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Digital storytelling version 2






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Digital storytelling version 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Introduction toDigital Storytelling
  • 2. The Importance of Voice“When words are infused by the human voice, they come alive.”- Maya Angelou
  • 3.
  • 4. What is a Digital Story?• A 21st century way to tell a story• Consisting of digital media: – Still & moving graphics – Sound, narration, music – Animation, motion, color – Text
  • 5. Why create a Digital Story? A great way to have kids apply new skills for a new age.
  • 6. Why create a Digital Story? A great way to have kids apply new skills for a new age.
  • 7. Why create a Digital Story? A great way to have kids apply new skills for a new age.
  • 8. How is a Digital Story Created? (the 4 P’s)Plan• Decide your story• Identify your audience• Begin writing your script• Use a storyboard to put your script in sequence
  • 9. How is a Digital Story Created? (the 4 P’s)Produce• Decide on digital production tool• Choose media that supports you script• Create the digital story by combining script & media
  • 10. How is a Digital Story Created? (the 4 P’s)Publish• Place the digital story for easy distribution• Tag with descriptors for searching• Consider copyright/Creative Common licensing
  • 11. How is a Digital Story Created? (the 4 P’s)Promote• Share the story• Connect the story with social/learning networks• Allow comments
  • 12. Tools for Digital Storytelling• Photo Story for Windows• VoiceThread• Glogster• Animoto• Storybird• MovieMaker• iMovie• Prezi/Powerpoint/KeynoteFor more -
  • 13. Photo Story for Windows• Free program that combines images, text and narration into a slideshow• Easy• Finished projects can be saved as video files
  • 14. VoiceThread• A VoiceThread is a web-based collaborative, multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents and videos.• Viewers can leave text & audio comments
  • 15. Glogster• easily allows users to upload photos, videos, txt and audio to create an online, interactive poster
  • 16. Animoto• Create music videos with images, audio and text that can be viewed on the web• Images and songs can be uploaded
  • 17. Storybird• Students pick from libraries of art• Easy to create• Shareable• Moderated content and comments
  • 18. The Evolution of Storytelling
  • 19. Your Digital Story• tell the story of you (serve as an introduction to a new class)- Autobiography• retell a story/fairy tale/myth/legend• retells a story about  a famous figure-Biography/place/event covered in your Standards• reflection on a life event• movie trailer for the documentary you hope to create in the future
  • 20. Consider these elements• Point of View – What is the main point of the story and what is the perspective of the author?• A Dramatic Question – keeps the viewer’s attention and will be answered at the end.• Emotional Content – issues that come alive in a personal way and connects the story to the audience.
  • 21. Consider these elements• The Gift of Your Voice - personalize the story.• The Power o the Soundtrack – music to support and embellish the story.• Economy – using just enough content to tell a story without overloading the viewer.• Pacing – the rhythm of the story and how slowly or quickly it progresses.
  • 22. story? yo urWh a t’s