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“Realizing Envisioned PMI Goal at Asia & Breaking Cultural Barriers in PMBOK way - Asian -US Perspective
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“Realizing Envisioned PMI Goal at Asia & Breaking Cultural Barriers in PMBOK way - Asian -US Perspective


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Presentation on PMI Washington DC Chapter to Chapter to Chapter Collaboration (as Asian representative), June 19, 2007, Washington DC.

Presentation on PMI Washington DC Chapter to Chapter to Chapter Collaboration (as Asian representative), June 19, 2007, Washington DC.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Progress of PM in India: High Growth of PMI and Breaking of Cultural Barriers Saji Madapat MBA,CSSMBB, PMP “ TEAM India” representative PMI Component Mentor, Asia (Region 9) Presented to PMIWDC Chapter Chapter to Chapter Speaker Exchange Program June 19, 2007, Washington, DC
    • 2. Setting the Context – Behind the scenes
      • Asia, PMI’s fastest* region – two fifth of Humanity
      • TEAM India - PMI’s fastest* 7 Chapters
      • Several leadership meetings to set the PMIWDC-TEAM India CtoC stage
      • TEAM India’s turn to share with PMIWDC, the largest chapter of PMI
      Two PMIWDC delegations in India *Based on 2003-2005 PMP & Membership Growth
    • 3. Presentation Overview Snapshot of India Global Reach of Projects – USA as India’s strategic partner Transformation in TEAM India Perspective Breaking Cultural Barriers the PMBOK ® way - INDO-US Perspective
    • 4.
      • Snapshot of India
      India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition.Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only. -Mark Twain
    • 5. Over 5000 Year Old History….
      • Indus Valley civilization (3300 BC)
      • Nalanda, the world’s first University (700 BC)
      • Taj Mahal built in 1648 AD
      • In 1001, 33% of the world’s trade
      • Richest country in the world till 17 th century
      India has a rich heritage of culture and inventions
      • “ We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”
      • Albert Einstein
    • 6. 21 st Century – Unity in Diversity
      • 60 year old Parliamentary & largest democracy
      • 28 States & 7 union territories
      • 22 Official & ~1600 minor languages
      • By 2010 the largest English speakers in the world
      • -Prof. David Crystal, Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
      • 80 / 117 SEI CMM 5 are Indian companies
      • Economy - bankruptcy (1991) to boom
      India is the most Pro-American country – The Pew Global Attitude Survey
    • 7. Global Reach of Projects – USA as India’s strategic partner "India is a global leader, as well as a good friend. ... My trip will remind everybody about the strengthening of an important strategic partnership. We'll work together in practical ways to promote a hopeful future for citizens in both our nations." -President George W. Bush, February 22, 2006
    • 8. Perspective: The Economist Source:
    • 9. USA – India’s Strategic Partner in Projects Source: Business Week
    • 10. Huge Untapped Potential Nearly 15,000 Projects from various sectors and 400 Billion USD Investments as of December 2005 (Note: excludes defense and Software Projects) Source: Projects Today In Oct-Dec 04, Of 646 projects monitored, 258 got delayed, time over-run up to 21 years, the cost over-run ~ 40.42%. - The stat. and program implementation ministry
    • 11. Infrastructure Investment – Rejuvenation India is shaking its Champaign bottle for over 50 years and let us make sure that we position ourselves correctly to celebrate - not on the path of that cork. - Tom Friedman
    • 12. India’s Transformation – the TEAM India Perspective TEAM India with PMI BOD, CEO & Key Executives At the India Strategy Planning Session (Bangkok 2006)
    • 13. PMI Chapters in India Potential for chapters in most cities in India Almost ZERO to over 11,111 PMP’s in short time Pearl City Chapter North India Chapter Chennai Chapter Bangalore Chapter Trivandrum Chapter Mumbai Chapter Pune Chapter
    • 14. Tip of the Iceberg - Growth Potential for PMI
      • ~250 million new workers (15mil/yr) between 2003 & 2020
      • ~380 universities and 1,500 research institutions
      • World’s 2nd highest pool of skilled workforce
      Source: Deutsche Bank Research – India Special, May 19, 2005 " Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life ." - Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India
    • 15.
      • Dilapidated infrastructure, Vast Slums, Poor Governance …
      • 47% of Indian children under five are malnourished.
      • About 40 million children are not in school.
      • About half of the world's hungry live in India.
      • 25% of population lives on less than a $1/day.
      • Largest HIV population in the world.
      • (Sources: UNDP, Unicef, World Food Program; Edward Luce)
      • Govt.& Governance is a not rosy
      • -Rural Education, Electricity, Infrastructure
      Not everything is Roses in India….
      • vs. a booming Entrepreneurial PVT. Sector
        •   MTNL land lines Vs. cell phone technology.
    • 16. Leveraging PMI . . . to Transform India GOAL FOR INDIA By 2020, India joins the ranks of most developed Nations Strategic Maps Academia, Industry, Government INDIA TRANSFORMED Projects Projects Projects CHANGE AGENT PMI VISION Organizations worldwide will embrace, value, and utilize project management and attribute their success to it
    • 17. TEAM India’s vision - Adaptation of VISION 2020 of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Winner Of 2006 PMI Community Advancement Through Project Management
    • 18. Building bridges In addition to PMIWDC we are also collaborating with several chapters, SIG’s, Regions and like-minded organizations around the world. TEAM India with Father of PMI ( James Snyder ) on PMI Educational Foundation Collaboration
    • 19. Corporate Social Responsibility in India - PMI Network June 08 Cover Page article
    • 20. Breaking Cultural Barriers the PMBOK ® way - INDO-US Perspective "We must become the change we want to see." -Bapuji (Mahatma Gandhi)
    • 21. Theme
      • “ Virtually all projects are planned and implemented in a social, economic, and environmental context…….
      • The project team should consider the project in its cultural, social, international, political, and physical environmental contexts.”
      • - PMBOK® Guide, 3 rd Edition (Section 1.5.3)
    • 22. Breaking Cultural Barriers – the PMBOK ® way
        • Project Scope Management
        • Project Integration Management
        • Human Resources Management
        • Project Communication Management
        • Project Time Management
        • Project Cost Management
        • Project Risk Management
        • Project Quality & Procurement Management
    • 23. Project Scope Management - Global Reach of Projects
      • Scope change - single location to global
      • Why Multi Location? Because we can… & We have to…
        • Business needs & organizational change
        • Technology allows it
        • Avoids resource relocation, travel
        • Employee needs
        • Solving complex problems
        • Savings: A way of earnings
    • 24. Global Scope Challenges
      • Fear of the unknown
      • Different models
      • Internal people issues
      • Remote resources
      • Different cultures
      • Various contract types
      • How and what to manage
      • How and what to measure
      The single largest barrier - challenge of managing internal organizational change.
    • 25. India – Strategic Location RISK-AVERSE RISK ACCEPTING DATA-ORIENTED DIALOG-ORIENTED United States Germany France Mexico Jamaica India Japan China UAE Analyze Discuss (extent depends on risk attitude)
    • 26. Project Integration Management – Cultural Diversity Perspective High- and Low-Context Cultures Source: “How Cultures Collide.” Psychology Today, July 1976
    • 27. Individual Direct Egalitarian Task Data Risk Tolerant = U.S. Average Dimensions of Cultural Difference = Indian Average Group Indirect Hierarchical Relationship Dialogue Risk Averse
    • 28. Project Human Resource Management
        • Induction tools
        • Local labor laws
        • Prepare for & accept diversity in race, religion, region and accent
        • Formulate background check processes
        • Formal training for onsite managers
    • 29. Diversity - an Advantage Source: International Business, A Managerial Perspective, 1998
    • 30. Project Communication Management
        • Communication Plan
        • Global communication solution
        • Track, report & plan for outages
        • Time zones
      • “ Lost in Translation”
        • Use simple terms and words
        • Speak slowly and clearly
        • When in doubt, ASK
        • Use “backtranslation”
    • 31. Cultural Paradigms to Communication
      • Silence indicates approval or dissent?
      Sssh!! Nodding indicates agreement or confusion?
          • Eye contact: Some cultures don’t make eye contact either out of shyness or out of respect
      Bowing indicates respect or servility?
    • 32. Project Time Management
        • Identify various locations (India - GMT+5)
        • Identify & use - specific date/time format
        • Maintain list of holidays & work hours
        • Daylight saving time into account
        • Time difference can be an advantage
        • Scheduling:
          • Different working hours
          • Time based scheduling
          • Team assignments &
          • Workgroups functions
    • 33. Balance: PM Time Allocation Integration & Scope Resources, Duration, & Cost Quality & Risk HR & Communication India USA Integration & Scope Resources, Duration, & Cost Quality & Risk HR & Communication
    • 34. Project Cost Management
        • Base currency
        • Conversion tools / applications
        • Location specific Tax / Duty structure
        • Account for handling currency fluctuation
        • Shift based on change in cost advantage
        • Consider cost of communication link
    • 35. risk-averse risk-happy data-oriented dialog-oriented United States Germany France Mexico Jamaica India Japan China UAE Estimating Project Time and Costs
    • 36. Project Risk Management
        • Political uncertainty (wars / strikes)
        • Environmental (flood / weather)
        • Email / network / data link outages
        • Cost - currency Fluctuations
        • Information security
        • Resources - skills, qualification
        • Specifications – Metric vs. English
        • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    • 37. Project Quality Management & Procurement Management
      • Partner with like-minded
        • ISO 9000, SEI-CMM, Six Sigma etc.
        • Good in repeatable process
      • Specify in your scope / quality Plan
        • Engineering / process standards
        • Tolerances & acceptance criteria
      • Utilize knowledge management portals
        • Transition, induction and reverse knowledge Transfer
    • 38. Summary
      • India is the fastest growing* country of PMI– still tip of the iceberg in its potential
      • PMI’s vision is the catalyst for achieving India’s 2020 Vision
      • USA is India’s strategic partner
      • Not thinking of globalization of the projects is not an option
      • Not breaking cultural barriers is also not an option
      • PMIWDC – TEAM India CtoC relationship is just the beginning
      *Based on 2003-2005 PMP & Membership Growth
    • 39. Acknowledgment
      • The following group and individuals have played key roles in making today’s PM Tools possible:
      • Mike O’Brochta, PMP, Chairman, Chapter to Chapter Program, PMIWDC
      • Paul Mahata, Ph.D., India Lead, Chapter to Chapter Program, PMIWDC
      • Chris Fristad, PMP, Past President of PMIWDC, and Speaker to India
      • Andrew Anderson, Past President of PMIWDC, Initiator of India Speaker Exchange Program
      • Ron Taylor, PMP, President of PMIWDC, for showing strong leadership
      • TEAM INDIA leadership of 7 chapters & its Chairman, Mr. Vijay
    • 40. : Saji Madapat MBA, CSSMBB, PMP PMI Component Mentor, Asia (Region 9) [email_address]
    • 41.
      • Back up slides
    • 42. Some Statistics of Current India 472 Work Force (in Million) 1577 Roads Km. (in '000) 98 Telephone Lines (Land/Mobile) (in Million) 60% Literacy % of Population 63 Life Expectancy (in Years) 75 Exports US $ (in Billion) 85 Imports US $ (in Billion) 600 GDP Per Capita US$/Yr 1.07 Population (in Billion) 645 GDP USD $ (in Billion) 3288 Land Area Sq. Km. (in '000) Value Parameters
    • 43. Cultural Differences Individual Differences, Culture, and Business Behavior
    • 44. Multi Location Projects: USA vs. India
    • 45. Nearly 15,000 Projects from various sectors and 400 Billion USD Investments as of December 2005 (Note: excludes defense and Software Projects) Source: Projects Today Source: Projects Today - 2005 NASSCOM Projection $60 Billion by 2010 Industry-wise Number of Projects Most of this revenue will be generated from Projects execution Source: NASSCOM Strategic Review 2005
    • 46. SWOT Analysis in the India Context Strengths Weakness
      • Exponential growth of PMI Membership & Certification
      • Reputation and Acceptance of PMI
      • Availability of World Class Standards
      • PMI Chapters/Components at Prominent Cities in India
      • “ C” level and other key decision makers are part of Indian PMI chapters
      • Gyan Lahari & PMiCon Events
      • Adoption of PMBOK in IT Industry
      • Government advocacy on Certified Project Managers
      • Many Indian Members participation in OPM3, OPM3SE, PPMS, PMCD, PMBOK update editions
      • World’s second highest pool of skilled workforce in India – a best environment for PMI
      • Need for strategic thinking/Governance structure from PMI for India
      • Not much awareness on PM Standards in Government and Non IT Industry
      • PMI Membership and PMP Certification fees is not affordable in India
      • No statistical evidence of facts on situation of Project Management in India
      • Need for cultural awareness from PMI
      • No PMI Leadership investments in India - like Leadership Masters class graduates from India
      Threats Opportunities
      • Heavy Attrition of Members due to non affordable PMI Membership fees
      • No correlation between PMP certification and results
      • No focus on Indianization of PM Standards might cause low acceptance of PMI standards (e.g. Government)
      • India is the happening place and is the outsourcing hub
      • Billions of Investments for Infrastructure, Construction, Automotive and Defense & Government projects
      • Government focus on Professional Project Management Practices
      • IPMA Members Interest to migrate to PMP
      • PMI Components Potential in Tier 2 Cities
      • Center for Leadership Excellence, India – Initiatives
      • PMI APAC Global Congress, 2009
      • PMI Education grants for programs like SLCB
      • Over 125 Fortune 500 firms now have R&D bases in India
    • 47. Projects Investments in INDIA Industry-wise % of Project Investments Industry-wise Project Investments in Billion Dollars Source: Projects Today - 2005 Source: Projects Today - 2005
    • 48. NASSCOM Projection $60 Billion by 2010 Most of this revenue will be generated from Projects execution Source: NASSCOM Strategic Review 2005