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Information Illimited Services Overview
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Information Illimited Services Overview


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Information Illimited, Inc.
  • 2. About Sam Knoll
    • 18 Years in the Restaurant Business
      • Owner/operator of 5 restaurants for 6 years
      • Held position on marketing and management boards for a world-wide franchise
      • Ran all online and offline marketing for our company
    • Spent the last 7 years developing and managing Internet business
    • Specialize in Web-design, SEO, SEM, Viral Marketing, Social Media, eCommerce Conversion
    • Also make a living doing affiliate marketing and marketing my own information products
      • Use SEO, Google, Yahoo, and MSN
        • Lots of time and effort into SEO
        • Lots of time in Pay Per Click marketing
      • Other traffic opportunities
      • Pure marketing exercise!
    • Saw an opportunity to take this specialized skill set and bring it to small business owners
  • 3. What is Internet Marketing?
    • Generating sales and/or capturing leads from customers that are searching on the Internet
    • Traditionally it was “search engine optimization”
      • Build a site
      • Apply the black art of indexing, links, meta-tags, directories, etc.
      • Hope it shows up in Google someday
      • Hope it shows up with the right keywords (what people are typing in when they search)
    • Grown to include Pay Per Click
      • Google’s Adwords (3 line ads that show up on the right of search engine results)
      • Microsoft’s Adcenter
      • Yahoo’s search marketing (Overture)
      • Build ads around keywords and pay for everyone that clicks the ad and visits your site
    • Social Media Design
    • Website Design
    • Ecommerce Conversion Consultant
  • 4. Why Use Search Engine Optimization? Higher clicks for each search term Free traffic
  • 5. What Causes Bad Experiences with Search Engine Optimization?
    • Often sites are never even “indexed” at all! Google doesn’t even know they exist
    • After sites get indexed, they are usually not indexed by the search terms the web site owner would like
    • Web site owners have no idea what search terms would really be best to drive traffic
    • Fresh content is important, but hard to keep up with and organize
    • Backlinks are hard to come by
    • Domain age
    • It’s hard work, tedious and time consuming!
    • No one really understands how Google decides who gets listed and in what order.
  • 6. Why Use Pay Per Click?
    • Very Fast
      • Search engine optimization can take weeks, months or even years to show results
      • You can be promoting your site, and getting targeted visitors in hours (sometimes minutes)
    • Provides a path for search engine optimization
      • How do you know what terms you should optimize for?
      • Which searches are your money makers?
    • When done correctly, can yield highly profitable results
  • 7. Why Use Pay Per Click? (cont’d)
    • Great testing platform and can be highly targeted
      • Time of day
      • Geographic area
      • Keywords and phrases
      • Content network
      • Placement campaigns
    • Immediate feedback
    • You know what you’re getting for your money – complete opposite of the yellow pages, tracking opportunities are plentiful
    • Your competition is already using it
  • 8. Why Do People Have Bad Experiences With PPC?
    • They don’t do it for a living!
      • It’s very powerful, and doing it well is very complex
    • Google’s rules, tips/tricks
      • Relevance
      • Keyword grouping
        • 10 keywords in one big adgroup as opposed to thousands in individual adgroups
      • Quality score
    • Landing pages are not targeted; often ads go right to the home page
    • Click through rate
      • Initial tips and tricks (capitalization)
  • 9.
    • Keyword research
      • If you’re running 10 keywords, I would be running 3,000
    • Ad testing
    • Conversion tracking
    • Tools – too expensive
    • Bid management
    • Broad match
    • Content Network
    • Geographic Targeting
    • Lead tracking and generation – effective opt-in’s etc.
    • Ad scheduling (times of day)
    Why Do People Have Bad Experiences With PPC? (cont’d)
  • 10. How Can We Solve Problems with Search Engine Optimization?
    • After sites get indexed, they are usually not indexed by the search terms the web site owner would like
    • Use traditional “on page” methods
    • Use the one known way to influence search engine placement – link building (e.g. “click here” example)
    • Web site owners have no idea what search terms would really be best to drive traffic
    • Use PPC results
    • Build landing pages for each keyword
    Often sites are never even “indexed” at all! Google doesn’t even know they exist
    • Use well known and proven tricks to get indexed such as article marketing, craigslist, adsense placement, blog pinging etc.
  • 11. How Can We Solve Problems with Search Engine Optimization? (cont’d)
    • Backlinks are hard to come by
    • Through article marketing, social bookmarking, and high ranking websites
    • Must use a tool to be effective!
    Fresh content
    • Set up blog
    Domain age
    • Purchase domains (great tools for searching)
    No one really understands how Google decides who gets listed and in what order
  • 12. How Can We Solve PPC Problems?
    • Google’s rules, tips/tricks:
      • Relevance
        • Overall site content
        • Create targeted landing pages for each search term category
        • Can build a silo site first (if appropriate)
      • Keyword grouping
        • Only 3 Keywords per ad group (same KW, different match types)
      • Quality score
        • Keyword density
        • Content
        • Links to privacy, disclosure, about us, contact us, and external authority links
  • 13. How Can We Solve PPC Problems? (cont’d)
    • Landing pages
      • Dynamic landing pages
      • Quality score guidelines
      • Target the customer’s conversation
    • Click through rate
      • Capitalization
        • “ Get Your Free Trial Here” can get up to twice the number of clicks as “Get your free trial here”
      • Include search term in ad text
      • Change URL to reflect search term
      • TEST
    • Keyword research – Tools and competitor research
  • 14.
    • Ad testing – split test every adgroup every day
      • What’s the one thing you know for certain about these two ad titles?
    • Conversion tracking
    • Tools – use a ppc management service like us! (tool cost spread among clients)
      • $1,000’s /year in tool costs
    • Bid management – Mass adjustments using tools
    • Broad match – Use and track every match type
    • Content Network – Tracking, site targeted placement
    • Geographic targeting – USE IT
    How Can We Solve PPC Problems? (cont’d) Bronchitis Problems? Learn how to quickly get over your Bronchitis naturally & safely. Bronchitis Problems Advice and information to help Bronchitis sufferers.
  • 15. Social Networking Sites
    • Sites where users dictate the content and/or the popularity/ visibility of that content
    • Number of daily visitors is skyrocketing
    • FaceBook has recently become the number one visited social site with Google traffic levels
    • YouTube gets twice as much traffic as Google
    • These sites are DOUBLING every 6 months; FaceBook adds 1 million visitors/week
    • In a typical month
      • Twitter users grow at almost 50%
      • 29% people online visit FaceBook
      • 35% people online visit YouTube
      • LinkedIn now gets 42 million visitors/month
  • 16. Social Networking Sites (cont’d)
    • It’s not just kids discussing what they’re going to wear to the prom
      • Over 55% of FaceBook users are older than 35
      • FaceBook even has 100k users older than 64
      • Over 84% of Twitter users are over 25
    • This is the new frontier
    • Traditional marketing will not survive here
    • Incredible opportunities for first mover advantage
  • 17. How to Dominate Your Market
    • Understand your customer’s searching behavior
      • What problem are they trying to solve
      • What’s the conversation they’re having with themselves?
    • Decide how to track conversions (leads, sales etc.)
    • Decide on autoresponders and set them up
    • Keyword research
      • Brainstorm core ones
      • “Spy” on competition
      • Let loose the tools
    • Group keywords by landing page (conversation type)
    • Build landing pages following quality score criteria closely, or use silo site
  • 18. How to Dominate Your Market (cont’d)
    • Set up a blog
    • Set up Adwords campaign
    • Monitor, test etc.
      • Split test every day
      • Adjust bids every day
      • Delete non-performing keywords every day
    • As soon as we find a “money term” start search engine optimization process
      • Examine domain name
      • Market 2-3 articles per week (or even more!)
      • Blog postings at least 3 times per week (outsource)
      • Forum postings
      • Yahoo answers
      • Blog postings (other people’s)
    • Possibly move most successful terms to Yahoo and MSN
    • 90 days, then repeat
  • 19. Services Offered
    • Initial consultation
      • Build a plan to dominate your market
    • PPC Services
      • Manage your web designer to implement plan (or provide one at extra cost)
      • Keyword research – both general and competitor analysis – using all tools
      • Ad groups set up with no more than 3 keywords in each ad group, and all keywords categorized by “customer conversation”
      • Initial ads set up with keywords in the ad text, correct capitalization etc.
      • Split testing ads for EVERY ad group, EVERY day
      • Content network campaign set up and tracking
      • Site placement campaign set up and tracking
      • Daily bid optimization
      • Your campaign reviewed and tweaked EVERY day
      • Autoresponder set up
  • 20. Services Offered – SEO
    • SEO Services
      • 4 articles (500–750 words)/month written (more can be added at $50 per article)
      • Article submission to 200–1000 article directories for every article – Builds thousands of links with optimized “anchor text”
        • Highly specialized, no duplicate content penalties!
      • Link building in high page rank websites
      • Social bookmarking of articles and blog posts EVERY day
      • Monthly consultation with web designer to insure appropriate on page elements.
      • Set up your blog
      • 2–4 blog posts per week (your blog)
  • 21. Services Offered – Other
    • For every customer:
      • Weekly and monthly status reports
      • Auto responder set up and maintenance ($50/month value)
      • Free web hosting for up to 3 sites ($30–100/month value)
      • Unlimited phone and email consultations
      • Continuously updated expertise.
      • 100% money back guarantee
      • Month to month – no long-term contract
  • 22. What Will This Cost? Initial Consultation FREE Initial set-up fee paid to Info Illimited – Building your plan to dominate your market $500–750 PPC charges paid to Google, MSN, Yahoo – ROI tracking; theoretically, you pay only for clicks that bring you sales or leads (does vary per market) Variable (Range: $.05–1.00; average $.25–.50) Monthly fees paid to Info Illimited Manage pay-per-click: Under $1500/month in Adwords spending From $1501–3000/month in Adwords spending From $3001–6000/month in Adwords spending > $6000/month in Adwords spending Manage search engine optimization: $199/month $350/month $600/month Ask for quote $299 monthly add-on For both PPC and SEO services 10% discount
  • 23. Contact Us
    • Information Illimited, Inc.
      • Sam Knoll – President
      • 4711 Hope Valley Rd, #125
      • Durham, NC 27707
      • 919-349-5998
      • [email_address]
      • Skype: sknollii
      • Yahoo: sknollii
      • Aim: samknoll2
  • 24. Thank You