22 Apr 16 Fusion, Review, Assorted For Slideshare
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22 Apr 16 Fusion, Review, Assorted For Slideshare



Fusion, Fusion Energy, Fusion Weapons

Fusion, Fusion Energy, Fusion Weapons



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22 Apr 16 Fusion, Review, Assorted For Slideshare 22 Apr 16 Fusion, Review, Assorted For Slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • Today: Fusion & Review Exam #3 is a week from today! 1/3 millimeter Electron Microscope Image of MEMS Force Sensor
  • Quiz 8
  • Quiz 8 Chemical reactions involve interactions of electrons The nuclei do not change, elements remain the same!
  • Quiz 9 Discuss!
  • Quiz 9 These have atomic mass number zero
  • Quiz 9
  • A question probably on the next quiz (Which has more mass?)
  • Protons and neutrons weigh LESS when bound together! More decrease in mass + 0 + + + 0 + + 0 0 0 0 Carbon-12 nucleus, Mass = 12 u (by definition) + 0 Single free proton Mass = 1.007825 u Single free neutron Mass = 1.008665 u You need to ADD energy to take apart a C-12 nucleus
  • Uranium-235 decreases in mass during fission
    • One possible fission reaction is:
    • U-235 + neutron  Ba-141 + Kr-92 + 3 neutrons
    Ending mass = 99.9% of starting mass 0.1% Missing mass = kinetic energy of products (and some gamma rays)
    • Fission of 1000 kilograms of Uranium-235 releases 1 kilogram of mass energy
      • Equivalent to a few days of U.S. electrical needs
    (true: free neutrons do increase in mass)
  • Clicker question—Mass energy available
    • Which reaction can potentially release more energy per nucleon
    • More energy can be released per fission event
    • More energy can be released per fusion event
  • Immediately, Nuclear Fusion was recognized as an even greater source of energy And of course, hydrogen is a very abundant element!
  • Fusion power first harnessed for weapons
    • Hyrdrogen fusion initiated by “conventional” fission bombs
    • Fusion bombs or “H-bombs” 100’s of times more powerful than fission bombs
    User:Boostin on wikipedia
  • Fission energy took 18 months to harness We are still waiting for fusion power!!!
    • Conceptually, fusion is as simple as fission
      • E.g. the sun shown above
    • In practice, fusion is way way way way way way way way harder to control in a machine (fusion weapons work well, but not good for a reactor)
    ITER Magnetic confinement fusion experiment The sun is a successful fusion reactor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ9j2cajRo4&feature=related
  • Remember to study quizzes for exam! One topic that we will cover is diffraction and interference of light. Let’s review a little by looking at applications. We stopped lecture here, because I became confused about exam #3 topics! Exam #3 DEFINITELY contains interference!