Southwest finland's occupational barometer 2012 iii


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Southwest finland's occupational barometer 2012 iii

  1. 1. Barometer in internet: (ENG) Southwest Finland’s Occupational Barometer 2012 / I I I The occupational barometer is based on the view of the employment and economic development offices on the development of the labour market situation in the coming half year. The situation concerning some occupations and professions may change quickly. The estimate was done in September 2012. Barometer in internet: SURPLUS IN BALANCE SHORTAGE Bookkeepers, accountants Chefs, cooks, restaurant cooks in charge of cold food Childminders, day care Children’s nurses, nursing Cleaners Dealers of fixed and movable property Dental hygienist Dental nurses Dentists Earth moving machine operators Engine officers Entrepreneurs Financial management planners, cost accountants Head waiters, waiters Hospital nurses House managers, stock clerks Institutional catering managers Interviewers Kitchen workers, restaurant workers Laboratory nurses, radiographers Nursery school teachers Occupational therapists Pharmaceutical assistants Pharmacists Physicians Physiotherapists Practical nurses, orderlies, institution based personal care workers Psychiatric nurses Psychologists Sales representatives and telemarketers Senior social workers and administrative managers Social welfare workers, personal assistants, home based personal care workers Social workers Special education teachers Speech therapists Steel fixers, concrete workers Truck drivers and drivers of special articulated vehicles Veterinarians Youth workers and temperance work instructors Accommodation business managers Agricultural advisors and researchers Agricultural workers Architects, construction architects Asphalt, rail and road construction workers Assisting work in care and examinations Bank employees Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forgingpress workers Boatbuilders, panel process operators/joiners Brewing and soft drink industry workers, distillery workers Bricklayers Broadcasting and telecommunications equipment operators and sound technicians Building maintenance workers Bus drivers and car drivers Butchers, meat processing workers Buyers Casino and arcade game managers Chocolate products and confectionery makers Church community services Civil engineers and construction technicians Class teachers Clearing and forwarding agents, transport planners Clergymen Consumer advisors Couriers, delivery service staff Crane operators Deck hands and engine crew Deck officers Domestic animal caretakers Drama artists Electrical line installers Electrical mechanics fitters Employees in organization and unions Employment and recruitment service officials Engineers and technicians in electric power engineering Engineers and technicians in electronics, information technology and telecommunications Engineers and technicians in mining engineering and metallurgy Engineers and technicians in other fields of technology Executives in organisations and unions Farmers, forest cultivators Fire fighters Fish farmers Floor layers and tile setters Flour mill workers Forest workers Forestry advisors and researchers Forestry management Foundry workers Fur animal caretakers Fur animal producers Furriers Gardeners Gardening assistants Gardening managers General workers, industry Glassworks workers Goldsmiths and silversmiths Hairdressers, beauticians, bathing aids Hand packers Home aids, home helps Housekeepers, household managers, domestic workers HR managers, consultants Industrial painters and varnishers Insulation workers Insurance employees Laundry and cleaner’s shop workers Leather products industry workers Legal advisers, counsellors and experts Lifting truck operators Machine and engine mechanicians Machine tool setters, setter operators and toolmakers Mail carriers and mail sorting staff Market vendors, door to door salespersons Meal service workers and salespersons in cafés, canteens etc. Metal coating workers Metal drawers and extruders Mine workers, blasters Musicians Office caretakers Office sales representatives Ore and metal furnace operators Peat extraction Photographers, cinematographers Plastic workers Plywood and fibreboard workers Police Port traffic management Precision mechanicians Preserved (canned) and frozen food workers Process operators Processed food workers Professional fishermen Programme editors Road and tram transport service work Road traffic and transport management Rubber product workers Sales executives Salespersons School headmasters and principals Securities and financial service dealers Security guards Senior officials in local government Service station staff Shoemakers Shop managers Social insurance employees Sports and physical education instructors Steel fixers, concrete placers, concrete finishers and related work Subject teachers, lecturers Switchboard operators Technical drawers Timber workers Train crew and station guards Travel guides Trial lawyers Warehouse operatives Weavers, knitters Wholesalers and retailers Wood surface finishers Wood treaters (round timber) Word processor operators, typists Workers in finishing and dye house Writers and authors Advertising and marketing managers, designers and researchers Advertising designers, coordinators Archive clerks and museum employees Assemblers of electric, electronic and teletechnical products Assemblers of engineering works products and metal industry products Bakers, pastrycooks and confectionery makers Biologists Bookbinders and related workers, finishing room workers Builders Buildings painters Business executives Cabinetmakers Carpenters and joiners Chemists Child day care workers Computer operators Designers Directors, stage managers Electricians Engineers and technicians in chemistry and technology Environmental and other nature protection work Information officers, press officers IT managers, designers, programmers, consultants and experts IT operators, IT support persons Journalists, reporters Labourers in other construction trades Library clerks Life science technicians, laboratory assistants Machine fitters, mechanics Measuring engineers and technicians, and cartographers Mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering technicians Office workers Pipe workers Platers, sheet metal workers Printers Researchers in the humanities and natural sciences Researchers in social sciences Secretaries Senior civil servants Sewers in the garment industry Stereotypers and electrotypers Stevedoring and loading workers Tailors, atelier dressmakers and dressmakers working at home Telecommunications engineers and electronics mechanics Textile designers, pattern cutters Trainers and instructors Translators, interpreters Travel agents, guides Travel consultants, travel organisers and secretaries University teachers and teachers in other institutes of higher education Upholsterers Visual artists Warehouse assistants Welders, gas cutters Woodworking machine setters and setteroperators Southwest Finland Ratapihankatu 36, P.O. Box 236 20100 Turku Tel 020 636 006