Dwa Roadmap Story


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Dwa Roadmap Story

  1. 1. Enabling Texas Employers A TWC/LMCI Sponsored Initiative Managed by SkillsNET®. Contact TWC @ 512-837-7484 for more information Standardized DWAs Make the Difference
  2. 2. Texas Talent Development Opportunity ROADMAP For Success Texas Leadership Support TWC Chairman Pauken states, "The DWA’s are DWA Talent The Texas Workforce Commission/Labor Market Career Information (TWC/LMCI) now offers a ROADMAP to Texas employers wishing to define emerging as the preferred “unit of analysis” for workforce development and career planning. Further, Development Roadmap their Talent requirements. The ROADMAP leverages the Detailed Work Activity (DWA) review and validation process is easy to follow and offers the DWAs appear to have a natural alignment to High School/College programs and Industry Certifications. This is important because a primary Texas employers a wealth of Talent development motive for this effort is to provide industry-validated information. descriptors of work activities to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Texas Higher Education Detailed Work Activities (DWA’s) are components of Coordinating Board (THECB), Texas Education the US DOL O*NET Content Model and provide Agency (TEA) and other agencies that influence talent employers and educators a common development." language to define basic work activities for over eight hundred DWAs add precision in defining performance occupations and or jobs. The requirements and identifying talent gaps and will State of Texas is establishing a afford FAST ROI for Talent development activities. more robust/rich DWA list that reflects the Talent Development needs of Texas employers. The motivation for the State-Wide initiative is simple - To develop Economic Cluster capacity and position employers to maintain a competitive market advantage. Five Easy Steps Texas employers are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to improve talent planning and productivity management via work analysis and identification of job requirements. The five steps are: Using DWAs to define job requirements allows employers to identify and leverage common work 1. Identify Jobs descriptors across one or more jobs in an economic 2. Map Jobs to Certifications and Education Courses cluster. The example illustrates how DWA 109 has a 3. Job Incumbents Define Work Requirements cross-cutting impact in Talent Development for the 4. Employer Receives Work Requirement Inventory Aerospace Industry Cluster. 5. Browser-based Tools to Sustain DWA List An inventory of DWAs for Texas employers will improve talent acquisition, development, and performance management efforts. Standardized DWAs Make the Difference
  3. 3. The Talent Development Roadmap More About the Steps Identify Strategic Jobs Customized Talent Information Employers have unique talent needs so the first step In exchange for helping the State of Texas finalize the in the ROADMAP process is to identify the jobs DWA Talent inventory employers will receive a strategic to that company’s performance goals. customized list of DWAs, enabling skills, and abilities for their organization. The DWA and The SkillsNET® DWA technical team consults with skills/ability inventory will aid the employer’s efforts company leadership to target job titles that need help to conduct performance evaluations and or develop with talent acquisition, development, and or individual training objectives. performance management. There is no limit to the number of job titles an employer may submit for DWA analysis. Map Jobs to Talent Support System The SkillsNET team uses the job titles / descriptions to identify and map the appropriate Detailed Work Activities (DWAs), job relevant industry certifications, TEA Career Clusters, and State-Wide College Courses. The data are prepared and provided to the employer Using the same DWA Talent data, the employer can in a Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheet for further update existing job / position descriptions; prepare job analysis. orders; and provide the job seekers a better understanding of job requirements and expectations. The SkillsNET technical team will help organize and Determine Work Requirements manage the Talent assessment and training plans The SkillsNET team and designated employer leader once the DWAs are reviewed and validated. finalize the job list that will use the DWA inventory to establish performance requirements. The employer will ask one job incumbent for each job title selected Talent Optimization to use the DWA browser based tools to review, edit, The employer is registered and provided access to the and add DWAs required to perform their job. DWA Talent Development Management software. There, the employer can keep the job requirements The job incumbent review takes about 20-30 minutes current. Employer having their own Talent to establish the requirements for their job. Management system will be provided a data load for their use. Standardized DWAs Make the Difference
  4. 4. Sample Roadmap Reports Employer Jobs mapped to US Department of Labor O*NET Occupational Classification System. Jobs mapped to industry certifications and Texas College Courses. Current DWAs that define job requirements and a list of key skills and abilities for training and performance management. Standardized DWAs Make the Difference
  5. 5. Getting Started Contact SkillsNET or your local Workforce Solutions Office today to start your roadmap process. SkillsNET Historic Old Town 310 West Jefferson Street Waxahachie, Texas 75165 972-923-2950 x 101 Http://DWA.SKILLSNET.COM info@skillsnet.com Standardized DWAs Make the Difference