United Maps - Where 2.0 2009 and WhereCamp


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Conventional vehicle Maps don‘t make too much sense on personal mobile devices.

United Maps produces highly detailed vector maps on large scales. Using algorithms instead driving roads, we add missing zoom levels, attributes and detail. Primary data from either Tele Atlas or Navteq is enriched and completed with supplemental content. With completed topologies, United Maps' vector maps are completely routable.

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United Maps - Where 2.0 2009 and WhereCamp

  1. 1. United Maps United Maps: Maps on a human scale. •  rofessional Maps for the Geoweb. P •  nited Maps GmbH  2009 U 1
  2. 2. United Maps Maps leave the car. in-dash OEM PDA smartphones mobile phones PND in-car AM •  ell phones know where we are. C Maps become personal.
  3. 3. Maps made for cars don‘t make too much sense for mobile humans. original picture: http://flickr.com/photos/greenspartan/2548517094/ - by greenspartan
  4. 4. United Maps Vehicle Maps don‘t make too much sense on personal mobile devices Conventional maps focus on vehicle traffic and streets: »  no detail on pedestrian level »  no multimodal navigation »  random house footprints »  few relevant POIs Mobile devices have different usecases. Users expect better maps.
  5. 5. United Maps United Maps fills gaps in maps. »  large scale = deep zoom »  public transport »  seamless multimodal navigation »  pathes, walkways and trails »  precise house footprints »  exact addresses »  comprehensive content Better maps = better apps.
  6. 6. United Maps Better Maps = Better Apps Yahoo! Maps UM-DE (pre-release 04.09) Maps make the difference.
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