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  • 1. What we do online… And why it’s important
  • 2. The search phenomenon
  • 3. The audience is still growing Source: NRS/UKCOM Jan – June 2009 Have you used the Internet in the last 12 months? 3.6m June 96 36.4m July 09
  • 4. Number of Internet Users (Used in last month) Source: BMRB’s Internet Monitor, May 2008
  • 5. Large majority of broadband services are now above 2 MB In May 2009 Broadband percentage above 2Mb/s stood at 90%. 58% have used wireless broadband at home in the last month (May 2009) – 40% in May 2008. Source: BMRB
  • 6. Young women take over… Source: Ofcom Communications Report 2007 Women 25-34 now spend more time online than men in the same age group
  • 7. Empty nesters go surfing… Source: Ofcom Communications Report 2007 One quarter of all Britons online are over 50 and 30% of total time spent on the internet is by the over 50’s
  • 8. It’s never been easier to get online Asus Eec PC 701 £160 £4.50 $100 Wind Up 50p per hour Free at libraries Bars, Hotels, Coffee shops, parks…
  • 9. But we ain’t seen nothing yet
  • 10. The iPlayer phenomenon Is the internet viewing affecting the perception of TV?
  • 11. The Internet is the most influential medium Source: Harris Interactive/Fleishman-Hillard Research New Media Age 12.06.08
  • 12. Hitwise Round Up 2009
  • 13. Hitwise Round Up 2009
  • 14. Hitwise Round Up 2009
  • 15. Twitter = Real Search
  • 16. Consumer behaviour – core themes
    • Search is the best way for consumers to make sense of complexity in modern day life and the world wide web
    • As our access point moves away from the fixed PC so will the way we search Google to Twitter – #tags
    • Consumer content is challenging and in some instances beating traditional media owner production
    • The web has created demand-led interaction rather than a schedule based viewership
    • Social networks allow a new outlet for expressing one’s personality and identity
    • The integration of web access into a multitude of devices and being location sensitive opens a whole new world of marketing and application opportunity
    • 3G access and the iPhone/Android is at last making the mobile web a reality
  • 17. THANK YOU