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Bootstrapping a-devops-matter Bootstrapping a-devops-matter Presentation Transcript

  • a devops mentality @patrickdebois
  • Thank you!
  • devops Cultural and Professional Movement Adam Jacob
  • My Background• Independent consultant• Have worked in different roles• Agile and Infrastructure• Just Enough Developed Infrastructure -• Started organizing devopsdays• Recently joined Cutter Consortium
  • Background check?analysts databasedeveloper securityoperations middlewaretesters salesnetwork managerstorage hr people
  • The movement is inclusive Awesome Happy Cool Built neat stuff! Adam Jacob
  • There are exclusive people Grumpy Tool Centric Us vs Them I’m a devop you’re a sysadmin Adam Jacob
  • Looking for tools?
  • Looking for tools?You can still leave ...
  • DEV OPS The problem
  • “It’s NOT a technical problem”
  • “It’s a human problem”
  • We don’t trust We don’t trust the guys from the guys from operations. development. They suck They suck We don’t trust the guys from management. They suck
  • Premise today“It’s a trust problem”
  • Starting a devops culture = restoring trust
  • Traditional Business Formula(Strategy X Execution)= Results
  • Factor(Strategy X Execution)* Trust = Results
  • of Trust(-) Trust = (-) Speed (+) Cost(+) Trust =(+) Speed!(-) Cost!
  • Tax Dividend• 10 x 10 = 100 (- Tax 40 %) = 60• 10 x 10 = 100 (- Tax 10 %) = 90• 10 x 10 = 100 (+ Div 20%) = 120
  • Trust = f(character, competence)
  • Waves of Trust Self Relationship Organizational Market Societal
  • 1. Self Trust
  • “We trust people,who make things happen”
  • But ...Can otherstrust you?
  • “We judge others by their behavior,we judge ourselves by our intentions”
  • Principle of Credibility “The 4 Cores”• Trust = f(character, competence)• Character = f(integrity, intent)• Competence = f(capabilities, results)
  • CapabilityTalentsAttitudesSkillsKnowledgeStyle
  • Ah, so this is where the (cool)tools come in !
  • Chef Ruby Mysql LinuxPuppet Java Redis Mac OSX Event EC2MachineNode.js I <3 technology Vmware Fog Nginx Vagrant SinatraJclouds Thin Virtualbox Rails
  • Craftsmanship
  • Technology ManagementBut there’s a *lot* moreSocial Financial Communication
  • WTF, do I need to learn all that?
  • Broader knowledge,will make your actions more balanced
  • It’s NOT about devstaking over ops or ops taking over devs.
  • It’s about collaborationwith people you trust.
  • Results:• Take responsibility for results not just your action. Avoid , my job is only to ...• Expect to finish the job• Finish strong
  • Bootstrapping
  • Make a personal backlog• Plan an item you can really make happen • No too big, make it feasible• (Result)Define what you want to achieve• (Competence)Learn what you need• Do : trust comes if you make things happen• Check the result• Act on it
  • As a person• I want to develop these capabilities• I want to achieve results• When I fail , I want to learn and improve!
  • As a manager, I want to • help people develop these capabilities • help people achieve results • (support the people) • help people fail and learn and improve!(+) Trust =(+) Speed!(-) Cost!
  • 2. Relational Trust
  • Reach out to others
  • Agile already did a great job
  • Get together find allies forward links organize meetups distribute books find people with real issueskindly ignore nay sayers (for now)
  • You can use technology to get theconversation started• Continuous Delivery • Testing, Monitoring• Automation • Fixing a problem• Scalability • Infrastructure as code• Performance • <whatever>
  • “Seek to establish trust” Technology Trust by Testing, Monitoring Human Trust by Behavior
  • 13 Behaviors “trust is established through action”• Needs to be • Sweet Spot balanced (Strength)• Too Little • Too much (Weakness) (Weakness)• f.i. talk straight vs demonstrate respect
  • #1 Talk Straight • We really need this tool vs I want to learn this tool • It needs to be finished by X (that leaves me some time) • The user/my boss wants this now • It’s urgent, it’s important
  • #2 Demonstrate Respect • we judge a person’s character, by how he treats people who can’t help or hurt him • little things , making things helpful
  • #3 Create Transparency• no more Bob’s directory• check in your code• expose logfiles, config files ...• visualize progress (Kanban, Burndown)• share your information• make results repeatable
  • #4 Right wrongs“to know what is right and not todo it is the worst cowardice” - Confucius • when you know there is a short cut, fix it and don’t leave it • fix a bug when it occurs, write a test • fix it, fix it all the way
  • #5 Show loyalty • give credits • talk as if people were present • represent others
  • #6 Deliver Results• Clarify Results upfront • your definition vs my definition• Small steps = Validation test (Userstories)
  • #7 Get Better “Illiterate are those who can not learn, unlearn, relearn” - Alvin Toffler• seek feedback (Retrospectives)• learn from mistakes (5 whys)• ask: what to continue, what to stop, what to start now!• metrics (Neutral , not emotional)• change the system (Systems Thinking)
  • #8 Confront Reality• avoid 99% finished• burn down chart• only measure of progress is working software (in production)
  • #9 Clarify Expectations • deadlines vs. cut corners (win-win or no deal), negotiate them (who vs trust) • talk to devs, what do they expect • talk to admins, what do they expect • talk to customers
  • #10 Practice Accountability • Accountability requires facing Truth • yourself and others • Don’t blame others , no pointing fingers
  • #11 Listen First“If there is any secret, it lies in the abilityto put yourself in the other person’s place” - Henry Ford
  • #12 Keep Commitments• don’t PR your way out• make them careful• group is committed to results (not manager)• mgt supports team to keeping commitments
  • #13 Extend Trust • Make it an action • here is the password • here is the code • everybody can check in and deployed to prod (with tests :)remember it’s inclusive not exclusive!
  • As a person,• Given my capabilities• I want to practice these 13 behaviors• Help others to practice these 13 behaviors
  • As a manager, I want to encourage behavior that increases trust(+) Trust =(+) Speed!(-) Cost!
  • “Don’t change culture, change behavior!”
  • Organizational Trust Eli mi na• Redundancy te Ta xe• Bureaucracy s• Politics• Disengagements (quit and stay)• Turnover (employee)• Churn (stakeholders)• Fraud
  • Interesting Books
  • Want to know more? #devops on twitter & irc devops googlegroupdevops-toolchain googlegroup
  • Thank you!Patrick Debois - - @patrickdebois