBOOKFacebook Ads
  • 88. FACEBOOKFacebook Ads
  • 89. TWITTER• Individual Page• Business Page• Twitter Ads
  • 90. TWITTERIndividual/Business Page
  • 91. TWITTERTwitter Ads
  • 92. GOOGLE PLUS• Individual Page• Author Profile• Business Page
  • 93. GOOGLE PLUSIndividual Page
  • 94. GOOGLE PLUSAuthor Profile
  • 95. GOOGLE PLUSBusiness Page
  • 96. GOOGLE PLUSBusiness Page
  • 97. YOUTUBE• Content Generation• Company Channel• Measurement
  • 98. YOUTUBEContent Generation• Product videos• “How-to”• Customer Q&A• Testimonials• Industry relevant• Etc.
  • 99. YOUTUBECompany Channel
  • 100. YOUTUBEMeasurement
  • 101. SUMMARY• Facebook• Twitter• Google Plus• YouTube• Blog• Questions?
  • 102. THANK YOU! Jonathan Ebenstein Managing Director, Marketing Services Phone - (440) 449-6800 x7231 Email - Bob Goricki Online Marketing Manager Phone - (440) 449-6800 x7234 Email - bgoricki@skodaminotti.comDownload slides at: Request a free website report card: