What causes dark circles under eyes find out


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Dark under eye circles are a common, nuisance skin problem that can appear in women and men of all ages. While generally harmless, these dark circles increase the appearance of aging and can create a false impression of tiredness.

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What causes dark circles under eyes find out

  1. 1. Find Out What Causes DarkCircles under Eyes
  2. 2. Dark under Eye Circles• It can appear inwomen and men ofall ages• It increases theappearance of aging• It can also create afalse impression oftirednesshttp://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  3. 3. Cause of Dark under Eye Circles• The skin around the eyes is the most delicateon your entire body and is surrounded by thetiny capillaries that allow the circulation ofblood to your eyes.• These tiny blood vessels sometimes leak• When it leaks, it creates a pooling of blood .• This leakage creates the same appearance asa bruisehttp://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  4. 4. Factors that Can Increase theAppearance of Dark under Eye Circles• Age– As skin ages, undereye circles becomemore prominentbecause the skinbecomes even moredelicate and allowsmore blood to collectwithin it, like astretchy bag.http://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  5. 5. Factors that Can Increase theAppearance of Dark under Eye Circles• Fatigue– While not actually a causative factor inunder eye circles, sometimes creates theimpression that under eye circles aredarker by making the skin appear paler,creating a more noticeable contrasthttp://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  6. 6. Factors that Can Increase theAppearance of Dark under Eye Circles• Inadequate nutrition– weakens the skin,allowing aging toprogress morequickly and thusenabling theappearance of undereye circleshttp://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  7. 7. Combating the Problem• Knowing what causes under eye circles• Products available specifically designed totarget and remove under eye bruises andpuffiness• Look for products that include the followingingredients key to dark circle removal:– Halyoxa– Eyeliss– and Xtend-TKhttp://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
  8. 8. Product Key Ingredients• Halyoxa• which targets the hemoglobin and wasteproduct build up that causes under eyes circles• Eyeliss• decreases capillary permeability• and Xtend-TK• rejuvenates skin, reducing dark under eyecircles by strengthening the delicate skin thatallows for their build up and reducing theappearance of age.http://skinlooksyounger.com/ss
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