Jetski Tour 2012 13 Sponsorship Reduced

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High Income 18 to 25 Demo. 10 Venues. Booth, Banner Space, Product Sampling, Live Stream. On-Line. Mobile. TV. Social. Distribution

High Income 18 to 25 Demo. 10 Venues. Booth, Banner Space, Product Sampling, Live Stream. On-Line. Mobile. TV. Social. Distribution

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  • 1. National JetSki ChampionshipsExtreme Sports. Music. Fashion. Festival Sponsorship On Site. On Line. Mobile. Interactive. Social and Live
  • 2. On-Site Benefits• On-Site event sponsorship to reach your target audience• Brand awareness through extreme sport lifestyle events and on-site sampling• Produced for multi-screen video distribution• Part of a 10 round series starting April through September• 100 Racers Per Round• Over 2 Million Impressions• Family friendly
  • 3. Production Specifics• Shot in the highest resolution Wide-Screen HD• Speciality Camera Placement; Aerial, Racer Helmut-Cam, Underwater-Cam• Produced for Multi-Screen Distribution; TV, On-Line, Mobile, Apps• 30 Minute TV Show Per Round (10)• Short form content in 2 minute program segments. Total of 10 Segments Per Round• Event coverage, athlete profiles, lifestyle features, safety segment, after parties• Product placement• Live Mobile Stream• Live Social Network Posting; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 4square• Live On-Line/ Mobile Audio Broadcasts• SMS Video Text HighlightsProduced by 2 Time Emmy Nominated FOX Sports Producer & Crew
  • 4. Video Distribution and Social Network Partner SitesHD Streaming Players. Social Interaction. Mobile Capable. Subscribe. Download. Embed Players. RSS feedsSkip TV Site YouTube Facebook VimeoiTunes Blip TV UStream iPhone Player Jetski Race & Extreme Sport Festival Videos will be distributed with Sponsor advertisements across all these on-line & mobile platforms
  • 5. Distribution and Marketing Partner SitesCustom EmbedHD Players. Social Interaction. Over 2 Million Visitors. Friends. Fans. Subscribers. Per Month Watercraft Liquid Militia Podium Jet Ski Tour Site Magazine Clothes Events Aftermarket X-Sports Social Action Film Fest Music Video Site Site Site
  • 6. • 100 million people have driven USA Jet Ski Tour Demographics a jet ski at least once in the U.S.• 1 million registered jet ski owners in the U.S.; average owner age 30; average racer age 23• $8000 dollars - average price of a jet ski• $40,000 dollars - average price of tow vehicle• $125,000 dollars - average household income of jet ski owner• $3500 dollars - average amount spent attending event• Jet ski racers purchase iPods, iPhones, SmartPhones, Game Systems, Music, Games, Energy Drinks and Apparel
  • 7. On-Site Venue Sponsorship Package• Title Sponsorship of Series (10/2 Day Rounds)• Booth Space/Kiosks (10X20) (2 Days)• (15) Banners 3X10 (Prime Placement; Towers, Start/Finish Line, Event Entrance, Race Pits)• On Water Racecourse Buoys with logos (10)• Logos on Course Martial On-Water Rescue Craft (2-3)• Race Class Title Sponsorship with Logo on Awards (5)• Special Event Title Sponsorship with Logo On Awards; Freestyle, Hole-shot, Best Trick.• Logo on all Crew Hats/Shirts, Sale Merchandise & Give Away shirts/hats/coolers/etc• Logo/Title on all Event Posters & PR• (4) 30 second live announcer mentions per hour• Product sampling• Title Sponsorship of Event After Party(s)/Concert Includes; Prime Signage Placement, Announcer Mentions.• VIP Access & Area at Event locations.
  • 8. Social Sponsorship Package• Banner Ads Front Page & Link Page Skip TV• Logo/Link on all Channel Partner Social Sites• Hot Links embedded in event posted photos• Provide HD Player to embed in your website• Create Video Podcast Channel on iTunes• Banner Ad Placement On Event Websites• Banner Ad Placement Mobile Sites• Banner Ad Placement iPhone Apps• Branded Facebook Page; ‘LIKE’ for Prizes• Branded Twitter Account; ‘Re-Tweet’ for Prizes• Branded 4Square Event Location Drop; Check in & win prizes.• Branded Instagram Account (Photo App/Blog)• Branded iPhone/Android Mobile App• Branded SMS Video Platform (Text Vids to Phones)• Branded Live-Stream of Freestyle Show from each event• Branded Live Audio Stream to On-Line & Mobile Apps• 26 weeks of Placement
  • 9. Video Commercial Placement• 26 week content run with ad spots / 2 per show• 5 new (2:min) shows per week @ 26 weeks (130 Total)• Distributed on 5 Partner Channel Sites (650 Shows Total)• Distributed on 5 Assoc. Viral Sites (650 Shows Total)• Distributed on iPhone App and Mobile Site (130 Shows Total)• Total Programming Plus Spots for viewing (1,560 Total Shows)• (2) Fifteen - second commercial spots per show• TOTAL SPOTS (3,120)• Potential total viewing audience 350,000 per month• NOTE: These numbers do not count viewers sharing on Facebook accounts
  • 10. Award Winning HD Broadcast Video ProductionCustom Production Targeted for Your Brand & the Demographic • Produce branded (30) second Jetski/Motorcycle TV spot* • Produce branded (15) second Jetski/Motorcycle Web spot* • Produce branded (10) second Jetski/Motorcycle Mobile spot* • Create Audio Spot for Audio-cast • Produce branded special (2)min safety features (10), included with each (30)min show & as a stand alone segment for On- Line & Mobile, featuring Top Pro Riders, Coastguard &/or water safety industry spokespersons* • Create branded animated program logo in/outs for (30)min show & (2)min segments • Shoot Pro Racer/Celebrity endorsements to include within program content* • Logo Bug overlay lower left /or upper left ALL event content
  • 11. Sponsorships. Production. Digital Initiative. ContactSkip Fredricks, Video & Event Producer Two Emmy Nominations, 40 Telly Awards, 20 Years in Extreme Sports (National Jet Ski and Power Boat Champion), 15 Years in Broadcast Television, FOX Sports, HBO, SPIKE TV, Universal Pictures. Uniquely qualified to showcase your product to through proven event marketing and new media interaction and distribution.Event Info: Skip Fredricks 323-387-3119 Sponsorship Info: United Cinema Group Jeff Fishman 310-476-7630