How to hack your own travel channel life


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I'm a writer and photographer from Singapore. I lead a pretty nomadic life travelling around Asia. I use budget airlines like taxis. I'm constantly asked how I do it — I don't know, I just... do? You can too, you know.

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How to hack your own travel channel life

  1. how to hack your own travel channel life
  2. it all starts with adventure all text and photos by: Adrianna Tan hi, i’m a traveller, photographer and writer from singapore. i also dabble in film and internetty stuff.
  3. it all starts with adventure (which has nothing to do with these things:) pantsuits heels sensible shoes proper shirts ... or waking up before noon
  4. adventures such as riding a rocketboat missing two to laos (+crash helmet+ lifejacket) drinking enough driving al qaeda tuak, langkau and moonshine autorickshaws to bombs in a longhouse pondicherry to swear off wearing a burqah alcohol ... to sneak into bathing in a river in which i’d just killed and bled a pig buses in yemen
  5. how did i do?i’m not dead. or broke. yet. { take that, } ‘kiasi’ & ‘kiasu’)
  6. this is what i spent my 4 years in university doing. { but YMMV } year 2: started taking buses to places like Cambodia year 1: absolutely nothing (i went to calcutta, though)
  7. this is what i spent my 4 years in university doing. { } but YMMV year 3: lived with a rock- and-roll lovin’, betel-nut chewing tribe in the world’s it made cover! wettest place
  8. this is what i spent my 4 years in university doing. { but YMMV } year 4: went to india. then i went to india. then i went to india again. then i went to india again. and again. and then i graduated!
  9. immediately, i got a tattoo and left.
  10. these days eat(ing) write shoot i spend my time travel and stuff.
  11. here’s how you can do the same (or similar).
  12. take stock of kids spouse(s) your age boyfriend(s) life. mortgage girlfriend(s) where bills dogs are you debt at? cats
  13. job = unlearn security = everything salary = you be really preferably good at something portable. something
  14. get used to being alone. and to being shameless. ask, ask, ask = receive! and (ask the right people, doh)
  15. take like... stock of what makes ‘the you happy? other’ stuff. are you doing it? stuff you’ve why not? put off
  16. my list, shortly know before graduating... what ✓financial independence you ✓not have to be anywhere (including any country) on want to someone else’s schedule ✓wake up in a new country achieve every day ‘goal- ✓develop my skills in a meaningful way setting’ ✓write books sounds ✓do only stuff i care about wanky ✓even the really random stuff
  17. then do it. (don’t miss this step!)
  18. “i want, i will” {stuff that people i know have “i am” done in the last 6 months} ➡travelling for 5 years ➡opening a pork burger shop in a muslim country ➡setting up a bakery ➡designing the Boeing Dreamliner ➡making gourmet ice cream for a living ➡designing a yacht for Porsche for the America’s Cup ➡moving to london/berlin/istanbul/helsinki/oslo/ bombay/tokyo/bangkok (the -ing makes all the difference)
  19. what’s stopping you?
  20. fear lack of plan can’t make money don’t know how to scared blahblahblahblahblahblahblah do you want it enough?
  21. “if you want something badly enough the universe will conspire to make it happen although you will probably make less money at the start.” - what confucius didn’t say
  22. the secret sauce ✓be shameless ✓know what you’re worth ✓don’t ever, ever pass up opportunities ✓surround yourself with brilliance that inspires ✓someone’s always better. don’t waste time obsessing over this irrelevant fact ✓don’t be evil. really. ✓spend A LOT of time doing what you’re doing ✓criticism is a good thing ✓remember the boring stuff like taxes, CPF, insurance, are important too
  23. case study “I love travel shows. I want to have my own.”
  24. case study: “I love travel shows. I want to have my own.”
  25. what is a DIY travel show may and adrianna: in london and dubai separately travelling around the UK, Europe, Turkey, Dubai, the Middle East and India independently distributed free on the site, iTunes, as a podcast feed excuse to meet cool people, do strange things: winemakers in lebanon, rickshaw competitions in india, fortune tellers in turkey, heavy metal bands in syria, beer- making monks in belgium... and more
  26. process all our crazy ideas start with a snappy domain (we now have 35, and counting). talked our way into career positions abroad: LON/DXB didn’t keep the idea to ourselves: we’re big mouths, we told EVERYBODY. agencies, nokia, credit card companies, camera companies, VIRGIN, sony ericsson, and lots more. WANNA GIVE US CAMERAS? HOSTING? MONEY? AIRTICKETS? ADVERTISING?? (nope. good!)
  27. a diy travel show was born the idea: quirky, random stories in our many cities the basics: reliable hosting a decent domain name a decent website twitter+facebook distribution channels: site+vimeo+youtube+rss/itunes wordpress!
  28. actually travelling tickets: we bought most of our plane/train/bus tickets ourselves! ryanair, easyjet, airarabia... low cost carriers = our best friends roof: we have friends in almost every major city in the world. when friendless, couchsurfing helped twitter: helped us meet wonderful people from dubai to damascus. (“world’s loneliest tweetup” was between @skinnylatte and @anasqtiesh in damascus) blog: surprisingly still useful (yemen!)
  29. why you should make your own travel show almost free distribution word of mouth people LOVE to travel - common shared interest document your travels in a not-boring way travel is so accessible now most of all, it’s fun AND A GREAT EXCUSE to do stupid things it’s also opened many doors
  30. watch it: